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Smile Weight Loss and a Desk Job...

Hi Everyone,

I am kind of new here. But I always read through the threads and find so many interesting topics and great advice, so hopefully some people can offer some insight on this issue.

Two years ago when I was 23 (I am 25 now) I did weight watchers and dropped 23lbs, going from 160 to 137lbs (I am 5'7") and it seemed almost effortless. I was usually very good about counting points but of course there would be times where I would eat out and be a little more relaxed with what I was eating. I also was waitressing full time so I was always on my feet, but also what comes along with a waitressing job are late nights, going out for beers after a shift, eating restaurant food, etc....HOWEVER with allllll of those things happening I STILL managed to drop 23lbs and this was within a matter of about 3 months, maybe 2 and half. I did go to the gym every day for an hour (did about 30mins cardio and strength training). So I felt incredible and was feeling really good about the way I looked.

Well a year and a half went by and I gained all that weight back and was up to 166lbs. Shortly after I lost all that weight, I got a desk job for 9 hours a day. I have been back on weight watchers for probably a month now and the weight is literally creeping off....its going so slow, and its starting to get discouraging. The only change, besides my age, is that I am now unfortunately sitting for 9 hours a day rather than waitressing. I have been going to the gym on my hour lunch break and trying to do about 20min-25mins intense cardio and always get strength training in as well.

Do you think that the weight is creeping off because of my job? Its just really upsetting that I am trying to do everything in my power to be healthy (eat right, exercise) and yet its taking twice as long because of my job.

Thanks for listening....and if anyone else feels they have the same issue, please share!
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First of all, congrats on your success! Even though the weight is coming of slower now, it's more likely to stay off. When I was in my early 20s, I could take off 12-15lbs a month, no problem. In my early 30s, it's much slower. Even at 25, it was slower loss than at 20 or 22. That combined with a desk job, which not only encourages little movement throughout the day but is also stocked with so much junk food that people bring in, it's a recipe for struggle - at least in my case. It's a daily struggle to avoid the chips, chocolates, granola bars, you name it... I calorie count and nothing is off limits but I could easily blow my entire day's cals within 3 hrs of being at work. And I have before, by the way. This doesn't even include bagels, lunches, and other food they bring here for lunches for us.

However, I think going to the gym for a little bit during lunch is a good way to go. Try walking around the office more often throughout the day if you can. Take small 10 minute breaks to walk and move your body somehow. Maybe take the stairs and start parking farther away. Every little bit of extra movement helps.

I wouldn't get discouraged though. You are still losing and will continue to do so, if you stay on track, even if it's slower. You also don't have that much to lose. I am sure you'll get there in no time! Be proud of the progress, no matter how slow
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Originally Posted by christine123 View Post
Try walking around the office more often throughout the day if you can. Take small 10 minute breaks to walk and move your body somehow. Maybe take the stairs and start parking farther away. Every little bit of extra movement helps
I strongly agree with this. About 5 years ago, I started the process of regaining all the weight it took me so hard to lose. For several years, I could not face the process of diet and exercise. This summer, though, something clicked, and I'm back in the game, so to speak. I use an app to track my calories, and it has an "activity" calculator, which I really didn't take seriously until about 3 weeks ago. I started tracking any activity that as not part of my normal routine. So, if I decided to deep clean a room in my house and I knew I wouldn't have done that if I wasn't trying to get more active, I would count it. Also, I decided that if I had an errand within a relatively short distance from my house (3 - 5 miles), I would ride my bike rather than take my car. If I have to take my car, I now I regularly park in the farthest parking spot in the parking lot of whatever store I'm going to. I am pleasantly surprised by how much all this adds up. I can easily burn an extra 300-400 calories a day just by doing those extra activities. I don't weigh myself, but I can tell you that I believe I'm losing at just as good a rate as I ever did. Within just 5 weeks, my pants are lose, so I estimate that I've probably lost about 8 - 10 lbs. My point to all this is to emphasize what christine advised: move more every day. In the past when I worked out at a gym, I tended to use that as an excuse for not being more active otherwise. I'm not saying that you do that (not at all), but I am saying that the extra bit of activity you do here and there throughout the day really does help to burn off more calories.

Good luck to you!

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Yes I think the desk job has a LOT to do with it! Sitting is one of the worst activities you can do for long periods of time in terms of health, metabolism, skeletal structure, etc (I say this without judgment.... I am sitting as I type this!). *Any* type of activity, whether gardening or waitressing, or just standing up, is better than sitting in front of a screen, where our body all but "stops,' or at least slows down.

I posted a really interesting article about this in another place on this forum and several people gave some useful suggestions about how to combat the detriments of sitting all day at a desk. Here is the link: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weig...g-all-day.html
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Hi and welcome! I too, have a desk job and (sorry for sounding controversial) but dont find it too bad. The reason is you can get into a routine, and stick to it? Bring your own packed lunch, eat at set times where possible, and go for a stroll around if you have a break (or the gym). It does affect exercise sitting for 9 hours, and when boredom sets in binge eating can be a problem, but embrace it and use it as a good thing as you know where you will be and set meal times and stick to a plan. Can you walk to work, and home from work. Personally I go to the gym for an hour before work some mornings and it makes a big difference to my day. Much more energy and feel more awake. Just my opinion, but if you are losing weight at all, you are going in the right direction so stick to it! Hope this helps.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your replys and I agree with a lot of what everyone said. Irishlad, I agree that it is definitely good that I have set meal times and I also most always bring a packed lunch, not only to save money but to save calories. I also decided to go to the gym during my hour break because i feel like it breaks up the day and I get back to the office feeling energized. I guess this is just a fact of life that the weight loss may go a little slower this time around...i just have to stay determined and stick with it!

Thanks again everyone!
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