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General Diet Plans and Questions General diet questions, support for various diet plans other than those listed below.

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Unhappy Please help or leave ideas or inspirations? :'(

Hiiii all!!!

Okay so I'm a 14 year old female and I weigh around 87 kilograms (192 lbs), but also I'm around 168 cm tall so I don't really look fat, but I am and I really want to lose weight!

There came a time, I used to do Jillian Michaels cardio workout, I lost around 3 kilos in the first week, but then I stopped. That shows that my body has the tendency to lose weight, it's just that I need persistence and hard work.

It is also really important to me as I'm still young and have my future in front of me, I want to be able to wear nice small sizes clothes and be confident in them!

Okay so here are my questions and please please please please help me !!
Even if you're not an expert, just leave a comment, inspiration or anything would be really appreciated <3

Q1* Okay, so, diet! Would I have to stick to a certain diet or is there a list of foods I should avoid? Maybe a link or anything?

Q2* Exercise! My mom won't let me go to a gym as it is too far away! So is there anything I can do at home? And preferably short-timed because I have so much school work and stuff. And would too much exercise produce muscles? I don't want muscles I just want to burn all that fat UGH </3

Q3* My flabby arms -,- are they going to disappear without any stretch marks? My thighs too and stomach??

Q4* Are my hands going to become thinner? Ring Size? And how about my shoe size? I'm a size 8.5 42/43, and I really like heels but it's hard to find designer heels/shoes my size :'( Anyone's feet magically shrinked maybe? :')

I guess that's it! Please answer if you know anything IT WILL BE OF GREAT HELP !! And if you have any experiences I'd be glad to read them!!
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The Biggest Loser
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S/C/G: 197/195/110

Height: 170


I Said Please
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These may not directly answer your questions, but I just really want to state them anyway :-)

1) Stop all negative self-talk immediately. Every time you notice yourself talking about how you're too this or not enough that, just stop. Immediately. It will never, ever lead to anything good. Quite the contrary. Just trust me on this one. If you can stop any kind of negative views about yourself at that age, you'll be so much ahead of other women when you're an adult.

2) Learn how to cook. You'll thank yourself in the future for having such a skill. I know so many people who don't know how to cook and seriously struggle, because they have to rely on processed foods and other not so healthy alternatives. You would have so much freedom over what you can eat.

3) You're tall and have a big shoe size? Guess who else is like that? Models.

4) You will not gain huge muscles from exercising. Just be happy and active. I was about to suggest doing planks, but there's the danger of doing them wrong and that can lead to problems. I honestly wouldn't stress about it. Just don't be lethargic and you'll be fine. You could dance at home! I don't mean any video games, but just listen to music and dance like nobody is watching! That would actually be really great on many levels.

5) Cut down on consumption of sugary things, especially those that you drink. I wouldn't really drink diet sodas either. Water is good for your body and good for your skin (and not bad for your teeth).

Honestly, just cutting down sugar will do a lot. You'll be fine.
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I was around your size when I was 14 as well and had tried numerous diets by that point and many more after. It took me until the last year and a bit to really realize what worked. For me that meant something that was sustainable. This isn't a diet for me, it's a healthy lifestyle and something that I will be able to keep up with for the rest of my life.

1. There is nothing that is on my 'can't eat' list. Though I will say after finding stroopwafels they may be #1 as I can't seem to just eat 1! What worked for me is allowing myself to eat whatever, because this isn't a diet instead it's something that has to work with me forever. So instead of cutting out foods I cut my portions. I weigh all of my food, it was a hassle at first but now it's second nature. And I stick to a calorie limit. I try to stick between 1600-1700 calories and I've lost 40+ pounds with that. I have had many off days, but I don't beat myself up, I just start over the next day. I use Myfitnesspal to keep track.

2. Don't worry about getting big muscles. IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Do you know how hard body builders work to get their bodies, it's a full time job. An hour a day or every other day isn't going to cut it. A lot of those people need stimulants to get giant muscles. I'd recommend reading any of "The New Rules of Lifting" books, there's a lot of great info in there about that.

3. I've had stretch marks (on my stomach and thighs) since I hit puberty. I'm 28 now and there's still there. They are a lot lighter than they once were but they're still visible. Instead of hiding from them though, I've embraced them. I wore a bikini for the first time in September and didn't care about who saw the stretch marks. A lot of woman have them, just be confident with your body!

4. Yes, your feet and hands will get smaller. I got engaged just before I started losing this go around and my ring slips off my hand constantly. I'm going to get it resized once I'm at a weight I'm comfortable with. For now it fits on my middle finger just fine. My feet have shrunk from a 8.5 to an 8, not a huge difference but I find I don't have to go for wide widths as often as I used to.

Good luck, I really wish I kicked my weight issues as early as you can.

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Happy to be healthy!
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It's great that you want to get your weight under control while you're young. Please don't go on a "diet." At 14, you are still growing and need a good variety of nutrients and enough calories to meet your body's needs. Do not eliminate any food groups. Eat fruit, veggies, lean meat, whole grains and cut back on salty snacks and cakes, cookies, pies, candy and fast food.

If you can use an exercise video at home, that would be good. But you can just add more activity to your lifestyle, such as walking as much as you can. Use the stairs instead of escalators in the mall. If you have a set of dumbells, you can do upper body exercises while you're watching tv.

110 might be too low a weight for you at your height. Try not to think so far ahead. Set 5 lb goals which will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you reach each goal. Make all this a lifestyle change, not a diet, because this is probably going to be something you will have to do the rest of your life if you want to maintain your new weight.

Good luck to you!
Carol Sue

IF not now, when?
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Because I am.
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1. Inspiration: At age 14, you’re in a great place to start really living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy means eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods like frozen dinners and canned pasta meals. Skip added fats like butter, cream, and margarine and keep healthy fats within recommended serving sizes. Avoid soft drinks—including diet drinks. Drink loads of water to stay hydrated and don’t eat sugary pastries and other treats except for very occasionally.

Focus on eating lots of fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grains, and at least 3 oz of protein at each meal. Get your daily serving of milk and fruits. Fruits and vegetables provide micronutrients necessary for a healthy body, healthy hair and healthy skin. You need calcium and protein and because your body is still growing and developing. Eating like this isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle that will keep you at a healthy weight throughout your life.
There are a lot of books that illustrate this type of healthy diet. Ask your mom to take you to the local library so you can talk to a librarian to find healthy living books that can help you work toward meeting your healthy lifestyle goals. Free online-resources include My Daily Plate. It is a U.S. Government site that provides guidelines on daily servings as well as recommended serving sizes.

2. Exercise: Walk, ride your bike, run. There are lots and lots of resources online—including Jillian Michaels—that show exercises one can do at home without any specialized equipment but my favorite thing to do when I was 14-years-old was dancing to my favorite music right in my bedroom. I’d put on some music and dance like crazy for as long as I wanted, sometimes several times a day. Exercise doesn’t have to be work—or punishment. Make it fun for yourself. Just do activities that you enjoy doing that will become routine parts of your life.

3. Self-Image: You’re 14 years old. You’re still growing and developing. Your skin if very resilient at your age and so is your mind. Talk to your mom about the fact you have a poor self-image and ask her for help to find ways to start feeling better about yourself. If your mom can’t help you, ask your school counselor for help. The size of your hands and feet—and your body—is going to change just because you’re still growing. At age 14, you don’t need to focus on building a closet full of designer heels. If you’re building a healthier life, invest in good, solid cross-trainers and leave heels for special occasions, like prom.

For now, focus on being a kid and stop listening to the media and your friends or whatever else you’re seeing that tells you that you have to look a certain way. All you really need to do is focus on being healthy and happy. Stay active by running, dancing, playing, and riding your bike. Avoid sugar-filled soft drinks and fatty junk food. Don’t eat fast food and focus on eating healthy, fresh, whole foods. The natural result will be a healthier body.
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The advice about eating whole foods is right on. I work in schools so I know that many teens live on fast food and other junk so try to stay away from that as much as possible.

But don't cut too far back on the rest. Eat a solid amount of good food, protein fruit and veggies etc.

Cutting way back while you are still growing will totally wreck your metabolism over the years and set you up for a long future of dieting. Many young people think losing weight has to be an extreme process but your age really helps you to be at a healthy weigt eating healthy food.

As for exercise you don't have to go to the gym. Be as active as you can in your daily life and if you feel your need more videos like Jillian's are great, you save time by not having to go somewhere else.

Many of us wish we knew about healthy eating and moderate exercise when we were 14. Way way back in history my mom had me on diet pills at age 9. This was a start of a lifetime of terrible struggles with my weight. Ididn't get it under control until my 50s when I realized I had to cut out the processed junk.

The last paragragh in the post above this one (worththeeffort's) says it all in a nutshell. Learning to avoid junk at your age will lead to a natural way to a lifetime of health.
It is very impressive that you are asking such critical questions at your age!
Make choices today that your future self will thank you for!
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Thank you guys for everything you said!!! I REALLY appreciated it!! Now I got a positive mind and I don't know how to mention you guys or anything because I'm not familiar with forums x_x But I'm really thankful for all what you have said!

Anyways, I will continue with the Jillian Michaels Cardio workout maybe 3 times a week for 20 mins, and I will "Try" to eat more healthy!
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Also consider investing in a pedometer and just try to beat your steps you walk every day! If you have friends that are open like that, you could even have contests to see who can get the most steps in a week. That's simple and easy. 10k is what most people aim for. That is something easy to help get you moving and motivated. I love trying to get more steps than I got yesterday. Other than that, the other advice is great.

Find an active hobby you may like, like hula hooping, poi, staff, dancing, etc! Those are simple things to get you more active at home! See if when the weather is good, your friends want to go bowling, puttputt, ice skating/skating, hiking, etc together! Find active hobbies! Have fun!
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