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Lives transformed, goals reach

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Default Lives transformed, goals reach

My story with pics can be found here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/over-...#axzz3BheiIb00

I will just add a few key things I found on my journey to health. Insulin matters A LOT. Insulin is a master hormone. When present the body stores fat and walls it off. Many overweight and virtually every obese person is insulin resistant meaning their body needs to produce a lot to get rid of blood sugar. Virtually impossible to lose weight and especially body fat without getting a handle on insulin.

Being a sugar burner versus being fat adapted. I was a sugar burner. My body ran on carbs, and needed them constantly. They are transitory by nature. Gone quickly, my body needed more, hence constantly hungry. We were designed to be fat burners. Quite often humans would go without a meal. Here or there, sometimes a day or more. How many of us could now? It is not something I do often, but I can do it. More importantly I am a fat burner now. Lean, muscular. I lost weight, yes. A huge amount. But I gained muscle.

Epigenetics, the most hopeful word in the English language. You are your future. NOT your genes. Yes genes are important. I may have to keep my carbs under 50 grams a day to avoid diabetes, someone else maybe 150 grams. I might have a greater genetic potential for diabetes. Guess what? I stay under 50 I don't get it. The other person gets it even though they had less genetic potential for it.

Food is medicine and the most powerful on Earth. I'll boil it down: get toxics out of your body and nutrients in. That means no processed, packaged food for us at all. Whole foods will transform your life.

Going gluten free can, beyond words, transform your life. Wheat is no longer wheat. Not even going back just 50 years. It is a dwarf variety. Many people can no longer process it. With the rise of chemicals in food and antibiotics it leads to autoimmunity in many. I get it, central to many people. All I can say is go gluten free for 30 days. No changes? Great, go back. But it might save your life.
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Congratulations on reaching your goal! And thanks for your insight. I am a whole foods believer as well!

Trainer boy challenge #2 (09/11-11/11):

(Trainer boy challenge #1 completed 09/11 - down 23.2 pounds - starting weight 239.8)

New Year's Challenge (09/15-01/01):
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Thanks. The past year, year and half has blown my mind. No calorie counting, no hunger, effortless weight loss, profoundly better health.

Cutting out grains and eating healthy fats, grass fed meat, butter, coconut oil, lard, tallow, avocados, macadamia nuts, etc. everything was just so easy once I did that.

I know cutting out grains is a huge thing for people. I say try 30 days gluten free and then go from there. Most people are so transformed they go from oh this gluten thing is made up to the world's biggest cheerleaders for it.

It is hard to pick what is best: energy, mood, health, weight, no hunger. I just say it is all good.
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Diamond..I hear you loud and clear.I am also eating saturated fats like butter and coconut oil and grass fed beef and lamb.I make bone broths and stews and eat the fat on the meat.
I have been maintaining my weight at 135-138 for 8 months now.I am not as hungry as I was when I ate a lot of carbs and grains.I still do get hungry at mealtime but do not snack between.
I was very low carb,but have added some potato and legumes for some extra carbs.
I really believe the low carb no sugar or grains diet has helped me stay on track.However,I still count calories and keep them down to 1600-1800 per day which is quite possible on this type of food.Your enthusiasm shines through your post.
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Congratulations and you and your wife are looking forward to many years of good health!
My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013
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Congratulations! My husband and I are also practicing the Paleo Lifestyle. Best decision we've ever made. No more weight to lose, but mostly just enjoying the health benefits of the lifestyle. Great job on your journey!
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Thanks. Transformation is the best way I can describe it. Weight loss sure. But that was a side effect of healing my gut bacteria, my mitochondria, my insulin, leaky gut, appetite hormones.

That is what Primal eating did for me and my wife.
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Hi Diamondegog ( sp.?) I'm really glad I read your post which led me to looking at Mark's Daily Apple and the huge amount of information on that site. I have been resolved since this past June ( & when I joined 3 FC to gain insight / support) to get into a good weight loss plan and WOE. I feel drawn to your WOE as I also have some but not a lot of history of diabetes on my mother's side. Congrats on you and your wife's success and quality of life--- so awesome!
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