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Default How much excercize loses a lot but isnt bad?

Hello all. I was wondering this; I have only one month until school begins and I want to get down to my goal of 110. I weigh 177 right now, but I am trying very hard. Right now I've been excercizing 2 hours a day. (I'm walking) Started a few days ago. I went from no excersize at all to 2 hours a day!

Question is: How long should I excercize to lose a lot of weight, but isnt bad for me? What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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Running helped me. I don't know if losing 67 lbs. in just 4 weeks is possible or healthy. But doing some sort of cardio like running a few times a week will get you lean in no time at all. Everyone's different though, I just know for me it helped to trim the belly fat off my midsection. Good luck.
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Exercise is great but weight loss comes mostly from calorie restriction. A healthy weight loss goal is up to 1-2 lbs per week.

Also 110 is below a healthy weight for your height. For a woman who is 5'4, the healthy weight range is 117 to 146 but that is just a general guideline.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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You have set an impossible and very, very unhealthy goal. You need weight training to really lose weight and tone up. Walking isn't enough.

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I think two hours of walking is great! Congratulations on making that step toward a healthier you. However, it will not get you to your goal - I am not sure that anything will get you to the goal you have set. You'd have to drop 1.5 lbs PER DAY - eep! The only way to achieve that is to lose a limb!

However - You can keep up the walking, combine it with calorie restriction (or carb restriction or whatever other plan you would like to follow), and by the time school starts you can be well on your way to achieving your goal. Depending on your age and other factors, maybe you can be 10 or 15 lbs closer! Wouldn't that be great? A month from now, you will be glad you started today
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67 pounds in one month is a bit unrealistic. You'll only drive yourself over the edge (mentally as well) only to gain it back quickly (been there, drove me crazy). For me to lose as much as I can (abt 4lbs per wk), I combine circuit training (Strength training with cardio intervals) with cardio, about 4times a week, with eating a high protein diet combined with vegetables, wholegrains and moderate fat. I don't count calories or measure my food (we dont have nutrition labels on our cultural foods), I just make sure my portions are reasonably sized. If you set a smaller, more achievable goal, chances are you'll keep the weight off for good especially if you continue your healthy lifestyle in school. It doesn'tn have to be some shotgun attempt. Good luck.
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S/C/G: 177/171/110

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I've lost 6 pounds since I started, and I am only 4 days into the diet! Now that I'm thinking about it, it does seem a bit unrealistic. Thank you all for your wonderful and inspiring answers.. and NEVER GIVE UP!!!
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I've read a study in body builder magazine that interval/circuit training is the best at sustaining a higher calorie burn throughout the day. Most others workout will burn only the calories you burn during the workout. Circuits, however, cause your metabolism to fire up for the entire day. I love doing the ea sport active on the wii, and LOVE doing a kettle bell workout with 30 second intervals.
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