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Default Why am I Still Losing Weight Although I am Dieting and Exercising?

I have lost around 110 to 115 pounds since January of 2010 and have to say that I feel much better than I once did! Anyways, I wanted to use this forum to ask an important question I had regarding weight maintenance, calories per day, and exercise.

To begin I have successfully been maintaining my weight for about 2 1/2 months now between the weight range of 145 pounds and 149 pounds. I wake up each day and make sure to weigh myself after going to the bathroom and then track my weight on a notepad document on my computer so that I can compare the data for each day. However, this past week I have been dropping .5 pounds each day as I began at 149 pounds last Wednesday and weighed in at 146.5 pounds today. I have continued to follow my diet and make sure that I am eating enough calories and grams of fat, but I don't know why this might be going on. Since I moved to Arizona about 2 months ago I have began swimming in the pool that is in my backyard and do about 15 minutes of light to moderate swimming usually every day, but if not then 5 to 6 times a week.

I asked one of my family members about why I am losing weight while still following my diet and exercising and they told me that all of my fat was turning into muscle. However, I thought that the muscle that I was gaining inside of my body would have added weight onto my total weight instead of made me lose weight. Hopefully someone can help me on here about this latest weight loss panic to help reassure my mind that I won't continue to lose weight and face further consequences from that action. This hasn't been the first panic that I have had during my weight loss journey, but it is something that I want to stop right away and keep an eye on to make sure that I continue to maintain my current weight range.

If someone or a couple of you could please help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much for your help in advance!
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You might also find some help down in the maintenance area where they are used to figuring out what maintenance level is.

That being said fat doesn't "turn into" muscle. Fat leaves the body when it's used. Muscle is built up separately. And even if it could turn into muscle, it wouldn't be doing is within the span of a week like that.

Something else might be going on.

If you're losing too much, take a look at what you're eating and how much again. It might be that you need to add in a few extra (healthy!) calories each day to make up from some extra activity or your body changing.

Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm sure you'll be able to find the right formula for maintenance after tweaking your plan a little bit! =)
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larson18, We diet and exercise so we can lose weight. I was a little confused by the title of your post. Did you mean ,how do I maintain my weight loss ?
If that is the case it may be that you are not eating enough calories. You have had a great loss. What was your starting weight? How tall are you ? What is your goal weight ? Your body may think you need to lose a little more, we need a little more information.
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Based on your post the reason you're losing weight is because your water levels are fluctuating.

You wouldn't be losing fat that fast, and certainly not muscle.
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There's a range to maintaining. Like 3-5 lbs up or 3-5 lbs down.

That accounts for hydration, pee, poo, sodium from the occassional dinner out, etc. You are new AZ so I'd look at making sure you are getting enough water from your food or drinks.

146 is still in that maintain range to me if you want to hold at 149 so I wouldn't worry. Just keep on doing the same you normally do.

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