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Goal! Have you reached your goal? Share your success story and celebrate your victory!

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One day at a time
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Default 157 lbs GONE! Lost HALF My Body Weight! (Before & After Pics & Video)

Hi Guys! Here's my goal story!

Age: 39
Height: 5’7”
Before Weight: 315
After Weight: 157
Total Lost: 157 (half my body weight!)

When I was in my early 20s my mom was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) I moved home to become her primary caregiver for three years until she passed away. Taking care of her and then losing her had a devastating effect on me. I started to cope in really bad ways, overeating, drinking to excess and smoking a pack a day. After 10 years of coping with food I topped the scales at 315 pounds.

I decided I needed to make a drastic change when I realized that I couldn’t be an active mom to my then 3 year old son. I couldn’t run around with him at the park or get down on the ground and play with him at home. I realized that I needed to make some significant life changes if I wanted to be around and see him grow up.

It all started with a bet with a coworker to see who could lose 40 pounds faster. I signed up for a sprint triathlon to keep me on track and help motivate me to add exercise to my weight loss program. By the time that first sprint triathlon came around I had lost 80 pounds. I did it slowly. By switching out full fat items for lower fat, by eating lots of protein, by cutting out empty calories like alcohol. I lost less than a pound a week. It was frustrating at times because I wanted it NOW! But I eventually learned that slow & steady wins the race. That first triathlon was life altering for me. It gave me the belief that anything is possible and that if I kept doing what I was doing I could continue to lose weight and get fit. I fell in love with triathlon and continued signing up for more and more races. I was hooked. Over the past few years I’ve completed 1 10k, 2 half marathons, 4 sprint triathlons, 3 olympic distance triathlons, 3 half-Ironman triathlons and 2 full Ironmans (IM Louisville 2010 and IM Canada 2011)

I’m currently trying to win a slot into the 2012 Ironman World Championships in Kona through the Kona Inspired program. The Ironman folks are giving away a handful of slots to inspirational athletes who best embody the mantra “Anything is Possible” I’ve uploaded a short 90 second video that chronicles my huge life changes here (lots of before & after pics!):


Racing at the Ironman World Championships would be a dream come true and would be the exclamation point on my weight loss journey. If you’re feeling inspired please click “Vote for this” under the video to the left and share with others who need inspiration in their weight loss journeys! (you can vote once per day through July 4th 2012)

I really believe there are no quick fixes. It takes daily dedication and attention to nutrition and creating an active life. But if you do that, Amazing change is possible!



Lots more before & Afters here:


Just remember to keep moving forward and you'll get there too!


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Holy macaroni! You look awesome! And to compete in the Ironman World Championships, wow, that would be amazing! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

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Wow. Just WOW. I am utterly AMAZED with you! Such an inspring story, and a true journey that you have obviously worked very hard to accomplish.

Good luck! You deserve to in in Kona!

GOAL Photos & Story
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One day at a time
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S/C/G: 315/157/157

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Thanks for the kind words and support guys! This forum is so great for amazing supportive folks!
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Really Doing
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I voted. Wow, you are a complete inspiration. Keep it up and I hope you make it into Kona. You absolutely deserve it. What a beautiful woman you are!
Do not let who you are hinder who you want to be.

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You look fantastic....thanks so much for sharing your story!!! And, I voted for you too.

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You are such an inspiration! I totally voted for you!
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I voted for you! This was such an amazing story.. so inspiring. I've started a running program myself recently and I was starting to lose hope that at 300 pounds+ I wasn't meant to be a runner but you've inspired me to get out there again - thank you thank you thank you for sharing your story.
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Voted! Congratulations on all of your successes! Good luck in the voting. I am subscribing to this thread so that hopefully I will remember to vote daily!

Good Luck!

Highest weight: 325 2/5/2012
Mini-goals #1: under 300 - 298.3 on 2/29/2012 (reward: new set of kitchen knives)... #2: 275 - 274.8 on 5/18/2012 (reward: hiking supplies for my dogs)... #3: 250 - 250.7 on 8/15/2012 (reward: a new puppy)... #4: 215 (wedding weight in 1993) - ... #5: Onederland - ... #6: 175 - ... #7: 150 -
Final goal: 125 (my highschool weight and the weight I was when I entered the military) -
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Wow!!! You are amazing and such an inspiration. Good luck with the Kona, I know you will be there! (I voted for you)
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Oh congrats!!This story is very inspirational. Voting now, you deserve a spot in it. Good luck .
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Starting over...again!
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I voted!!!!! You are amazing! Well done!!!!!!!
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and awesome job on the weight loss and tris!!!
It's about commitment, not motivation.
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Voted! And wow is about all I can say as I look at these pics How hugely inspiring!!
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