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one day at a time
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Unhappy Help me help myself

I have been overweight all my life. I remember always being bigger than all the other girls. The first to develop. I was teased all the time. I hated school. I had friends. But now at 28 years of age, I have hardly any friends. Maybe it is because I don't like ME. I hate the sight of myself in a mirror. I have had 2 wonderful, beautiful kids. And I can not even play with them at the playground because I am too fat to run around and play tag. I get out of breath just running up six stairs. I am ashamed of myself. I have a wonderful, younger boyfriend ( I divorced the kids father about 2 years ago). My boyfriend is great. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am. But all I see is FAT. I have tried everything. Starving myself, throwing up, pills, diet, exercise. I work full-time in a very demanding (physically) job. At the end of a day I want rest. What can I do to lose weight. I am not just a little overweight. I am 5ft3 and weigh 190lbs. My highest weight ever. My lowest weight was after the birth of my last child 3 years ago. I weighed 160lbs. My goal weight is to be about 140lbs. I know it is attainable. I need to try. Maybe chatting with others who know what I am going through will help. Anyone who wants to, please feel free to email me. I know they say not to give it out because of spam email. I already get alot, so what the heck. Its [email protected] Thanks for any help!
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I know were your coming from. When i look in the mirror all i see is a FAT person the cant push themself away from the table. People tell me im pretty all the time, yet i dont see it. I wish you the best of luck, you can do anything you put your mind to. If you would like we could be buddys in losing weight, its hard but I need someone that knows what im going through and what i have gone through growing up.
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Default Hello ladies...

I'm glad that someone responded to your original message. Wow, I couldn't believe the lack of support you got here. I think it's the way this board is setup - not because people are ignoring you.

I must admit, and I have felt fat and look fat, but can't say that I feel as badly about myself as your self image. I truely feel bad for you.

You have 2 children, and that alone makes you a very lucky lady. And, you have a wonderful boy friend from the sounds of it. Another thing to be happy about, right! Now, take all the good feelings that those things bring to your life - and take another look in the mirror. You have to see something good. Since you wrote here - your ready to make a change. Yes, you make be 190 lbs now and it's not impossible to lose 50 lbs. Yes, it would be quite an accomplishment - but truely not impossible.

Don't do what I have done for the past 3-4 years. I kept trying to diet and thought I was doing good and each year I would just gain more weight. Take baby steps to get you started.

Good Luck...
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I might not have been teased for being fat in school, but I was still teased so I still can say I've been there. My weight problem didnt start until after I gave birth. It still probably was destined because obesity runs in the family. I have about 30 more pounds that I NEED to lose, but I'll take 15 or 20. I've lost 15 already and I've wanted to give up...like everyday. So it'll be okay, there will be days when you've given it your all and then you step on the scale and you have gained 2 or 3 pounds. But it will be ok.. dont give up.
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Hi, first of all you got to learn to love your self. we have to change us.. start praying and give it to God. I tell you till i did this i was in same boat. we cannot do it ourselves. He has to be the one there to help us.. I started a going to my bible daily and it was included in my eating plan. Now i am not preaching this is just what helped me. i had to change me and love me... so good luck to you. take it slow. hey you got alot to be thankful for. there is always someone worse off then us. I look at each day in a positive mood. when i get up i think of 10 good things in my life. then that helps me stay on positive side. oh i am not perfect by no means. i am still working on this. as i use to think oh so much negative. but then i heard hey be thankful for what is and change me. i did this just the pass weeks and believe me its helped. take it slow. i eat what i want now. but if i want something sweet or so i allow for. i eat smaller portions. exercise. now start out slow. if your tired. just stand in place for 5 minutes then do it for awhile. you will be surprised as how you will want to add to that. then drink your water and watch portions. i use to have that measure cup out and measured everything. alot of help on the boards. love my online friends. another good site is www.diettalk.com to go to .. alot go to www.prevention.com so there all over and people there to help you.. LaDean
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