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My diet coach threatened to 'kick me out' of the program!?!

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Unhappy My diet coach threatened to 'kick me out' of the program!?!

I have been on the IP diet for 4 weeks and stuck to the program 100%. I have lost over 12 pounds and 10 inches. The diet has been incredibly hard, but I've stuck to it, as I am seeing results and feeling a new lease on life. Yesterday I went to my weekly appointment elated about my progress. I am on my menstral cycle, so when I only lost a pound (but 4 inches) I wasn't all that concerned. I was stunned when my diet coach said "normally they would kick me off the program for a mere one pound loss. They only want people who are representing the program well with a 3 to 5 pound loss". I asked her if this was the office policy or IP's policy. She said it was IP's policy. I was floored. I was being told I was a failure, and the diet program didn't want me! I can't imagine telling someone who is trying so hard with obvious results that they 'might be kicked off the program' if they don't lose more by next week. I cancelled future appointments, and left completely devastated. Now I don't know what to do...can someone please tell me, did I go to the wrong clinic or is this IP's policy to 'kick someone off the program' because they only lost a pound?
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I am horrified to think that any program would kick someone out when they're working so hard at sticking to plan.

Welcome to 3FC!

I have no experience with anything related to IP, however there is an IP area (under Diet Central) where you might be able to get a more specific answer from members.

I'm very sorry that one person said such a horrible thing. I completely disagree with them.

ANY progress. ANY step towards being healthier is a good one.

If you were enjoying that plan, I suggest finding a different center or coach. One who has the same positive outlook you need, and not a miserable attitude about all forms of progress.

The best thing I learned from 3FC is that progress comes in many forms, and we should be proud of all successes no matter the size. Frustration over things we can't control leads to quitting. Quitting leads to weight gain. So there's NO need to pile on guilt and disappointment.
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I can't specifically speak to the IP program, but it sounds like a load of baloney to me. What weightloss program that's trying to make money off people losing weight would actually tell someone that their results (and clearly you are actually getting results, so congrats!!) are not fast enough? And frankly, telling someone they aren't losing weight fast enough is dangerous and unhealthy. I would think that if that actually was IP's specific company policy, they would be getting sued all over the place. Sounds very much made up to me.

If it were me, I would call into the center and ask for some other opinions from some other coaches. Or maybe call into a few centers a few towns away and ask them about that policy to see if it's actually a company policy or just something your coach said. Sounds like your coach is full of it.

I believe in you. I believe in your authenticity, your uniqueness, your intensity, your wildness. I love your restlessness and your hunger. You possess the energy that, if unleashed, could transform, inspire and heal the world.

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Started IP 07/05/2011
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I am doing IP and have never heard this before. There a lot of people on here that have low losses some weeks and they are doing fantastic. This is definitely not an IP policy. After all, we're paying them a ridiculous amount of money to do this for ourselves...it's about making our lives better. Yes, we're all going to be success stories but I'm sure you didn't go into this program with the idea of becoming the clinic's spokesperson. Any success is good success.

I'd look for another clinic!
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The idea of loseing 4 pounds or more a week to me just is not practical and to me dose not sound like the safest way. Any weight lose should always be celebrated and losing any weight during your cycle to me is a victory in of its self ! So don't get discouraged and keep up with what you are doing!
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I do not know anything about IP.

But seriously? You are succeeding and it is working for you, and they want to kick you out because it is not to THEIR time table?

You are not a dresser to put things in and out of drawers. You are ALIVE. Your body is healing, and healing takes it own time.

I'd call the office and get some clarity on the policy. Maybe it's this one employee that is in the wrong.

Started Oct 2014:
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Started IP on 7/15/2011
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This is horrible. I think you should find another IP center pronto. There will be weeks where you just don't lose as much-your quickest weight lost will be in the first few weeks, I think. After that, there is some fluctuation, but that doesn't mean you are not "representing" IP. My center said that if they can see that you're not committing and constantly cheating, they reserve the right to ask you to come back when you're ready to commit. Even that isn't necessarily "kicking' you out of the program completely, just asking you to come back when you're truly ready. Your clinic sounds like they are out solely for their reputation and not to be supportive and helpful to you, their client. Find another one...You'll be much happier.
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IP started 4/25/11
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That is certainly NOTHING that I've heard from others here. In fact, there have been a few that have gained on their TOM, and seriously...everyone loses at their own pace!

I think I'd be looking for a new coach.
That is definately NOT IP policy!

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*starting over*

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I think your IP coach is totally wrong. Can you look for another IP coach in your area/ That was ridiculously negative and inappropriate. If you look at the IP forum..and look at people's signatures you will find people losing from 1 pound a week and more ON. I have never ever heard of any coach saying you have to lose 3-5 pounds and I have been doing IP for 14 weeks.
In my clinic a girl gained 3 pounds because she started to walk each day. The next week she lost 4 pounds,. Many women gain weight around TOM.

Don't give IP. It is a wonderful program. Try to find another clinic that is more supportive!!!
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I've had low losses despite following protocol 100%, though it's not the norm it happens, PLUS it could be TOM or a typical stall. When I signed up, the physician told me to expect a 2lb loss a week. So 1) Don't be discouraged by what she says, and 2) I would either have a serious talk with her about why she's assuming that you're cheating instead of doing her job or working with you on finding a way to maximize your loss or I would ditch her, find another clinic and then report her behavior to IP headquarters.

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Yes, actually, they will kindly ask you to go elsewhere. Most certainly not as your coach has indicated though. Your coach is an idiot. IP wants success in their protocol thus success in weight loss numbers. If you continued with the program but refused to follow guidelines and began gaining weight and continued to gain weight you would not be a sucess story. You signed a contract. I am so sorry your coach has treated you like that. I'd let IP know, immediatley how you've been treated. Hit their website, that's how I found a clinic in my area. Congratulations on your great job so far and you were right on protocol.
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That coach needs to be kicked out of the program!! I can tell that coach has NOT read the book, this program is more about inches than pounds lost. I had a one pound loss with 5 inches and my coach was jumping for joy!!
You stay strong and find a new coach.

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Let me guess: The solution to your "inadequate" loss was more supplements.

It's the end of the month, and your "coach" has quotas to meet.
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I would report her first then ask for another clinic with a reputation that make losing your weight make you not feel like a loser. I know we cant go to different IP personal without paying for the fee again. May be just in Canada though. I hope the clinnic you go to allows the transfer.....good luck
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Please find any other clinic immediately!!! I just started this week, the lady who was coming out before me was in her 3rd week and was very heavy with resulting mobility issues. She was in her 3rd week and had a lower loss than first two weeks. The coach was very supportive and no did not suggest more supplements, the suggestion was more veggies and water. I heard all this because they continued their discussion as the coach helped her to her car.
There is no way I will lose 3-5 pounds every week, but I'm feeling great after just a few days. Your coach is an idiot.
I hope there are other clinics in your area.

Make choices today that your future self will thank you for!

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