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Default how often...

Was just wondering how often people weigh themselves, i do it daily but my friend does it weekly and says it doesnt help doing it daily. I do it daily so i can see if its been a gd/bad day. I dnt expect that much change each day. was just wondering how often others weigh themselves?
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I think it varies, but from what I've read over the years, most people prefer to weigh once a week. A lot of people prefer to weigh daily. I prefer once a month, though I sneak onto the scales now and then, but consider the first of each month my official weigh in.
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I weigh myself if I feel like I'm going to like the number. I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but really I weigh myself 2 -3 times a week. Basically, I have a good feel for when I'm retaining water.
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I do it a few times a week, but starting to think once a week would be better. It's crazy how much my weight can vary during the day so I'm never sure how accurate it is doing it a few times a week
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I do mine once a week. I don't think I could handle all the differences every day in water weight, ect..
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I weigh myself about once a week, if that. It doesn't usually make me happy to see what the scale says. If I feel that my pants are looser, I will see if the numbers have changed. I think daily there is a lot of fluctuation, so it can get frustrating to see it go up and down by a few pounds. I don't have a scale, so I use wiifit to tell me!
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Losing the baby weight
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This is a 'to each their own' thing, it just depends on what you prefer. Some people weigh monthly.

I like to weigh daily because:
-I don't want to miss a new low
-When I weigh daily it pushes me to stay on plan
-It keeps me realistic about what I'm eating and how it affects my weight
-I see and understand fluctuations, and I have learnt over time what causes them

It's really personal preference. There is no 'right' way.

Lost weight in 2010, had a baby and lost it again, had another baby and now I'm back! My mini goal photos from when I first lost weight here:
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I have gotten in the awful habit of peeking at the scale daily (trying to break this habit!).

I get weighed in at my doctor's office weekly and that's my official weight.

I was so good for so long and then got in this bad habit. I do try to measure more by clothes fitting, etc. but the scale is instant gratification to see my progress (or lack of!).

I keep honest in my diet and know I haven't cheated so the scale will hopefully move down every week. But I get much too excited waiting for the progress lol.
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I tend to weigh daily or almost daily, and sometimes twice a day! I go to Weight Watchers so I consider that to be the only WI that "counts" but I just like to see how my weight fluctuates throughout the week. And it's interesting to see how things change with time of month. It's actually been helpful to see that wow, I really did gain 5 pounds overnight, which means it can't be fat that I gained; then to see that number go back down by 5 pounds a week later.

Didn't some recent study show that the most successful maintainers actually weigh daily? I think if you're just weighing for information and you don't let it determine your mood, it's fine to weigh more often.
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I weigh myself every day, morning and evening. I think it depends on the person whether they prefer to weigh daily or less often. It seems to help some people to weigh less often, but it would drive me crazy... I want to know!

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I weigh daily, same time same conditions, I post it on my calendar, that way I can see at a glance if a trend is happening.
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Wow, a lot of daily weighers here!

I weigh myself daily..when I don't do that (like, ahem, over the holidays) it's because I'm scared of what I'll see. I guess I have that ignorance is bliss mentality. It's easy to not notice a weight change when you're not tracking it often.

However, I get that one shouldn't obsess over it. Once a week is probably the healthiest.
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Proud Mom
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I just do it when I am in the mood..I am weird lol.
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Everyone is different, and each individual needs to find out what works best for them!

In my case, I weigh myself daily, and have throughout my weight loss journey.

Now that I am "maintaining" it is even more important for me to keep myself on track. Those lost lbs. are just waiting for a chance to climb back on me, and I really, really, really don't want them to do that.

Whatever works for you is the best for you.

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I'm bringing sexy back!
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I do it everyday, I need the accountability. But for lots of people, that's a bad idea... It's becomes obsessive :-(

One for every five pounds lost!
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