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Goal! Have you reached your goal? Share your success story and celebrate your victory!

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You look gorgeous! Way to be an inspiration to everyone here and to take charge of your life!
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Pretty harmless really...
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Hey CC,
Great job!
Welcome to maintenance-land!
I'm hanging on TIGHT cruising down the maintenance highway, and hoping not to de-rail!
MAINTAINER with 10 + years experience under my belt!
~ Wendalyn
*Diets make you look good in clothes, but exercise & weightlifting make you look good naked! ~true dat!
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Congratulations! You did it!! You should be so proud of yourself! Enjoy!!
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Back to Basics!
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Originally Posted by 1girlsjourney View Post
I forgot to mention that my weight gain started with infertility stuff too--several failed treatments including 2 failed IVFs, then bed rest during my one and only pregnancy.
Those hormones are awful! I am incredibly thankful for my 2 babies, but they just wreak havoc on you.

GOAL Photos & Story
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Back to Basics!
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Originally Posted by ashkunc View Post
Thank you for sharing your story!! So Inspirational!! Congratulations...you look great and I like to hear that you didn't take any shortcuts, just hard work, working out, and watching your calories. Just curious--when you were losing weight, about how many calories were you eating a day and how often were you working out? Did you limit carbs/sugar or just rely mostly on calroie counting? I have about 40 lbs to lose and trying to find the best plan for me! Right now I am doing Wonderslim and eating a lean meal for dinner (meat & veggies). Any tips or things that worked best for you would be helpful to all of us!!
I limited fat and just generally avoided sugary foods, b/c I have a huge sensitivity to foods always tasting overly-sweet. I joined my YMCA and they have an online site where you can track your calories, track workouts, etc. Very similar to other calorie counters 3FC members use. I liked this one, b/c after I put my foods in for the day, it told me my breakdown of fat/carbs/protein. I aimed for 20% fat, 30% protein and 50% carbs. I didn't hit it exactly everyday, but I was pretty close.

In the beginning I worked out 4-6 times a week, usually for 20-30 minutes. I was badly out of shape and I knew from previous attempts that being too gung-ho in the beginning always hurt me in the end. After the first month or so, I could feel myself getting stronger, so I would walk longer, add inclines, tried cardio classes, etc. I found that I love to go for long bike rides in my neighborhood, especially in nice weather. Very peaceful.

It was interesting, and simultaneously confusing, to see that as the months went on, I required more calories and could sustain less workouts. My body was using up it's fat stores. So now I eat approx. 1800/day to MAINTAIN, and although I work-out 3-4 times a week, each of those is usually very high impact and hardcore. I really bust it out, and now I am at the point where I find myself disappointed if my cardio class wasn't insane.

YOU CAN DO THIS! Find support. Real support, not just kind words. Whether it is a workout buddy, supportive family, etc. You are probably going to want to quit. We all do. I can't tell you how many times my hubby just sat patiently and listened to me moan about how much it sucks, yadda, yadda. I would vent and then get right back to it.

GOAL Photos & Story
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Great work little miss! ...its almost scary, but our bodies are virtually identical! Congrats!! Enter the fun that is maintenance
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WOW! WOW! WOW! Congratulations! You should be SO proud of yourself for your accomplishment. I do not know what a Mommy Doughnut is, but I sure didn't see one in your photos. You look healthy, toned, and happy.

You're an inspiration!
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Girlie Makin Changes
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Congrats! You're truly an inspiration, your kids will be proud of their mum

A dancing carrot for every 2 kilos (5 pounds) lost, to make you smile

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... and a piece of toast.
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WOW!!! You look uber fantastic! Congratulations on achieving your goal and thank you for posting your pics. Can't tell you how much inspiration they give me (and I'm sure others). I was concerned that I"d start munching tonight . . . if I start to feel that urge I'm going to remember your pics and stay strong. WTG!
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Amazing!! You look fantastic! Really a great example of setting your mind to something and accomplishing it. I like the idea of the 100 day challenge, I might steal it.
Smiley for every 5 pounds!

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WOW!! Congrats on your amazing success! You look wonderful. Your story is great motivation.
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OMG....You look absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I am speechless. This was so inspiring. Congrats on the hard work...Big KUDOS...you really deserve it.

Welcome to my crazy life.....http://theythatweight.blogspot.com/

A City Girl's Guide to Faith, Weight and Sanity
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Run, run, run!
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Great job! You look fit and super happy!
1. Achieve healthy BMI
2. Complete first triathlon
3. Run the QCM Marathon
4. Wear a bikini with confidence
5. Eliminate binge eating

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Congrats on reaching your goal! I absolutely love your bikini. Where did you get it? You make me want to try Zumba. I have it offered at my gym but I never get around to trying it.
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My goal = health
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You look incredible! LOL on the mama doughnut, but I've met women who successfully got rid of it over the years. Good Luck!
Back to the forum after baby #5!
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3rd mini goal -15%
There is a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it!

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