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Old 08-30-2012, 12:41 AM   #286
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Hi! I have been keeping up on all of your stories and successes since I found this forum a month ago. I started IP in March and begin maintenance tomorrow. I can't say that I am especially excited sadly ... more scared to come out of my comfort zone where I have been with food but I can't stay there forever.

In regards to maintenance, I have a stupid question that I forgot to ask my coach today ... which vegetables count as carbohydrates (as far as ones we are not allowed to have with lunch ... or ones that we count as a part of our 7 oz at dinner)? Obviously potatoes and I assume corn? What about squash? And I was not sure about chick peas either ... since all of those were lumped in a "not permitted" vegetable list for phases 1 - 3, and avocado and olives were also on that same list, I figure I better make sure what counts as what since I would say avocado and olives would count as fat.

Thanks for your help - Cathi

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Sorry still at the cabin and having trouble getting reception... Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!
"If you are interested you will do what is convenient, If you are committed you will do whatever it takes!"
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maintenance since 2/16/11
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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Lizrr: I am in the same boat with all new work clothes. I think you have developed such a huge range of healthy recipes that your next pregnancy will go much better. That is exciting to look forward to.

Fall is a good time to get on track..summer is very challenging with vacations, barbecues and family.

So I found the dismal statistics of weight maintenance again. I am posting them to give me a reminder that this maintenance is work and serious business.

The likelihood of regaining weight when you reach goal is 80% - 95%.
- When you've maintained for 2 years the likelihood of regain drops to 50%.
- When you've maintained for 5 years the likelihood of regain drops to 27%!


So here we go..joining the 5 percent who keep it off!
Originally Posted by Determinedat47 View Post
I have been here since 2010 but didn't start posting until Jan 2011. And yes, it is hard. I am up 20 freaking pounds from Xmas last year and am trying desperately to get back on track and to stick to phase 1 and get these miserable pounds off! I feel it is easiest the first time around for sure.

I have been in maintenance for 15 months and 3 days (today)....I lost over 80 pounds...but I am up the most I have been up all along....around 15 pounds. I start phase 1 on Monday....I am determined to make it to the 2-year point so my odds drop again>>>>>heee heeee

: each 5 gone!

Cheers...to a lifetime of health...and to a time when I can have a real toast...but in moderation!
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Cathie, welcome to maintenance! Initially it was scary to leave the security of the packets,but you soon find yourself enjoying the variety of foods. I just assumed that the high glycemic veges. Such as sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes, counted as carbs. Chickpeas, beans, quinoa, I count as carbs. I usually limit myself to one half cup. Avocados and olives I do not count as carbs and I enjoy them ...but carefully as they are high in fat and calories, but are very good for you.
Good luck!

Cap, you are lucky you are in the cabin!

I had a lady,s night out...hopefully the damage will be minimal.

Darbs..you are wise to get started on Monday and work on Phase 1. You can
still be in that 2 year percentage of success. You are still working on staying
healthy after 15 months. Summer and holidays are over so it should be easier.
Hang in there..you can do it.
Maintenance 3 years!

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Hello everyone! I'm still here and glad I'm not the ony one struggling with maintaining with all the summer parties and vacations! I found my size 6 and 8 waistbands a little snug this last week and weighed in to find I'm up about 5 lbs! Ouch. I'm closing in on a year of maintenance on September 30 and am determined to be at goal at that time so I don't become one of the alarming "gained it back" statistics.

Summer has been waaaay too much fun with lots of weekends away. Why is it when you are away for the weekend it justifies "vacation" eating? We have a cabin at the beach so we go away far too often for me to indulge in free range eating every time. We're leaving this morning for 4 days at the cabin and after the waistband issue this week, I'm NOT going to indulge for 4 days!

With no internet access at the cabin, I haven't been as good at tracking on MFP and I think that's part of the problem. When I went into maintenance I committed to tracking everything I put in my mouth for a year. I think I'm going to have to write it down on the weekends when I don't have a computer to keep myself honest.

Glad to have this forum of folks that understand! My family sure doesn't. They aren't going to be happy this weekend when the chips and pie don't come with us!

Have a great holiday weekend all!
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IP: 2/28/12-9/1/12
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Height: 5'6"/39yo


Pauley - I think you touched on what is a 'scary subject' for me ... the vacation eating - I guess since I thrive on routine, probably why Phase 1 worked so well for all of us initially - and the 'freedom' so scary. It is very reassuring as a newb Maintainer to hear how you are taking stock and addressing it when you get back.

Speaking of being a newb - I just realized I start Phase 4 tomorrow! My final Phase 3 WI is today at 5pm. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend, I confess that I will probably savor my first glass of red wine sometime over it - but it's not as alluring as it would have been early on in IP. I have definitely learned a bit of how to truly enjoy eating.

We have dinner reservations at one of the best steakhouses in downtown Dallas for a 4-course prixe-fixe meal on Saturday night (adults only). I want to enjoy myself - but honestly don't see myself 'pigging out'. I do however want to taste the chef's creations and enjoy/savor a glass with my meal. Not chug a bottle of cheap stuff over the course of a night of partying and junk food (my former life). I am an old member of the clean plate club, but I don't expect super size portions at this place, at least I have a preview of my choices (the fourth course isn't listed): https://www.albiernats.com/menus/KRL...Dinner2012.pdf

The good news is we have no big plans for Sunday afterwards, so a Phase 1 'detox' day should be easy to plan into the weekend and avoid any further temptation. We were going to spend it with my in-laws, but they had to fly to Kentucky last minute (my DHs maternal grandmother passed away Wed). My husband chose to stay here, so we are spending it low-key and making a donation to the nursing home that took care of her these last years of her very long & happy life (96 years old, peaceful passing, 11 children, too many grand and great-grandchildren to count). And honestly, it will be good to have it low key this weekend - I had a h*ll of a week - this long weekend is just the ticket to start off Phase 4.

Started Ideal Protein - Phase 1: 2/28/2012, Phase 4: 9/1/2012
#1:-9lb,-1.19%; # 7:-3lb,-0.55%; *13:-5lb,-0.76%; #18:-2lb,-0.87%; Start Phase2! Start Phase 3!
#2:-6lb,-1.01%; # 8:-3lb,-0.60%; #14:-2lb,-0.48%; #19:-3lb,-0.53%; #1:-0,-0.00%; #1:+1.4lb,+0.82%
*4:-6lb,-0.95%; # 9:-4lb,-0.69%; #15:-.4lb,-0.1%; *21:-3lb,-1.40%; #2:-0,-1.10%; #2:-1.0lb,-0.33%
#5:-5lb,-0.79%; #10:-2lb,-0.50%; #16:-4lb,-0.98%; #22:-5lb,-1.41%
#6:-3lb,-0.57%; #11:-4lb,-0.76%; #17:-2lb,-3.70%; *on travel WI#3,12,20

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The longer you are in maintenance the more ingrained some things become.

My wonderful work colleagues bought me a big mac the other day- the "office joke" is that one texts the other that I am eating a big mac and everyone comes to see...

I ate it without the bun! Everyone was suprised, and we all had fun! Close enough for me!
Maintaining since April 2011.
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Am hanging in there with three days of phase one. Damn, if I just stick to it and hit it hard and stay the course, the weight will be off in 8 weeks or so. Have to quit making deals with myself such as " I'll start after labor day, or after my vacation to xxxx, or after the neighborhood barbecue" that line of thinking obviously does not work. I made it through many holidays, birthdays, stressful days, etc when I was successful last year- just have to keep telling myself that this is it- if I want to get rid of my muffin top, I need to stay away From all of that food that resembles muffins!
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Holy Moly, a week of having house guests about killed my waistline! It's SO hard to control your eating when your guests are in the "vacation eating" mode. Plus two birthday parties, OH MY!

Needless to say, I'm on my second day of phase 1 today. I think I may have one more day, but we'll see tomorrow. Thank God for this diet and the ease of being able to get back into control!
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Hello all, i am also still here after starting Feb 2011. I lost initally 95 lbs, just couldn't get down to the last 5 lbs I wanted... coach basically insisted I stopped as I was in a rut and was actually gaining weight... so that was in Nov last year, I have gained almost 30 lbs since then. I was always having flucuations of weight by 8 -10 lbs a week so it was getting very frustrating. I wasn't taking fun days at all as I kept felt like I was gaining. Maintenance is hard don't let anyone fool you it is real hard, sometimes even harder then phase 1. I have been slowly losing my extra weight but taking very long. I basically do a phase 1 or phase 2 week after week... I kind of screwed that up this last weekend. My family came up to watch me do the 5 k run for Rescues and that meant going to the "Mall" all day as my nephew is so into shopping. We did Denny's in the morning I had the fit fare less than 500 cal but more carbs than i usually do, then went out for supper and had the lettuce wraps at Chilis so not bad right? thought I was doing pretty well. Sunday we did our run and went for brunch again at Denny's this time I felt I needed some fuel after the run, had a prime rib egg benedicts. So step on the scale on Monday, 5 lbs up. oh my god what did I do... then this week I got the flu and couldn't realy eat much drank more than anything and yesterday was down almost 6lbs. I know it was as I was probably a little dehydrated.
So basically my long winded storythere is a meaning. I am very carb sensitive, I very rarely eat bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, quinoa. I know when I do I gain up to 5 lbs. It is something I have to live with. I stick to shakes for breakfast and lunch, salads for lunch and a meat and veggie supper. Summer was rough it is true, but I did get into treats and had made frozen yogurt and had some peanut butter. That is probably why I haven't lost as much as I should. I also have to remember to drink my water. with getting a keurig in January I have become a coffee feen. I drink lots and lots of ice coffee and then try to get my water in later.... the idea is to get the water in first so that is what I am going to focus on again. Drink my water, eat my veggies and stay away from sugar....

I am beginning to take running seriously again. The 5k run last week was an adventure, poorly organized and poorly mapped out, we ran the loop and as I knew the park I knew it wasn't 5k I convinced my nephew to do another loop so we ran a 6.5 k run for the 5k as we wanted to finish. I now try to run at least 3 times a week with my dogs. I love running at the off leash with them and they love it too. Rebel runs with her ball in her mouth. If you look at my new avatar it shows that she had to have it at the run as well. She is a great little dog, and Leelu is a great girl annoying little sister sometimes, taking rebel's ball and teasing her... they get along real well for having Leelu for such a short time. She really fit into our little family.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mom2 - I will be heading up your area in December for the Airport. You will have to give me so idea of what I can do up there in the off time.

maintenance since Nov 15

progress pics updated Dec 8
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2ride: That is neat that you are running 3x a week and also that you are losing at your own pace. I still love my coffee also.

DeterminedL I saw a quote that made me laugh.."There are 7 days in the week, and someday is not one of them." I tell myself this when I am trying to put off exercise. My other motivational quote is " What you wish for, you will not get..but what you work for, you will."
Maintenance 3 years!
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2ride, so glad to see you pop in. I am like you with the carbs , can instantly put on 5+ pounds a day with not too many carbs. I think people can tell how it is going to go when they start phase 3. I instantly started regaining rapidly then so knew I was just not going to be able to have many carbs.
lots of people love phase 3 and go through it with no problem and likely would not have to severly limit carbs in maintaining.
Good for you and the dogs having a very healthy lifestyle. They will really make sure you get your exercise in.

As for your question to mom as to what there is to do up there when not working; from all reports I hear they party!!!

Make choices today that your future self will thank you for!

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Morning everyone! I really need to keep up with reading and participating in this forum.... I find I always feel so much better after reading through the back posts as it reminds me I'm not alone!

I've been struggling the past two weeks or so to not gain and not get discouraged. I fluctuate within two pounds it seems, more often on the higher side. It doesn't help that the two scales I have at home seem significantly higher than the one my coach uses (my scale reads 1-1.5lbs high, whereas my brothers scale reads about 2 lbs higher than mine does). I know the scale should just be a tool to gauge with and not about the exact number, but its hard to keep that in mind!

I sense that part of the weight gain is related to my starting back up on the pill - it's been about 3 years since I went off it, and I just started my second month on it. I remember everyone telling me the first time around there would be a weight gain, but I was hoping to avoid it this time.

I've also started a weight lifting class two days a week. I've only done it three times though, so I can't imagine that I've started to gain muscle weight that quickly.

I've been trying to keep an eye on carb intake - stay within 50-100grams a day but some days are easier than others. I feel like part of the problem may be that I'm so concerned with carb intake that I'm letting fat intake slip. Who knew it would be such a balancing trick!!

Anyway, I suppose I should just be happy that I've lost 26 lbs that I haven't gained back. I just wish it was easier to keep it off!
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Hi maintainers, Hope everyone is doing well. I need some reboot advice. I'm on day three of P1. Once I lose my 5-7 pounds how do I phase off, meaning how many P2 and P3 days must I do to be successful?

Thanks ladies (and any possible gents).

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Well, I'm back from the cabin. It was sad to leave this past time knowing that it will be the last time we will stay there for the week... throughout the winter we only go for the occasional weekend.
I would like to start organizing the challenge now to give everyone time to register. I'd like to do it through the FatSecret website again as I really liked the challenge format on there. Is everyone alright with that? Or any other good sites for challenges? Also in regards to guidelines if anyone has any suggestions they'd be appreciated... mine are:
1) Did I track at least one full day this week?
2) Did I exercise at least 120 minutes this week?
3) Did I follow up any weight gain greater than 3 pounds with a Phase 1 day?
4) Did I read at least one health based item this week?
There needs to be at least 5 guidelines... I believe challenge should start one week from today...

Pauley- So happy to hear from you!!! Figured you were probably busy with summer but it's great to see you on here again! Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend.
Mom2cs- that cracked me up about the Big Mac joke. Are you Phase 1ing?
Maile- You must be busy with the start of school... but have you tried any new recipes you wouldn't mind sharing? I bought a new book that is all Paleo recipes. Going to start trying some of them out this week...
Darbs- have you started Phase 1 now? Have to agree with Maile that you are doing well by keeping maintenance a priority...
LizRR- sounds like your first free meal is going to be a winner! Yum.
Patns- Hopefully the routine of being back at school will help the four pounds go away How is your husband doing?
NewEnglander- I know your question was answered in a different forum... and it does seem to really depend on who you ask. Some say a reboot should include at least two weeks of each Phase, some say it can be a few days each of Phase 1/2, some say a week of each. Keep it manageable.
Sneuse- sorry to hear of your struggles. I would say a pound and a half doesn't matter too much but I know how it feels when you look a the scale and see that it's a higher than where you'd like it to be. Could it be where you are in your cycle? I'm always a couple pounds lighter at the beginning of the cycle vs. the middle and then another one to two heavier the week before TOM. Not sure if you've kept track over the course of a couple months but this can be helpful...
I hope this isn't TMI but... my menses has been AWOL for the past three months. Not pregnant... so??? I know busymom went through this... did it come back?? Going to see the dr. this week. I just keep expecting it to show up. Very strange...
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