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Default What Is Your Heaviest Meal?

Which meal is your heaviest: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

And why is it your heaviest meal?
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I would say dinner, especially since I just moved back in with my parents and they cook real dinners often. Calories are going to be so hard to track with mom's cooking.

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I am thinking that would have to be lunch because I have to usually force some thing small down for dinner.
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I don't have one, I just eat whenever! Back when I was dieting it was always dinner. I'd starve myself all day in anticipation of delayed gratification in the evening. It definitely contributed to my downfall on several diets in the past
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Dinner, I keep weird hours and I like to feel full between 7-9pm

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I incorporate IF (Intermittent Fasting) into my way of eating... So I don't eat breakfast... I eat two larger meals a day... and I avoid snacking... but usually my more "elaborate" meal is in the evening... although on weekends I still enjoy a really big brunch... and then just a simple Sunday "supper"... which I've always enjoyed...

That's really what I love about IF... I don't eat less... I just eat less often...
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Lunch. If I don't eat a large lunch then I want to binge later in the day (it's like nothing will fill that feeling). If I DO eat a large lunch, then I have no problem eating a smaller dinner and not snacking before I go to bed.

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I'm on IF as well, and tend to have two meals of about the same size at noon and at dinner with a light snack in between. However, I'm simply not as hungry as when I forced myself to eat breakfast, so lunch is usually half a sandwich and a salad and dinner is a protein and a veggie. I'll have cheese or a yogurt smoothie as a snack.

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Dinner. I tend to skip breakfast as I'm in a hurry all the time to get to work on time. Lunch is usually a salad or something easy to grab. But dinner is when I can really really cook and I love to cook
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mine is typically dinner, but more because that is when I have the time to cook and eat a larger meal. On weekends, I will often have my larger meal at lunch or as brunch and something lighter for supper.
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Definitely dinner. I don't mind a light breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack

But for dinner, I like a "full" meal--so that usually means about 600 calories. I eat it with my family, so it feels more "normal"--I do measure everything though, and stopped serving "family style" so that everyone's portions start out normal sized.
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I'd say dinner. Call me weird but I just don't like having that "full" feeling when I'm not home. And since I sit behind a desk having a full feeling doesn't do well with me when I'm trying to stay awake. Plus, my mom cooks big dinners so I usually have that as my "big" meal.

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Usually lunch. I tend to workout mid-afternoon, so have 90% of my daily carbs at lunch because I know I'm going to work them off - generally something involving quinoa or cous-cous. And then have more protein in the evening to rebuild muscle etc. I try not to eat anything after about 8pm - if I do, then I stick to raw veggies.
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I'm an IFer too, so I usually eat 2 meals a day and sometimes one snack. When I work days I TRY to keep lunch smaller and eat a large dinner becaue large meals make me sleepy. But I prefer large lunches followed by a nap.
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My calories breakdown by meals is approximately 45% at breakfast, 35% at lunch, 20% at dinner. My thinking is that I need calories to get through the day (breakfast) not for sleeping (dinner). Plus, by breakfast time I've been fasting since dinner (10 or 12 hours) so I'm HUNGRY.
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