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Default Use Negative Images for Motivation

I know most motivational material advise us to use positive images and examples as a motivator, but negative images seem to work better for me. For example, my sister's doctor kept postponing my sister's surgery because she wanted my sister to lose weight. My sister was in terrible pain from fibroid tumors for quite some time. I've also had fibroid problems and don't want to have my sister's experience. Also, I recently started a new job that requires a fair amount of airline travel. I would be horrified if my employer had to pay for an extra ticket for me (if I hadn't started dieting I could have been at that point). I also feel as hounded about being overweight as smokers must feel about their cigarettes. Are any of you like me--motivated by the negatives more than the positives?
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not so much as motivated by it but understand that i do pay attention to them.....

I also have "fat" pictures of me hung on the refridgerator so that when I open the fridge I see them.... I even have one inside the fridge....
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oh my goodness...Boy do I ever do this... all the time...I think it is a daily thing for me. I kinda see it as worry..worry...worry!..Does it motivate me everyday to stay on plan?...NO!..You would think so...but no!..I start out thinking about my plans for the day?..then the negative images start flowing..such as if we are going to dinner with friends/family..I worry.."oh no..will the chair be big enough..with the booth be to tight..will I get a really big bruise on my hip again?..If I ride in someone else's car.."Does this seat go back more..Will I be able to sit is this car?"...My newest daily worry...having been trying to conceive for 12 months.."If I become pregnant..will I have a horrible, scary pregnancy.."Will I have to have a c-section and have terrible complications such as infection from the surgery?"

Gee...Seems like all this worry would turn in to MOTIVATION..gee maybe it will...Never really thought/looked at it this way?..

Maybe if we try to start thinking of positive motivations more..that might help. Such as being able to shop in any store for clothes we want...this is a really big deal with me since I can only shop in two stores currently!!
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Lots of people say you should think about something like a high school class reunion and how they'd all react when they saw the new skinny you. Nice positive image. Me, I have experience with negative imagery.

About 6 months before my HS class reunion, I saw an old classmate who asked if I was going to when it was time for the reunion. I'd lost about 40 lbs. at that time and she was telling me how great I looked and how I would "wow" them at the reunion. (I was very much overweight all through high school.)

Anyway, by 6 months later, I'd fallen off the wagon, regained all the weight and then some. And then the reunion invitation arrived. And all I could picture was this old classmate having been in touch with some other old classmates and telling them how "they should see Jello now cuz she's lost so much weight and looks so good" and then I go waddling into the reunion, bigger than ever before.

I didn't go.

I don't want that to ever happen again....
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Actually, I am one of those rare fat people who fights for the right to look fat. I am not saying you should be satisfied with your weight just comfortable in your skin in the beginning or else you won't be happy when you are at goal. I am BIG time into positive so I never think of negative. I too have a before pic on the fridge but right beside it a pic of how far I have come to spur me on even more. Don't let the negativity factor play too big of a part in your weight loss!

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Hi Everyone,

I was walking with my track buddies the other day and once I got warmed up, I took off my sweatshirt. I had a memory flash of another weight loss adventure when, for the first time in my life, I was able to tie the arms of my sweatshirt around my waist and finish the walk. That is the image I have conjured up when I feel tempted to go off plan. It was the greatest feeling and I want it again.

Although I do wonder if it might be easier just to grow longer arms...

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