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Old 07-21-2001, 11:19 PM   #1
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Question Herbalife


I just conducted a search on this website regarding the Herbalife program. In a nutshell, I just purchased the Ultimate program which includes the notorious green/biege pills, fat-blocker, cellulose, etc. I am really concerned about the fact that this product contains ephedra. However, after reading as much as I can, I think I'm going to still give it a try. I have lost and regained on Jenny Craig, WW"s, Atkins, etc. I have tried them all. This is my first meal replacement plan. I have a few questions.

Does anyone know if any deaths or serious ailments have been attributed to Herbalife? Has anyone tried the green pills that do NOT contain ephedra? Is this product as effective as the pills which contain ephedra or does it slow down weight loss? What is this product called..is this the "green" pill as opposed to the "original green" pills which is what I have? Does anyone know of a message board for those who are on the herbalife program? Thanks.

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Default The other side

I am a former Herbalife distributor who lost nothing but a lot of money and a lot of customers. I do agree with the last poster on one thing, if you do find a message board and everyone sways to one end on the opinions, you won't get the full story. I am sure there are people who have tried every product out there that hated the product and just as many that found success. I wasn't afraid of Herbalife at all especially the Ephedra. I have had lots of good results with Ephedra products and actually had my doctor to suggest what I am currently using. I have lost 52 pounds this past year and haven't had any side effects. I couldn't stand the taste of the shakes and the tea mixtures were gross. I tried to hide it in everything my upline could suggest and it never worked. My upline bailed on me and left me trying to stand at it alone with my down line. I had to just end it all and end up in huge debt which I still haven't recovered from. You might find a forum under the fitness scams but I guess it would mostly be negative hype as well. I wish you luck by the way because I certainly don't want to see anyone else lose their money.

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Thanks so much both of you for the words. I really needed them. I figure that I will give this a shot and see what happens. I just don't want to do a nything at the expense of my health. I started the program today and have decided to see how I feel. If I fell the least bit discomfort, I will ask my distributor to switch me to the green pills without the Ephedra.

By the way..what does "upline" and "downline" mean?

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Default answer

Upline are the people who recruited me as a distributor and the downline are the ones that I had gotten into the business. I lost a lot of friends during that time. I hope this explains a bit.

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that guy is full of it. thetres a TON of ephedra in there! something like 100-150mg per pill if im not mistaken. i use 2 take them. herbalife is designed that if you go off, YOU REGAIN THE WEIGHT.
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I used to work with 3 women who did Herbalife until one of them went to the doctor and told the doctor she was on it and he told her to stop immediately. He showed her documentation of people who ended up developing problems from the ephedra (i assume). Heart arythmias, stomach disorders, and something else (can't remember).

Just be careful with the product and let your doctor know you are on it so he can help monitor you.

Good luck.
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Old 07-24-2001, 10:12 PM   #7
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Default LOL!!!

I was also a distributor and Herbalife is just junk.It tastes absolutley horrible and I have never found a person who didn't have to plug their nose.It is going to end up costing you A LOT of money and in reality you will lose just as much on weight watchers.

There low carb is LOW CARB LOW LOW FAT!LOW LOW TASTE!!What a joke!

Herbalife distributors are the most banned of any type of distributors on all message boards because they will do ANYTHING to sell you the product and have no shame
I just advise you don't think its the only answer.Its by far nothing magical.They will also tell you if you.... say....use slimfast as shakes instead they say "your losing muscle".What a load of bull.I did slimfast and lost 2 times the weight and loved the shakes and only gained weight back after pigging out for weeks on end.With herbalife I gained every inch back in 2 weeks when I went on vacation.That was eating healthy.You want herbalife...Take a water pill, A multi vitamin,appetite surpressant and drink shakes.

I have heard it all from other distributors who had no idea I had been one and it made me sick the lies they were telling me to buy it

Also on the ephedra.Yes its dangerous.The green and beige stop working and you have to add more and more.Thats not from me thats from MY old distributor who illegally brought them to canada.Theres something.....LOTS of Herbalife products are banned here!Hmmm......

YES I am bitter.Bitter that they are such liars!!

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Yes ephedra is dangerous! It is also hidden under the names ephedrine/Siberian Ginseng/Ma Huang!
It causes heart palpitations and even stroke-and yes there is a doctor in the house, as well as a nurse, and an ex-bodybuilder in my family!
This is the same ingredient sold in the gas station convenience store "speeders" ! It was never intended for use as a diet supplement, it was originally supposed to be an asthma medication in very small amounts-but some idiot found out your metabolism so they started putting it in everything!
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Exclamation Not to mention...$$$

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, in Herbalife products that you can't get cheaper (MUCH cheaper) somewhere else anyway, including your local Walgreens or the net...

If you MUST take ephedra products, isn't it better to spend, say $15 for a bottle rather than megabuck$??

Multi-vitamins you can get generically for a tiny fraction of the cost of what they're selling (20/20 did an expose of vitamin claims and found that the expensive vitamins were no better than the cheap ones!!!). I get mine at Trader Joes for about $7.00 for 250 tablets...

This goes for the gamut of products sold through MLM distributors in general. They all say they have the BIG SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS but all they are doing is selling the same stuff with different window dressing...

Snake-oil, just like the salesman in the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales"....

As far as the "35 million people can't be wrong" old Herbalife saying - how many of those 35 million people kept taking the products after a few months?? And out of those 35,000,000 how many actually LOST WEIGHT AND KEPT IT OFF?? Hmmm?? Of course, you have no stats on that. (and I suppose the untold millions of tobacco users can't be wrong either??)

We all have to be aware of the fact that the snake-oil salesmen are out there in droves - they know that most of us would try ANYTHING for the chance to lose weight. Even the most practical, the most skeptical of us can be taken in by slick advertising and bogus "Before-and-after" photos...

Just couldn't resist adding my two cents here...
Mrs. Jim
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*Maintenance = LIVING.
Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.

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Angry go, Mrs Jim!

unless you have major health problems, there is no reason to run scared from ephedra. on the other hand, HerbaLife is probably THE most expensive way to get it. read up on ECA (ephedra/caffeine/aspirin) stacking, and stay well within the suggested doses.
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Old 08-03-2001, 04:57 AM   #11
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I also am a old herbal life taker.. it is true you have to take more and more of those green pills.. at first they work great but it is true you soon have to double the dose adn then triple it to get any results... then when you go off the pounds pole on..even when you are still counting calories for no reason it just comes back..the pills just seem to quit working after you are on them a while .. I was even told to stop takeing them for ten days and restart them to get them to start working again.. I was on the old formula this was about ten years ago when they first came out.. I sold many many bottles of them.. Them you have all these customers Mad because they look to you for answers to why they have to take more and more of this product..Then Why they are gaining back the weight after they have spent lots of money to be on this program.. you ask the company, all you get is tell them to take more of the green and biege pills....
all I can say is Good Luck.
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Old 08-04-2002, 12:44 PM   #12
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HI! Herbalife user here! I LOVE the products. But Like many posters note it is BEST to avoid ephedra/ma huang. I do not take the Green pill -- I take the refreshed green which is void of stimulants.

I knwo many women and men who use herbalife and LOVE it.

Their products are comparable to EAS (Body for Life plan products), price and ingredients. I know this for fact b.c my husbadn is a bodybuilder and will ONLY use EAS. He and I have compared ingredients extensively.

ANyhow - the Herbalife makeup (designed by a former Estee Lauder chemist) and health products are Out Of This Wordl!

But definitely avoid their products which contain Ephedra (the Green Pills...and I think the Tea).

I mostly use the Shakes and vitamins. I used them throughout my pregnancy as well - and my Dr. commented numerous times on my health being excellet.

I think all the arguments above are valid. But too many people think Herbalife is METABOLIFE - two different products!!

Just my humble opinion!!


start date: 6/23 5'5" 190lbs.
Goal: 50pound loss to weigh 140

I found this quote in First Place, I think it will keep me motivated; I just wanted to share it:

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have recieved from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body (1 Cor. 6:19,20).
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