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Originally Posted by BROWNEYES47 View Post
I was sorry to learn that so many had problems over the weekend. Perhaps subconsciously you believed that the world was coming to an end?

Glad it didn't because now I'm still with all my new IP friends. So... those of you who had an "unfortunate experience" this weekend, forgive yourself. It's good that you got it out of your system so now you can get back on track and enjoy life again without continuing to beat yourself up over it. Guilt is a terribly unproductive thing.

Don't dwell on your past mistakes. Learn from them. If you know it's dangerous for you to be alone with certain foods, make sure you're not alone with them even if it means that you're going to help that friend drop off a child from a party, or go with Dad and the kids to the store. Get those particular foods (you know which ones they are) out of the house after the event or purpose they were purchased for. Give them to one of your guests to take home or (OMG) throw them out! You've probably thrown away perfectly good food before so you shouldn't feel guilty about throwing out junk food.

Remember this: You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win. Remember, however that success is not simply a will power thing. We have to deeply believe in our ability to create successful outcomes and then have the habits to get the work done through self-discipline, diligent practice and preparation. Plan your daily menus. Write them down and eat only what you have planned. Don't think about anything else but success.

Ok.. that's it from me. I care about you all and wish each and every one of us many, many successes.

Bless You All!
Thank you for the positive pep talk...very refreshing!!!!!!!!!!

One for every 5lbs GONE-NEVER EVER to be SEEN AGAIN

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[QUOTE=MInewgoal;3860889]All I can say is WOW!!!
20 lbs in one month

Good for you! Such an inspiration- 20 pounds in one month is fantastic!

Originally Posted by CheekyWit View Post
Susie_Bee -- YOU LOOK AWESOME - great before and after photos!!!! I bet you do look sexy in your new swim suits (that is absolutely the worst kind of shopping because a swimsuit doesn't really lie) Congratulations on your weight loss. Sort of makes it all worth while doesn't it????!!!!
Susie Bee- you do look fantastic and you are full of wisdom and great advice- I really enjoy your posts and find myself nodding along with them all the time
CheekyWit- you're so close to your goal- are you on phase 2? Or are you changing your goal? Thank you so much for the recipe for the taco salad dressing it was SO tasty! I had been using WF Chipotle and it wasn't bad but yours was much better!
I successfully stayed OP this long weekend when we went camping. There was birthday cake, waffles and of course everyone wanted for me to drink. It is harder to say no to the person who is offering it than it is to say no to the item itself. I do find people almost think you're unsociable if you won't join in and take it as a rejection when you refuse whatever it is that they are offering. But I have to take care of myself. I was willing to give up alcohol for 10 months for each of my 3 children- I can be willing to give it up for myself. This diet will not last forever and at the end of it I know that I will have a higher self esteem not only because I am slimmer but also from having said 'No'- for standing up for myself and saying I choose to do what is best for me.
My IP clinic has a slogan on the wall that I love and someday when I get my signature I will add it on there... "If you are interested you will do what is convenient, If you are committed you will do whatever it takes"
DH waffles between thinking I'm crazy for doing something as restrictive as this diet and being incredibly pleased with the results of it "I can absolutely see it in your waist" he said to me tonight. I am a whole size smaller than I was when I started this and I am thankful that I found this forum for all of its support, inspiration and delicious recipes!
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