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Default Can't believe i made Goal!

Well i think i've been there for a few months but had to accept the loose, saggy skin as part of goal!

Lost roughly 100 lbs although did it without a scale until just recently, just basically went by clothing size.

I'm almost 51 and have CFS/Fibro so hopefully it's an encouragement to those in that age group and those with disabilities i started in June 2011 at probably around 260 and weighed in at 172 at a neighbors house around i guess August of 2012 and had been at that weight probably for a few months i'm guessing. Cleaned her house around November and weighed in around the same. She moved and i confiscated her scale about 3 weeks ago and was surprised that i weighed about 160 And of course i'm at the size i was when i was in my 20's (which is a small size 12 although my dimensions are sure different! Flatter butt and much bigger stomach!!).

I did it by basically finding out the calorie count of foods and trying in the beginning to keep everything around 1,300. i have since long stopped calorie counting but eat roughly the same things every day (healthy and low calorie and relatively lower carb) but Fridays is a free for all. For some reason i am able in maintenance to eat probably 4,000 calories and then i immediately reign it in for the rest of the week and i STILL lost those last 12 lbs that way. I try to exercise daily with cardio and also a bit of free weights but i'm not able to do lots of it because of my CFS but i certainly do what i can!

The most frustrating thing is the loose saggy abdomen and everywhere else is slim and also i'll post a face pic as i have lamented many times on the board how i am kind of shocked at how my face has changed and it's taking a LOT to get used to it, it's kind of scary to me how slim it is and how i'm grappling with it (and aging) but i'm keeping everything real here.

I started taking pics when i had already lost a size, sorry i don't have any good one's of me how i really looked at my heaviest.

(sorry for all the MASSIVE pics, ugh!! )

this was probably 15 or so lbs before goal of 160


and here's what i mean about how lean my face has become, trying HARD to get used to it :\

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Congratulations! You look amazing!!
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Gorgeous!! Congrats!
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You look fantastic! Congratulations!!! And that has to be a typo - no way you are 51.

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wow, you look great! 51??? You seriously look like you're in your 20s!
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I want to feel better
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there is no way you are 51! Congratulations on your weight loss, you look beautiful!
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Way to go!!!! You look GREAT!!!!

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You look absolutely incredible! Great job! I can't believe you did it without a scale!

A for every 10 lbs lost!

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You are beautiful in the both the before and after! You just look much healthier now. Thanks for being a role model for the 50+. I hope this is the best decade of your life.
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You look Great congratulations on your success ,you deserve to be soo proud of yourself!

Great job,Roo2:carrot
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there is no way you are 51!!!! You look like someone in their 20s
Congratulations on your weight loss!

One for every five pounds lost!
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Do you mean you are 5'1" because there is no way you are 51! You look amazing! I think your face is beautiful!
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You are and always were GORGEOUS. I cannot believe your age. I refuse lol

ONE for every TEN:
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You look super!

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