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Post 'Ello from South Dakota (Newbie)

Hey all, figured I'd introduce myself formally...since I've been posting this last week but haven't actually said WHO I am...

My name's Kara, I'm a 27 year old corporate communication specialist, in South Dakota, married for 7 years with 4 beautiful...pets. We have 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I started my weight gain within about two years of marriage, packing on about 10 lbs per year until 2009 when I joined Weight Watchers, successfully lost about 20 lbs in 3 months, and then got a job as a 911 dispatcher, and promptly gained it all back, and then some. Fast forward to January 2012, I was at 185-ish, and DH and I found out we were preggers! So elated, so careful with what I was eating, didn't want to gain too fast for the little one. Started showing in March, and found out the baby wasn't going to make it on March 27th. A week later I had the removal done and was devastated. I was 204 lbs, depressed and feeling like life wasn't worth living.

My work "let me go" because my FMLA would have overlapped with my last day a full week early, so no extra paycheck. My new employer was super understanding however and said I could take as much time as I needed before coming to work. I started the Monday after the procedure, just to not be stuck in my house, and my own head 24/7. I was enjoying my new job, while depressed about the baby, and then went to see my doctor for a follow up at 2 weeks. She put me on Wellbutrin for the depression and told me basically to live life to the fullest, and that there was nothing I could have done. She also told me that it was time I start looking after myself physically to help me be able to get pregnant again next time.

One night DH and I were invited to dinner with his dad and step mom, who was on IP and had lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks. She looked amazing, and so did dad-inlaw! Turned out he was copying her plan, but using diet direct to order stuff and use that instead. I took a page from their book, decided it was worth it, no, I was worth it, and started IP-copycat last Monday (4-23-12) I had stopped eating carbs really the Saturday before, but eh, technically I wasn't on the proper shakes and such until Monday.

I am choosing to live life to the fullest, to be the me I feel inside, and drop this exterior of insulation that is hiding me from the world, and making me want to hide from the world's eyes.

I have roughly 60 lbs to lose (195 to 135) and dangit, I am worth it!

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Default I am also a newbie

Hello my name is Carol and I live in Alberta Canada, I never had a weight problem til I turned 50 so now 7 years into eating and not moving as much well 30lbs found my belly lol. I am also doing this program for hubby he has over 79 lbs to loose to be healthy. As we r only 1week into this way of eating IS IT NORMAL TO BE REALLY GRUMPY AND SHORT lol !
This is like I am quitting smoking lol
I just want to know is this normal and if so how long does it last. Help me !!
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Kara- so glad for you that you decided to do this for yourself. The loss of an unborn child is difficult. So many hopes and dreams ended. Our culture does not know how to deal with this well sometimes so support can be more difficult to find. Grieving is a difficult thing though normal.

Many people have success doing IP in some alternate fashion. My son has been following along with as best as he can without officially doing IP. He is also over 30lbs down. The skinnier husband has been hanging out with us at meals and trying to do a lower carb approach for himself. He lost 14lbs. Wow. Just realized that is over 70lbs gone from the house in three months! Hey, maybe we have room for one more dog!! No, DH says 9 is enough. Yes, I have an eccentric lifestyle with critters all about.

Carol- it is normal to go through a bumpy transition at first. Lots of changes in our metabolism and in our lives make for some issues. For the vast majority, it gets a lot better and even real good once you get going!
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Just keep swimming!
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Kara, we'll be newbies together. I had a blighted ovum a month before I conceived the girl who will be 7 in July. The loss was devastating for me as well, so I can understand your feelings.

Good luck on your first weekly weigh in. I'm unsure when I'm starting myself. I want to be sure to get all the stuff to do it and I'll be alternative -- basically doing the diet concept with no coach and not buying the company's products. It basically sounds like a low fat take on Atkins. Good luck to us all. We're all worth it.
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Hi, Kara! What part of SD are you in? I'm in far western SD and have been on IP since March 17th. My husband has lost nearly 30 pounds, I'm down nearly 25 and my MIL has lost about 40 since February. It's a great program, even if it's not a whole lot of fun.

I'm so sorry about your baby.
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