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Default Alcohol weight loss

Hi ladies,

Most of you will probably think I'm crazy but I'd like to prefece this that I lost 40 pounds two years ago while still going out once a week and getting "drunk/tipsy"

I did some reading on the topic at that time and not sure of the validity but from what I remember I found studies which showed that if you ate a protein rich low carb meal a few hours before consuming alcohol and then consuming only clear spirits with a low carb/sugar mixer you would reduce the calorie impact of the alcohol. I found this worked for me and that the day after drinking my weight would drop 1-2 pounds (dehydration) the following day I would go back to slightly lower/my previous weight and then my weight would be lost the exact same as before---I also tried going alcohol free for 3 weeks and noticed no difference in my weight loss.

My question is does anyone know why this happens ? Or is it a load of bull? I was much keaner to believe it when I was on my first weight loss campaign but now I'm older I'm starting to think it may have been a fluke and I can't for the life of me find the articles I read aiha point...

I'd also like to say that I know going out drinking in excess is bad for your health in many ways and I'm by no means condoning it. For me I am still in my early 20s, a large part of my social life is based around nights out and alcohol and while that may be unhealthy it is a conscious decision I'm making knowing the negative health implications

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I've never read that, but I've heard that. I'm inclined to disbelieve it. I say, go out and have fun....as long as you know what you're doing.

I'm still drinking and sometimes to excess...that's my social life, too. It hasn't seemed to impact my weight loss too badly. I have completely given up drinking at home - just don't need the calories.

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Back in the day when going out was probably 5 out of 7 nights a week never thought too much about the calorie impact of alcohol. Did know that needed food prior to going out to lessen the impact of the alcohol on my body lol. Also was well toned back then and alcohol gave me inhibition to dance all night so thinking any calories from the drinks got mostly burned by night's end. lol. But now that I'm older not so much drinking or dancing anymore and now pay attention to drink calories. Things have changed
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I eat low carb and high protein/fat and I find I get the same drops after drinking whisky. I'll have a big drop and then my weight will settle the next day after that but still at a lower weight. Not a clear alcohol, but I only drink hard liquor with diet coke.

I was drinking last night and my weight is a 1.2 down today, actually.

I feel like eating low carb allows me to eat more calories in general though. But if I do overdo it on the whisky my weight loss will stall out.

So really, I don't know if it makes a difference. I'm still losing okay while having a drink or two a night, and I seem to lose okay without it.

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Alcohol contains calories... Those calories have to be processed by the body... Eating beforehand just slows absorption... The alcohol still has to be processed which takes priority in the body... Not showing a gain after consuming alcohol just means maintaining the body's energy equation...
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Don't be fooled. That drop on the scale the day after drinking is actually due to dehydration. I'm currently trying to quit drinking altogether but it seems my social life almost entirely revolves around it so it's difficult. In the last two years I put on an extra 40 lbs.... The only thing in my diet that changed was that I started drinking.

Bottom line.... Calories are calories are calories and they add up the same regardless of how you mix and match.
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Hmm, theres 2 things I can say about it, when I dropped over 100lbs I stopped drinking all together, mainly because I was CC'ing and wasn't going to waste it on vodka.

I drink 1-2 times a week, only vodka and coke zero though and have way too many ( some people call it binge drinking, I call it having a night out meh!) I then end up having something bad to eat, so I think it's not the alcohol, but the visits to the late night snack shop that does the damage.
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