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Default How often do you weigh yourself?

I'm only about a week in. I've never weighed myself more than once a quarter, sometimes only at a doctor's appointment. Since last week it has been every day.

I'm noticing lots of fluctuations, from 1-7 lbs down from my high water mark and I'm not sure what to put or if I should have even updated my ticker with today's weight.

I'm wondering, how often should I weigh myself? Daily seems pointless. So, once a week? Once a fortnight?

Bear in mind that my "diet plan" is modest, I have just reduced what I eat and cut out some things. I expect that I will lose maybe 1-2 lbs a week. So if I fluctuate 7 lbs, does that really mean once a month is better?
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Once a month sounds good. I think sometimes frequent weighing is necessary for staying honest and accountable. If you're they type who doesn't need that to stay on plan, then I don't think there's much of a need to weigh often.

I lost more than 60% of my weight loss before I started weighing regularly.

My scale just broke and I'm probably not going to replace it anytime soon. I'm committed to the right behaviors, so I know that's going to reflect itself on the scale, regardless of whether I see the scale drop with my own eyes.

Looking back, I'm realizing daily weighing most helps me when I'm at maintenance or very close to it. I think I do better at dropping weight when my focus isn't on the scale.

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I weigh twice a week on average. Not the same day. I am an obsessive planner, so I made a spreadsheet with 7 columns (one for each day of the week) and then 20 rows so I can monitor my progress. It's taped to the bathroom wall.
Sometimes I weigh on Saturday, then Wednesday. I always write the weight on the chart on the morning I weigh. The numbers don't always make sense (up/down) but overall they are trending down, and I like seeing my progress over the past 7 weeks. So last Thursday I was only down 3 pounds from the Thursday 3 weeks prior, but today I am 7 pounds lighter than the Tuesday 4 weeks ago.

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Right now I am weighing myself every day, but that is partly because I am just starting to eat better and lose weight, so I need to keep myself accountable. And, I am curious to see how much my weight fluctuates from day to day. I only update my ticker once a week though. I picked Monday as my "official" weigh in day. Once I am in a better habit of eating right, I'll probably go down to weighing myself once or twice a week.

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Twice a day.

First when I wake up, naked after I pee. That is my official daily weigh in. I find I gain every Tuesday. Like clockwork.

Secondly, in the evening when I get home from work, naked. I know my following morning weigh in can be up to 2lbs below the number on the scale when I weigh in the evening before. So it sets my expectations up for the morning after on whether I can expect a big gain or loss or not much of a change. If I weigh the same in the evening as I did that morning, I can expect one hellova whoosh!

Regular weighing really helped me understand my body. And at heavier weights it was really motivating too because I would get big daily losses on most days (except pesky Tuesdays!).

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Officially I weigh once a week, in the morning after using the bathroom, the day after my second fast (I do 5:2). I figure this should give me a pretty accurate read from week-to-week because weighing in a mostly fasted state should help get rid of inconsistencies. This is the number I log in my app on my phone.

However, I usually jump on the scale a few more times a week (99% of the time in the morning). I used to avoid it at all costs on Monday mornings because i didn't want to see the "weekend damage" but now I like to know how much I gain over the weekend and how quickly it comes off. I find it interesting how much it fluctuates, and I don't tend to get down on myself when my weigh-in is high (unless it's my official weigh-in day!). I tried monthly weighing once and found it wasn't motivating at all and it was hard for me to track progress.

If you want to continue weighing daily, it might help you to log it in an app or a spreadsheet which can help you visualize the trend. The app I use tells me my "average" weight over the last 90 days, my highest weight and my lowest weight over that time period. I don't really use those numbers but it may be useful to some people.

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daily - as soon as i wake up and gone to the bathroom.
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I weigh myself every morning, but just for fun really. Normally I only weigh myself once a week or about that because I would get upset when my weight would jump 5lbs in a day. Now I know to expect that though so it's fine.
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I weigh every morning, first thing. However, I weigh "officially" once a week at WW and that is what I post on my blog.

What I like about weighing daily is that it demystifies everything. I can see the normal daily fluctuations in weight so that way I'm not crazed when after a good week I don't get the good result at my official weigh in.

Well, I'm crazed a little bit, but I understand it and it doesn't derail me.
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I have been weighing daily since re-starting my weight loss and it's been a great insight into how my body responds to different foods and exercises. It has also helped keep me focused (5weeks and 5days 100% on plan!!) which I've never been on track for more than a day or two in the past. Previously if I decided to skip weighing in each morning it was a leave pass into crappy eating.
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Thanks all, like many of you I just couldn't resist and weigh myself daily, in the morning after going to the bathroom.

I found that the weight loss is sporadic, like I go on losing streaks for a while then steaks where the weight stays about the same (but thankfully doesn't really go back up! I think that won't last forever though.)

Thanks for the spreadsheet idea, i never thought i would be that meticulous but i thought it would encourage me to be serious about this. I decided on a 7-day moving average as it shows daily progress while smoothing out the ups and downs.
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