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Default caffeine headaches

ok so im going to be giving up cokes and i have tried to before but the head aches were a killer! anyone have any tips for getting over the bad part?
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I went through this when I gave up drinking coffee. Drinking lots of water seemed to soothe my headaches. After a few days, they disappeared. I think the headache is a result from the caffeine withdrawal so it's perfectly normal to get them. That's what worked for me, hope it gets better. Congrats on giving up soda, I know it's not easy to break the caffeine habit.
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I've successfully done it one time in my life. I slept for 3 days. That's what it took to get through the headaches without taking excedrin (which has caffeine in it). Good luck!
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My grandmother got caffeine headaches years ago when she gave up coffee.
The doctor told her to drink just 4 ounces of regular coffee every morning to control them.
It worked, but I don't know how long she had to drink the coffee.

I had a bad coffee habit. And I got irregular heartbeat from the coffee.
But when I added 2 tablespoons of raw pumpkin seeds to my diet, I never had to drink another cup of coffee to get going in the morning.

And I never got sleepy in the afternoon any more. And the erratic heartbeat went away.
And I never got a caffeine headache either.
I have no idea if that method would work for you.

Raw pumpkin seeds are sold at health food stores. Trader Joe's has them too. They have no shells.

You can search the internet for "pumpkin seed remedy" and you'll see so many health benefits from the seeds.

They also call them "pepitas".

I don't drink caffeine laced drinks...just fruit juice.
And I grow all my own fruit.
I limit the juice to 10 ounces a day, because some of my juices can thin the blood, and I don't want it too thin.

Best of luck to you!
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You should be able to avoid withdrawal headaches simply by tapering off rather than quitting "cold turkey."
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Started Precon 6-20-11
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I agree with kaplods, cut back gradually and also, drink lots of water. A minimum of 64 ounces and more may be better depending on your weight.

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I recently quit Coke/Pepsi as well (for the bazillionth time - hopefully it sticks this time). I didn't get headaches, but I got extreme fatigue from the lack of added caffeine boost. Drink lots of water, and just wait for it to go away. It will in a few days, trust me. If you REALLY can't stand them, though, I recommend tapering off, as some others have suggested.

For me, caffeine is like alcohol is to alcoholics. I can't have a glass of Coke, even to celebrate one night. Probably never again, because I have one glass, and I go back to drinking several glasses a day, every day. And I was suffering severe health side-effects. It's terrible. =/

I wish you luck!
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