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wuv2bloved 03-21-2012 01:15 AM

IP Daily Chat Wednesday 3/21/12
Welcome back to the Daily Chat thread - post your plans for today, share what's been happening, ask questions!


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bethanym 03-21-2012 01:38 AM

I hope everyone has a fabulous OP Wednesday!

My personal goal for Wednesday is to make sure I get in all my food and water....I didn't today (which is NOT good), and was beyond ravenous by about 11pm. Tomorrow I will do better at getting that food in on a regular schedule, instead of getting all caught up in work and life.

tenniels 03-21-2012 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by purple sky (Post 4261142)
You know my coach has a lot of muscle and can weigh much more than people thinks she weighs and wear a very small size.

Yes, I'm fitting into things that I would've had to weigh less to fit into previously! I'm quite happy with how toned I actually am, its a good feeling! That's why I'm wondering if I may end up picking a goal weight that is higher than 130. From this point forward I will have to take it pound by pound I guess. Not that I'm happy with where I am yet, just I'm starting to see I may not know what weight looks right on me til I get there.

Hope everyone has a fabulous OP day :) 4 more days and I get carbs for breakfast for my mini-phase 3!! I think my first meal will be sprouted grain bread toasted with almond butter & fat free greek yogurt with mixed berries *excited dance*

rissimo 03-21-2012 06:57 AM

Good Morning
Good Morning IPeeps:
Sorry I haven't been on here the past week. They have blocked me from the site here at work so I cannotget on to get my daily fix. But I have found another way to get to it, I just have to be very careful about logging in daily. So, this will probably be my only login today until I get home and am able to pry my daughter away from the computer.

:welcome3: to all the newbies!! It is so good to see so many more joining our wonderful little group!!! This is the best thing you could do for yourself. And if you have not been able to go thru and read all the other threads, just remember that any loss you have regardless of how little it it is, is a good loss. Your body has to catch up with what you have already lost and it will fight you to lose what it is so used to having. Hang in there and things will begin to fall into place.:D

I went to the doctor yesterday because of a little issue I am having and he was amazed at my loss. I was telling him that my goal is to get down to 130. He said that I will be too thin then, he suggests that I go to 150-145, no lower than 140.

Well better get off here for now, will try to get on later.

Congratulations on all the losses so far and good luck to those that still have to weigh in. Hope everyone has a great OP day!!!

Ducksmy 03-21-2012 07:14 AM

Way to go Rissmo! You are such an inspiration! You and Wuv make my day everday!
I am asking for prayers here, today I go to my orthopedic surgeron and Hopefully get released from a 2 year journey! Ready to live my life without restrictions!
Yall be blessed!

Endless Dieter 03-21-2012 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Ducksmy (Post 4261741)
Way to go Rissmo! You are such an inspiration! You and Wuv make my day everday!
I am asking for prayers here, today I go to my orthopedic surgeron and Hopefully get released from a 2 year journey! Ready to live my life without restrictions!
Yall be blessed!

Prayers sent and to all newies "this diet really works". I know seven people who have started after seeing my success and all are doing wonderful. What a gift to share "good health with friends". I so wish I would have found this diet years ago...

mtnsun4 03-21-2012 08:44 AM

Good morning all! I have a long day today- work, then an evening meeting that will last until 7:45pm. I have to plan out my meals, and take a bunch to work. These days are rough but I have planned to get through it!

girlpower79 03-21-2012 08:57 AM

test :)

girlpower79 03-21-2012 08:59 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Ideal Protein tonight is my first wi and I am at 9.1 lbs loss for the week!

I have been reading all your post for a week or so now, they are very helpful and had a lot to do with me actually starting the program, so thanks!

Sewmam 03-21-2012 09:14 AM

Good morning everyone! And a fine day it is!

I know what you mean about the scale not being the most accurate measurement of your health - I chose to phase out when I could fit into size 10 jeans (I was a 28-30 !), and a plastic surgeon told me I had 20 pds of skin, so my 155 scale weight was a virtual 135 lb, which was a healthy BMI. I have always had people tell me that I didn't look as heavy as my weight showed.

Anyway, today, I want to read up on the Phase 4 stuff, which I'll be starting next week. That, and continue my projects here at home to get the house ready to sell. Still have drawers of clothes that need sorting and donating. This week I got a new bra that is the best I ever had, and 2 pairs of pants on a clearance rack at Macy's, so I'm happy.

Have a perfectly delightful day!

IPdivajen 03-21-2012 09:24 AM

Sewman, that's just incredible! Congrats on all your hard work. I hope to be singing a pretty similar song a few months down the road. :)

Morning, everyone. My goal for the day is to do a bit more walking this week. I've had a very stressful (for stupid reasons) few days and would like to try to just chill and be content/happy because of the positive changes I'm making. So hopefully me and the puppy will go on a nice long walk tonight.

swimcoachmomma 03-21-2012 09:30 AM

Good morning all. Congrats on the weighing and welcome to the newbies. This is a great forum for support, especially for those of us with coaches who are less than helpful.

Wuv, how is your friend Hassan ?? I thought I would ask because his name is still on my prayer list.

momof2greatcats 03-21-2012 09:37 AM

Good morning all!
I'm so excited that my work clothes are really starting to fit more loosley! There had been days in the past where I felt like I was "poured in" to my pants - now, they are nice and loose. Can't wait until I can drop a size!
This is my 2nd week on IP and loving it. Also loving the community here :wub:

rissimo - love how you put your pics in your siggy - wow, you look great!

My plans for today - work and then bible study at a friend's house. Because I'm on tap to work late, packed my lunch AND dinner as I might have to go straight from here to her house. Planning ahead and not just "hoping" to do well has made a difference since I've been on IP.

Have a great OP day, everyone!

Patty17 03-21-2012 09:40 AM

I'm back! Too many challenges having a St. Patrick's Day Birthday, Beer, corned beef, soda bread, BEER, etc. Gained 3.5lbs at WI on Tues. Back on track now! Went to track and walked and ran straightaways, as of this morning down 2.5lbs! I'm determined to lose those 3.5lbs and then some by next WI!

lboogs311 03-21-2012 09:40 AM

Morning! Great losses already!!! No surprise, I love IP....I have a questions, will antibiotics affect it at all? I tend to think no, but thought I would ask. I have an issue with my gums (lol) so I am on amoxicillin...other than that, rolling along. Hoping to be doen another 20lbs by the 2nd week in May!!! Going to Vegas for work/friends wedding....I know I can do this!!!
Happy Wednesday!

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