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Default 140 pound weight loss maintained for 9+ years

I'm sonja.....I have struggled with weight like all of us for all of my life. This was my third try. First I lost 85 lbs. Then 100. Lastly (and I hope it will be lastly) 140 pounds. I did it with WW. Everyone assumes gastric or lapband. It took me nearly 3 years with an 8 month plateau. I want everyone to know that I did NOT exercise. I made that choice and continue to do so. I am so wrapped up in focusing on my food, I think that's enough.

I have had 7 plastic surgeries to remove excess skin. Oh, btw, I'm 53. And I was well over 300 pounds. I am 5 ft 8.

I work at this every day and I mean every day. I am an avid cruiser. While losing my weight, I was on 5 cruises. I did not deviate. Now, my goal is when I go on a cruise, not to get sick. I believe this is an eating disorder. That's my personal belief. I have not binged for years and I believe that is due to prozac and how it works on serotonin levels....

I am not like any one else. I do not eat when I'm hungry. I do not stop when I am full. My internal cues stopped working years ago. I eat because it is time to eat. Portion control. That's how I know how much to eat.

I do not believe it gets easier, but that's my story. I have so much to say on this subject I could talk forever!

So after reading so many wonderful stories and getting so much good information from this site...i wanted to pay it forward and share my story.

Warmest regards,

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That so wonderful!!! Big congratulations to you.
I think a lot of obesity is psychological... I will eat when I am not hungry
also - just because its meal time, or something looks good. And the meal is
not over until the plate is empty and then I have to have dessert. If I am happy I eat, sad I eat, bored I eat. "Normal" people do not do that.
Hopefully as time goes on I can work on becoming more normal with food.
I have been known to binge...and I'm on prozac. Oh well LOL. Your loss is so wonderful and whats even better is seeing that you have maintained it for so long.
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That is what I call willpower!!! I am so proud of you!
I understand when you say you only eat when is time to eat and not when you feel like it.
I also don't know how to realize when I am hungry... If I could I would eat all the time, regardless of hunger or fullness. If I see, smell or know there is food around I HAVE to eat it! And if I don't it is because I am holding myself back (just like you it is a daily battle for me).
I am at the point where I can control myself on weekdays, when everything I do is planned. But when weekend comes with social events and delicious food display everywhere, I lose control of myself. That's why I give you so much credit for keeping on plan even when going in a cruise, where there is temptation 24/7.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It gives me hope that someday I will be able to take control over food for good!
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Congratulations! You're doing Great!
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Congratulations on the weight loss and maintenance. I definitely know how you feel with the internal cues not working. My body doesn't tell me that I'm "full". It tells me that my stomach is going to explode if I eat another bite, though, in the form of feeling nauseated from eating too much. My body always tells me that I'm hungry, though. I can eat to the point of nausea and then feel my stomach start growling and thoughts of hunger consume my thoughts within half an hour. It's scary, to be honest. I, too, rely on portion control and designated "meal times" to lose this weight. I am hoping that the habit of eating at certain times overrides my old habits of eating.....constantly. Thanks for your inspiration - you are showing me that people like me CAN lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!!!
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Fanfriggintastic! Congrats!!
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So inspirational! Stories like yours keep me going!
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good job
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Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love how frank you are.
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Hopefully we'll see pics soon?

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I can't tell you how much I appreciated what you shared. I know that I am an emotional eater. I never thought much about the hunger and fullness factors though as I just ate. You're right though there is no internal factor that tells me I am no longer hungry. I think my whole family focuses on food and when we get together its like everyone is trying to present the most delicious dish possible with no regard to how much fat or how many calories. I think they are like offerings to the alter of obsession. I think my mother loved us with food. I loved my children with food and I've loved myself and my husband with food all my life. I think I learned from you that the only thing I can count on is portion control and timing. I also need to stay away from sugar and salty snacks as they are recipes for disaster for me. Thank you so much.
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Wow! Congratulations on your huge loss! It is so motivating to hear that you lost all that weight on WW by using portion control. Thanks for sharing your story. There is hope for all of us! I don't believe in the surgery either, and way to go again. I am really happy for you.

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Wow great job. i wish i had that much self control. 140 pounds is a great success. i hope your very proud of youself and as you should be. not many people can lose weight AND keep it off.

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