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Default Fear of Failing and becoming Content

Hi, everyone, I've lost a total of 29 pounds so far on my journey. I started late November, and although I have had a few downs just like most, I've stayed strong. I'm currently 216 started at 244, and my goal is 150. I've become nervous about becoming content when I get to a certain weight or failing. It's one of the fears I'm currently trying to overcome. How do you all keep yourselves motivated? I get afraid of going back to unhealthy eating habits (which still occasionally happen) and going cold turkey before I reach my goal, the healthy weight for me.. Any advice or stories from someone who has conquered these things and reached their goals or who are still on their journey?
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I lost and regained...though I haven't been content yet.

The best I can say is don't be afraid...do be cautious. Just don't let it happen. Stay accountable. Write down what you eat, every bite. Even if you have a mess up day, write it all down anyway.

My biggest advice is really to make a lifestyle change you can stick with! Don't 'quit cold turkey' if you don't think that you can maintain that. Moderate! :]

I keep motivated by posting on this forum a lot.
I also made a little list of things I'm going to do for myself for every 5 more pounds I lose. :'3 It's silly but it keeps me interested and moving forward. Five pounds might not seem like a lot, but when I reward myself it's like me giving myself permission to celebrate that 5 pounds. So that's what I do to keep myself motivated- sorry for the novel lol.

Anyway, I always keep my goal number in mind. I'm curious to see what my body will look like when I get smaller and smaller. That's a reward in itself :]

Something tells me you WON'T just get content and give up. You seem really driven. <3 good luck!

"You may delay, but time will not."
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Hey! I'm currently in the same situation as you. I've lost 30 pounds since the beginning of November and am starting to become less motivated. What I decided to do is take this week off. I'm still eating pretty healthy, though I'm not concerned if I go over my calories, especially since I'm not eating any junk...though I did have a couple beers the other day! I'm hoping that after kind of taking this week off, I'll realize that what I was doing worked so much better for me, and I still have about 20 pounds to lose so to get there I have to go back.
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You know what kept me motivated the most? I found an exercise that I liked. I calorie-counted, but it's the exercise that I got addicted to. I began by just walking a little each day, and soon I was pushing for 2 mile walks. Then when I got to my first goal, I upped that to 5 miles walks. Now I do the same thing, but will toss in interval runs, too. I rely on the exercise as my feel-good, my keep-me-in-check, and as my stress relief.

Doesn't mean I don't have a week here and there where I get lazy or maybe the holidays happen and I put on 5 lbs of bloat - but I turn it right around and get it back off. Your motivation will come to you. Might be visual, might be mental, might be physical. You will find it.
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I hit a wall twice. Once in highschool after a 30 pound loss and once a year ago after a 20 pound loss. The mistake I made was giving up and resuming my unhealthy lifestyle. Now I am starting to work out again an I know I will hit that wall again. What I am planning to do is just maintain my diet. Even if I decide to take a break, just maintain the diet. If your not eating the extra calories then you are not gaining them.
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We just have to make ourselves and our health important enought that we stick with it. somehow, any way, just never give up, and don't take breaks, just keep on the road....taking a break for me is synonymous with "I want to binge."....that's how I am anyway, so I just have to keep on keeping on....the weekends are harder for me than during the week when I have my eating and workout routine around my work schedule......

hang in there.....no one will do it for us....it's up to us!

Plan: Eat Healthy (a plan that works for you), exercise, drink plenty of water, repeat. [I follow low carb.]
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