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Default frustrated

i posted this in the support forum but i wasn't sure how many responses i would get there, so i'm trying here too

i was vegetarian for about 5 years. i was doing fine but then started gaining weight, which i think had to do with the fact that i replaced the meat with lots of dairy and highly processed junk. i started eating meat again recently and have been low carbing off and on for the past few months. however, i can't shake the feeling of guilt. i look at nutritional info for things that i would consider healthy, like grilled chicken, and see all the fat and cholesterol in it and it makes me feel very gross and unhealthy. in my head i just can't justify eating lots of meat and cheese and few veggies and fruits and calling it healthy. the weight loss is fast the first couple weeks but always slows down. i would like to become vegetarian again, maybe even vegan and eat lots of fruits and veggies, but i don't want the weight loss to stop and i'm scared that it not only will but that i will gain weight back when i add back in the carbs. what do you guys think i should do? thanks so much
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Hi modestmouse!

I personally have issues myself with low carb dieting as well. I simply cannot do it, and don't think that a lot of low carb eaters eat very healthful. I guess a lot of calorie counters are that way as well...I am a calorie counter, but I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, soymilk, and very lean meats like white meat turkey and fish. I do eat a lot of vegetarian meals as well-but am not vegetarian, obviously. I skip meat at some meals for health reasons.

My main issues with how some dieters low carb that I have issues with, is that low carb eating can be okay-if you are eating plenty of lean chicken, fish, and leafy vegetables. The problem is that a lot of low carbers are eating steak, bacon and eggs, and all of the heavily processed products like the low carb fake cereal bars and such...which to me, is NOT healthy. There are also calorie counters that can stay within their calorie guidelines, but end up going all day eating a salad and a dozen sugar free fudgesicles.

I guess my view is, if you are going to calorie count, or carb count, or whatever plan you decide to go on...that it is very important to do it healthfully. Just because you are allowed to have diet sodas (calorie AND carb free) does that mean that you should drink 6 each day instead of water? I am a definite advocate for looking at the nutritional value of foods...and how they fuel the body. I just don't see the nutrition in the low fat Pop-Tarts if you are calorie counting or using your carbs on steak sauce rather than vegetables if you are low carbing. Just because you can legally fit it into the diet plan doesn't mean it is the healthiest choice.

If you are not comfortable with the low carb diets-which I am not, and it sounds like you are not either-then go back to calorie counting and even being vegetarian if that is what you prefer. Just because it seems low carbing is all the rage now-it doesn't mean you have to follow suit-I sure didn't. Besides-I love leafy greens, and all of the fresh produce that is in season right now to give it up and all of their health benefits!

There are some wonderful resources on this website and on the forum here. In the Alternachicks forum there is a Veggie Chicks section for vegetarians, and there are a few calorie counter groups here in the general diet plans section. You are more than welcome to join any of us. If you do decide to low carb...I just hope that you take the high road and make better choices-egg whites, lean chicken and fish, and plenty of the allowed vegetables and berries....rather than the processed low carb products and high fat meats.

Either way, good luck to you!

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