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Leenie 10-17-2009 04:25 PM

Ideal Protein Diet - Phases
Post about the phases here :)

Lilita175 11-08-2009 10:55 AM

Phase I
Okay, I'll get this thread started so it doesn't get taken away.

Phase I is very low calorie, low carb and low fat.

Phase I includes 3 Ideal Protein Packets per day and one regular (restricted) meal that can be eaten at any time (lunch, dinner or even breakfast.) Phase I includes lettuce salads and some (not all) vegetables and some mandatory vitamin and mineral supplements.

The packets are powdered soups, shakes, and small portions of chili, spaghetti and hearty stew that are mixed with water to prepare. Protein bars can be used instead of a packet. Some packets and the bars are restricted to once a day.

Phase I is the most restricted and I was told I would be on it until I reached 80% of my goal weight at which time I would go to Phase II which I think means I will go down to 2 IP packets per day and 2 regular meals per day.

I have been on Phase I for 3 weeks and have lost 17 pounds. I have not cheated. I am down to one pair of jeans (loose size 14) I am 5'8"
I threw out 3 pairs of size 16 jeans that were too baggy on me.

My motivation to go on this diet were my brother who lost 90 pounds and his wife who lost over 40 pounds in one year. They both look great. My other brother and my 3 sisters and I plus several nieces and nephews all recently started on this diet and we are all having great success.

The first 3 days are the hardest.

I am in my fourth week and I am almost never hungry. I am eating according to the plan but I have lost interest in most foods. I can even watch the food channel and it doesn't cause me any cravings. I sit in restaurants and am not tempted by other people's dishes.

I highly recommend this diet if you want fast results. But you have to be ready to commit to it and be prepared to NOT CHEAT. If you cheat, it just won't work and you are wasting your time and money.

Ogdog13 12-08-2009 01:49 PM

Phase 2 = 1st Intermediate Phase
The second phase lasts between one and two weeks.

a) Morning:
- Coffee or tea.
- 1 packet or 1 measure of protein.

b) Noon:
- Raw or cooked green vegetables.
- 5 oz. lean meat or poultry.
- OR 5 to 6 oz. lean fish. You may have fattier meat or fish 3 to 4 times a week.
- 2 tablespoons oil for flavor.

c) Late-afternoon snack:
- 1 packet or 1 measure of protein.

d) Evening:
Dinner is exactly the same as lunch: 5 oz. lean meat or poultry with green vegetables.

You may have 1 to 2 dairy products per day, such as plain yogurt or 2% cottage cheese.

Comments: The second phase closely resembles the first phase, as your diet still excludes carbohydrates and ketosis continues.

I now tend to shorten this phase to less than one week so that the first phase can be extended as long as possible and protein packets are used for a late-afternoon or evening snack.

Ogdog13 12-08-2009 01:50 PM

Phase 3 = 2nd Intermediate Phase
Carbohydrates are reintroduced to your diet during this phase.

a) Morning:
- Coffee or tea.
- 2 oz. whole-wheat or whole-grain bread, lightly buttered (or use light butter).
- OR 1.5 oz. unsweetened cereal, like unsweetened rolled oats or muesli.
- One dairy product: partly skimmed milk, plain yogurt or cottage cheese.
- A fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice (fruit is optional at this point).

b) Noon:
- Raw vegetables. All vegetables, including artichokes, carrots, etc., are now allowed.

- 5 oz. lean meat or poultry.
- OR 5 oz. fish (all fish are allowed).
- 1 tablespoon oil for flavor or cooking.
- 7 oz. green vegetables.
- Optional: yogurt.

c) Late-afternoon snack:
- A fruit, if you did not have a fruit for breakfast, or 1 protein packet.

d) Evening:
Dinner is exactly the same as lunch:
- 5 oz. meat, poultry or fish.
- 7 oz. green vegetables.
- 1 tablespoon oil for flavor or cooking.
- 1 serving of yogurt or cottage cheese.

Comments: The intermediate phase should last no longer than two weeks, because youíre on an unbalanced diet that lacks slow carbs!

Note: Very often, many dieters start off their diet with the third phase because they think itís a balanced, low-calorie diet, but theyíre wrong!

Ogdog13 12-08-2009 01:51 PM

Phase 4 - Step 1
I. First Step: Your Everyday Diet
Maintenance is a two-step process.

a) Morning:
- Coffee or tea.
- 2 to 2.5 oz. whole-wheat or whole-grain bread, lightly buttered or a small amount of sugar-free jam.
- OR 1.5 oz. unsweetened cereal, like unsweetened rolled oats or muesli.
- A fruit and a dairy product.
- Optional: an egg or a slice of ham or 1 to 1.5 oz. cheese (preferably hard cheese).

b) Noon:
- Raw vegetables.
- 6 to 7 oz. meat or fish. All meats and fish are now allowed, but be sure to go for lean meats and avoid sauces.
- As many vegetables as you like. This meal contains little to no carbs (starchy foods or bread). Youíll have your carbs for dinnerÖ
- 1 tablespoon oil or more, because you canít always control what you eat at a restaurant.
- One serving of yogurt or a piece of cheese (about 1.5 oz.).

c) Late-afternoon snack:
- A fruit or, better yet, a protein packet or bar. Thereís no harm in having a snack.

d) Evening:
- As many vegetables as you want: in a soup, raw or steamed. Soups are best in the evening.

- A plate of slow-carb foods: 0.5 to 1 oz. rice, pasta, lentils, semolina, dried beans, quinoa, potatoes, etc.
- Go easy on the fat when preparing dinner (see below). Use no more than 1 tablespoon of oil.
- Optional: some lean animal protein, because you donít really need to have meat twice a day. At the very most, you may have 3.5 oz. white fish or 3 oz. lean ham or deli chicken, a can of plain tuna or seafood.
- For dessert: 1 serving of yogurt, 1 fruit or 1 serving of stewed fruit. Some recommend that you have fruit as a snack. You may have a fruit if you want, but you donít have to. Comment: You can switch lunch and dinner and have your carbs for lunch and proteins for dinner. As a rule, avoid having fat with your dinner. Itís bad for digestion and sleep, and it promotes acid reflux at night.

Stabilization Phase Principles or Rules
1. Food separation, or bad and good food combinations, is essential during the maintenance phase. I recommend that you separate carbs and fats like a teacher separates two troublesome students. Carbohydrates tend to cause weight gain and so does fat, which is why they are separated. Hereís the basic rule: a meal that is rich in starchy foods should contain little to no fat and vice versa. Note: You do not need to separate carbs and proteins if the proteins contain no fat, as is the case with white fish, for example. A meal consisting of a starchy food (rice, potato) and white fish will not make you gain weight.

2. Should do you eat slow carbs for lunch or dinner? Contrary to popular belief, you should eat slow carbs for dinner, but thatís not carved in stone. When you lunch at a restaurant or cafeteria, you might have a hard time finding starchy foods (rice, pasta or potatoes) prepared without fat, and meat and fish are often served with a sauce. If thatís the case, itís best to go with a meal consisting of animal proteins and raw or cooked veggies thatís prepared with a small amount of fat or sauce. Youíll have to forgo starchy foods and bread, though. For dinner, have slow carbs with as many vegetables as you want. Itís much easier to control fat intake when you dine in. For example, you can prepare spaghetti with some fresh tomato, garlic, basil and a touch of olive oil. Have as many veggies as you like. You may have some lean protein, like 3.5 oz. white fish, 3 oz. lean ham, or even some extra lean ground beef. However, thereís no need to have meat twice a day.

Itís wrong to think that if you have slow carbs for lunch, youíll be able to burn them throughout the afternoon and that if you have slow carbs for dinner, your body might store them. Itís not that simple. Your body doesnít use up your lunch during the afternoon. It must digest your lunch, convert it and assimilate it before it can use it for energy. Active people and athletes have pasta for dinner, but they donít go out and run at night. Similarly, the Tour de France has never been held at night!

At night, your body goes through a long period of fasting, rests and recharges its batteries for the next day (just like a cell phone). Youíd be making a serious mistake if you eliminated or reduced your evening dinner. Finally, slow carbs are filling and easy to digest.

Ogdog13 12-08-2009 01:52 PM

Phase 4 - Step 2
II. Second Step: Managing those slip-ups
There are minor, inconsequential slip-ups for which you donít need to make up and major slip-ups for which you will have to make up the next day.

1. Minor Diet Slip-ups:
These usually occur when youíre not eating at home, because itís hard to avoid fats; however, you can easily avoid carbs, or starchy foods and desserts. Have a first course and a main dish and even a small glass of wine if you like. There will be no consequences, as long as these meals donít become a habit. Go back to your regular diet the next day.

2. Major Diet Slip-ups:
A major diet slip-up is a big meal with all the fixings. After all, youíre entitled to it, arenít you? You can make up for a major diet slip-up the next day by avoiding all fast and slow carbs for that ONE DAY ONLY. All you have to do is you go back on the first phase of the diet for one day. Why is that? Because when you eliminate all carbohydrates the day after a big meal, you reduce the amount of insulin secreted and block fat storage. You might still gain up to two pounds the day after you, but donít panic. You didnít gain two pounds of fat. Your body is unable to lose two pounds of fat in a day and it canít gain two pounds of fat in a day either. If two pounds of fat equal 9,000 calories and a woman eats an average of 2,000 calories per day, how could your body possibly store the equivalent of four to five days of meals after just one meal? What do those two pounds of fat represent then? They represent the weight of the big meal plus the water or fluid you had with it and that had not been eliminated by the time you stepped on the weigh scale the next day.

Ogdog13 12-21-2009 08:31 AM

Alternative Plan - Phase 1 - To Be Followed Until 90% Of Your Wieght Goal Is Achieved
1 IP packet
plus one group choice ( will list groups below)
plus coffee/tea with 1 oz skim milk
sweetener allowed

1 IP packet
plus 1 group choice
2 cups select veggies and unlimited lettuce


7 oz fish or 5 oz meat from select choice
plus 1 group choice
plus 2 cups select veggies


1 IP packet


64 oz water

1-2 teaspoon olive or grape seed oil

regular IP supplements

IMPORTANT: only one choice from each GROUP is permitted per day. ALL THREE GROUPS MUST be consumed per day.


2 slices toast ( whole grain, pumpernickel, rye, multigrain,sourdough, stone ground whole wheat, oat bran, sprouted grain)
150 grams whole wheat pasta
150 grams brown rice ( not instant)
1 sweet potato, or small boiled potato
60 grams oatmeal ( non instant)
150 gram - 200 grams couscous
50 grams unsweetened cereal (bran, oat, whole grain or barley)
150 grams cooked legumes (chick peas, lentils, green peas, kidney beans)
150 gram corn

Group 2

fresh fruit ( example: 1 grapefruit, 1 apple, 2 kiwis, 150 g pineapple, 1 banana,200 g strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries.
fruit is allowed, but optional, and must not be replaced with another food group.

group 3

1 sugar free yogurt
1 - 60 oz glass milk (2% M.F or less)
30 gram cheese (about 20% M.F)
120 g cottage cheese
60 g feta cheese

Meat, veggie, seasoning choices are the same as regular phase 1.

skittlescda 01-25-2010 03:58 PM

Artificial Sweeteners
I started the IP diet today, for breakfast I had the plain cereal, lunch mushroom soup and salad (no dressing) and afternoon break the cappaccino drink. I've been told to have 4 proteins a day to start. I've always been very sensitive to food additives, artificial sweeteners, colourings and food dyes. One piece of sugar-free gum and I feel like my skin is crawling. 5 minutes after the cereal I felt the same feeling and with it comes an anxious feeling, sometimes a headache or mild chest discomfort. I have NO health problems and these symptoms I only have when eating or drinking diet products ie gum, diet pops, popsicles, candy etc. Although the soup left a bad after taste, I liked the taste. With the cappaccino I had the same feeling that I had after eating the cereal this morning. I'm really hoping this diet will work for me and I know a few ladies that have had great success with it. I'm normally good at sticking to a diet and have no problems getting through the first few days...my problem has always been after I lose 20 pounds I fall back into old eating habits. I'm hoping with the support of the IP ladies I won't follow that trend this time and make this a life changing diet. HOWEVER, I'm concerned that maybe some of the ingredients in their products are not agreeing with me and wonder if my body will adjust. The cereal and cappaccino I've had today, both had only 10 mg/packet of sucralose where most of the sweetened products have upwards of 30 and I saw one that had 88 mg/packet. Has anyone experienced this? I'm going home from work to have fresh veggies and the spaghetti bolognese and tomorrow I'm trying something new. I do hope that my body adjusts to the diet products and I lose these creepy sy mptoms lol. Thanks for listening and great forum 3 Fat Chicks!! I hope I have all good posts from today forward!! x0 :dizzy:

jordanna 03-18-2010 12:04 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here are some information sheets on each of the different phases of Ideal Protein

sdcrowfan 05-23-2010 01:07 PM

Is there a Phase II pdf available?

jordanna 05-25-2010 10:54 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I just received phase II and III sheets from my coach as I'm phasing out in a couple of weeks so I figured I'd re-post the phases:

I could only attach 5 files so for simplicities sake I have posted phase 1 and 2 here and will re-post phase 3 and 4 in another post.

EDITED BY ADMIN: Please see this post for an updated 2011 Phase 1 list :)

choosie1 05-26-2010 01:54 PM

Jordanna - I have some questions regarding phase 3.....I gave up on my coach a while ago - so I hope you can provide some of your excellent advice!!! The one document lists Milk as a fat - is that right? Also...can we have oatmeal or steel cut oats for breakfast as long as it is under 30 grams of carbs....I am just trying to get my head wrapped around breakfast as I will be transitioning to phase 3 in June 6th....Thanks!

showgirlaz 05-28-2010 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by Jillian (Post 3207067)
Hi all. I am new to this forum and cant seem to find where to find where to post my questions. I am starting a low carb, low calorie diet tomorrow. I have found that i am a carbohydrate addict and my cravings cause me to binge, resulting in continuous fluctuations in my weight. I am to the desparate point and am going to crack down here. Can anyone please tell me what to expect on a plan like this? I am worried about the hunger, fatigue, and cravings, and also the inability to sleep. When will the hunger subside and the energy come back? Also, when should i expect to go into ketosis?

Info about me: I am a 26 year old female, very athletic, good muscle tone, 5'8, 146 lbs, looking to get back to my previous weight of 130 (before i got the depo-shot). That was the weight i was at for years, looked great and felt great at it. I plan on sticking to about 1200 calories a day with 25 grams or less of carbohydrates, low fat, high in protein, and take multivitamins and supplements.

Thank you!!!

Hi Jillian! Were you looking for a low carb forum in general, an atkins plan forum, or this one - Ideal Protein.

Ideal Potein is a designed program that keeps net carbs to 30 or under, is low fat, moderate to high protein of roughly 70g a day or so, and, as a result, the calories are in the 800 to MAX of 1100... you would get to the 1200 cal at 25 carbs without a very high protein or high fat contribution. We all buy packaged foods (not all from the same places) that fit with the guidelines. We use a fair amount of salt, supplement potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and take a high potency multivitamin to accomodate the foods we are not permitted to included in the program.

If you are seeking to try the ideal protein plan we are excited to have you with us! If this post was supossed to be for the atkins group or the many other low carb groups, the links below will get you there! :)





Originally Posted by reddog59 (Post 3312017)
I am so happy I found this site. I heard about this program and will be speaking to a doctor about it on Wednesday next week. I have tried WW, HCG, Atkins and Nutrisystem. Is this another fad diet or do you think it REALLY works?


This is DEFINITELY not a fad diet. It ABSOLUTELY works! The program has been around for 27 years beginning in Europe, coming to Canada first and, 3 years ago, joining the USA. There have been over 7million people who have successfully achieved their goal weights on this plan. It has FDA approval in the USA and is as you know a medically administered program. From experience (nearly 6 months on the program) I can tell you IT WORKS, IT WORKS WELL, and you WILL LOSE. Better yet, your body really does get to a point it metabolizes differently and better than it did before!

MercuryVaporKitten 06-01-2010 10:52 AM

New to the site!
Hi everyone! I'm brandy-new to the site, and just started the Ideal Protein program on Sunday. I'm already down 4 lbs, so I'm definetly encouraged! I purged my apartment of any and all crave-able items before I started so I can't cheat.;) I didn't realize just how much I was eating (and mostly carb heavy stuff, too) until I started this program. Now I'm finding myself longing for something cheesey, or crunchy, or sweet and gooey! I've been drinking extra water (besides the required amount) and using the 4C Totally Light packets which helps curb the cravings a bit. I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through the same "carb withdrawl" that I'm going through, and how you've handled it. I've yo-yo'ed for years now. My heaviest was 268 when I was 17, got down to 205 between my own dieting and Weight Watchers (which I won't go back to for various reasons), hit a plateau at 205 and was there for about 5 years. I wasn't super happy about being "stuck", but I was ok with it. Then this past Thanksgiving-Christmas I lost it and ate just about everything in sight, plus a few medication changes later I found myself back around 240 and sad.:( I know quite a few people who are on or have done the IP program and have had nothing but amazing results. I want to give it a go, I figure I've got nothing to lose but the weight! I know I'll find the encouragement I need to keep going through this community. Any of the posts that I've read are awesome and super encouraging. Thanks for reading, and again, any words of wisom for phase I of IP would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!:dance:

jordanna 06-01-2010 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by choosie1 (Post 3309204)
Jordanna - I have some questions regarding phase 3.....I gave up on my coach a while ago - so I hope you can provide some of your excellent advice!!! The one document lists Milk as a fat - is that right? Also...can we have oatmeal or steel cut oats for breakfast as long as it is under 30 grams of carbs....I am just trying to get my head wrapped around breakfast as I will be transitioning to phase 3 in June 6th....Thanks!

Hey Choosie, sorry it took me so long to answer your question - I don't check all the threads all the time!

That's too bad about your coach - it does seem that some of them are useless!

You are absolutely correct that you can have oatmeal or steel cut oats as long as it's under 30 g of carbs and yes, milk is considered a fat! It's hard to wrap your brain around things when you've been doing something else and gotten used to that lol. I know I've looked at the phase 3 sheet a few different times trying to figure everything out...and that's just breakfast, imagine once we're on maintenance!

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