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Default Intuitive Eating

Well, here I am after about 6 months of trying WW, a few months of calorie counting, Atkins, Slimfast, and many of my own diet concoctions that seemed to make sense but didn't work, I'm fed up!! I have ended up heavier than I was orginally when I thought I wanted to drop around 20lbs. Now I need to lose around 40. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking any of these programs. I know some of these are sound, healthy programs, and that's why time and time again, after every binge and cheat I went back to them. But something inside of me has just given up. I am getting no where, I am worse off then when I orginally started. A friend of mine mentioned a book called Intuitive Eating. More than anything it emphasizes giving up dieting (and lifestyle changes, if their not working) and just listen to your body. Give yourself free reign to eat and enjoy it. Get rid of the guilt and negatives when it comes to food. Initially, this may turn you upside down when you get on the scale. But I have nothing left to lose (actually too much left to loose). I am going to try to just live healthfully. Sounds too simple, I know. But there isn't a plan out there that has made a change for me. I know I am not alone. I know that I am not bad or I lack willpower because I can't stick to anything. My mind looks at food the way it never should. That needs to be fixed or I'll never be thinner. Wish me luck!!!
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Good luck, livein!

I have been trying, too. Recently I started on Deepak Chopra's book Perfect Weight and it involves a lot of listening to your own body. It seems to be working; I've lost 13 pounds including the 5 I gained on WW. Oddly, it's easier for me to stay closer to the WW program now than it was when I was trying WW. I know WW is a good program but I think I've found that it is the lack of intuitive eating that is making me fat, not the food choices I make. It is great to be able to pinpoint the problem and choose the right plan from there.

I'll have to check out you book. Meanwhile, all you lurkers, perhaps a little support for livein?
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Hi livein, I've been reading books by Geneen Roth w/ similar concepts. It has been wonderful. Her ideas have given me ways to start the healing process in myself concerning food and some other things as well. You might be interested in a thread in Support called "Non diet approach ..." A new thread is started each week w/ a different exercise to help you focus. It has been a great help to me.

I hope to see you soon there or here.

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Default I found a website

that really hit home with me. It is sfwed.com It is something fishy website for eating disorders. Oh, man.I found me in compulsive overeater and in binge eating disorder. I have been anorexic and I have been bulimic. Whew!Maybe now that I have had them all, I will get better. Anyway, I haven't read the Intuitive Eating book that you talk of. I probably will now. I have read all of the Breaking Free books by Geneen Roth. Repeatedly. If you get the opportunity, these are wonderful books. The first time I read Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, it struck home when she said the first step to breaking free is to eat only when you are hungry. I am assuming that Intuitive Eating is the same concept. Ya know, I was able to do it for a little while. Then my resolve crumbled. In fact, everything crumbled. I am fortunate that I only have 45 pounds to lose at this point in time. I have managed to take off six pounds this last two weeks. I am corresponding with a lady in California that has now lost 41 or her 80 pounds. I have been there every step of the way with her. Support is a MAJOR factor, I think for all of us. She is catching up to my weight and I have kind of decided that if I don't get on the ball, she is gonna by pass me! LOL! No , really, listening to her tell me everyday how she has walked and what she has eaten , etc. has really been motivating. I know that I have talked about everything here.Sorry. I just think that it takes a hundred different programs for a hundred different people to lose weight. If Intuitive Eating is a program that you can use and make work, then use it and get some support (what better place than where you are reading this!). I have decided that I am going to search until I find all of the support I need. I am 5'3" tall and weigh 160 pounds. Soooo far to go. But, I had pretty much given up on eating healthy and losing this weight about 4 years ago. My desire has been sparked again. You keep searching and reading and reaching out until you find the support that you need. Find someone to hook up with, even me, and you can do this. Let us know how IE is working for you!!! You Go!!
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