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Default Whats going on? Is it possible?

I weighed in on Friday and was thrilled with my results! Was told to switch to Phase 2 because I was 2 lbs from my goal. After rethinking this, I decided to change my goal weight, making it 7 more lbs to lose. Insane, maybe but thats not what then happened.

I did great all weekend, even made it through my daughters 8th birthday party with cake & pizza by eating a Big Mac in a Bowl when the guests left on Friday night. Saturday night hubby and I went out for dinner wtih friends to celebrate our anniversary. I had a NY strip and green beans, no butter etc. and a salad.

I didn't weigh myself on Saturday, was too busy and just forgot. This afternoon or tonight as I was getting ready for work I jumped on the scale and it showed me up 6 lbs!!!! Am I crazy or what? Is that even possible?

I about fell over. I was just crushed. My husband said, not possible, maybe I am retaining water or something..

Drinking loads of water tonight at work, watched my dinner closely, just not sure what has happened, or if I should not stress about it.

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen??

Goal: Down 25 lbs. by April 2015 for my tropical vacation.
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I am just starting out on IP, but I've been weighing myself and dieting for most of my life. I don't think it's ever a good idea to weigh yourself late in the day. There's a whole day of eating and drinking to consider.

I've had my own "step away from the scale" post here and it's easier said than done, but I don't see how you could have gained 6 lbs if you're still on program. And even if you weren't, I just don't see how it's possible to gain 6 lbs in a day.

Lost 10 lbs before starting Ideal Protein 8/3/11

WI 1: -7.5 lbs WI 2: 0 WI 3: -5.4 lbs WI 4: -3 lbs WI 5: -4
WI 6: -1 WI 7: -2 WI 8: -3 WI 9: -2 WI 10: -3 WI 11: -2 WI 12:-1 WI 13: -1 WI 14: -3 WI 15: n/a
WI 16: n/a WI 17: -5 WI 18: 0
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This happened to me today! I was 4 lbs. heavier this morning than I was yesterday. I did eat a lot more carbs than I usually do. It is water weight. You should go back down tomorrow. I do weigh everyday just to see what triggers water weight gain. I am following a very low carb diet. Good luck !
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I'm absolutely sure that the difference is not related to fat gained back. Wait till next friday and weigh again. It can be many factors such as water retention, the foods you ate, the state of your "colon" if you know what I mean haha. Certainly don't let it get you down...and congrats on getting to your initial goal!!
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I would reweigh in the morning and see what it's at. I never weigh at night because there are too many factors causing it to go up and I wouldn't want to stress about that too. We stress enough in this process the way it is. Good luck!
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I never weigh myself at night anymore. Think about how much your food weighed before you ate it AND water.. now it takes awhile for your body to process that weight. I seem to weigh 2-3 pounds more at night than I do in the morning so don't beat yourself up and weigh yourself in a couple days

RESTART with new goal of 120!

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I went through a "get acquainted with the scale" process and was weighing myself four or five times a day through the process. The weight in the morning is always lower. Even if I don't eat, it always went up 3 or 4 pounds a few hours after I woke up. It's totally a scale thing. That's why it's always recommended to weigh at the same time each day (and first thing in the morning eliminates so many variables, so that's when most people recommend it) and wearing the same clothes (or none at all).

Congrats on getting so close to goal! And on your decision to lower your goal! That's a huge accomplishment.
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Restarting IP 100%
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The weight fluctuate after eating, this is why it is the best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

Don't worry, the weight will melt off again, it just it is with everybody that the weight always fluctuate by a few pounds.
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