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Default Fasting!!!

Water fasting is the name of the game everyone!!! Lots of my friends in the "raw" or organic movement have experimented with this and had amazing detox results and great long term weight loss success! So i thought i would include everyone on this experimental journey!

If you are wondering why im not doing old fashion low calories and excersize is because thats what ive been doing for a month SO religiously at 1200 calories and NO results whatsoever... and frankly IM MISERABLE!!!! i feel so bloated and toxic and in serious need to get my detox on! lol

Starting a water fast tomorrow, in hopes of cleansing my body of toxins and losing some weight! I’m going to fast for 21 days until june 17th stopping the morning of my birthday on the 18th.

(if anyone is wondering... yes i have checked with my doctor and he said im perfectly healthy enough to fast... but to keep him updated on syptoms and to stop if my detox symptoms become to severe.)

I’ve been wanting to start this fast for the past month, and finally found the perfect window of time to do it and have been attempting and failing for the past three days due to temptations/lack of will power.( Let me tell you, the first two days are not a walk in the park!) But third time’s a charm, and tomorrow will be my official starting day!

My perfect weight has always been between 115 and 120lbs. I’ve never weighed more than that in my life until the last 6 months! Due to depression/breakups/stress i had put on around 15 pounds and weighed at my highest 134lbs. I’ve now lost a few lbs and 1 weigh 132 as of this morning wich will be a perfect even starting weight for my fast. Causes for weight gain sound familiar? haha. Never thought i would be an emotional eater but with my mild depression came quite a bit of self desructive behavior. I self diagnosed myself with some bipolar issues as well because i would go from working out and eating grilled chicken to an hour later crying and eating ice cream for no reason. Then wake up the next morning and ask myself “Why in the world did you do that last night?!?!?!” lol typical…..

Now i know you all might say “At 135 your crazy for fasting” and your perfectly justified because i would agree, this is a perfectly normal and healthy weight! But on my short, naturally small boned, size zero frame i look a little chubby at 130, where as most people that are the same weight would look extremely thin!!! Everyone carries weight differently.

My main focus of this fast is actually, even more so, to cleanse and detoxify my body than to drop weight. In the past 6 months i have put my body through a TOXIC ****! Eating processed junk and basicly everything one should NEVER eat! I’ve become addicted to articifial sweeteners, and high calorie- low nutrient food. I’m so excited to break my addictions and restart my clean eating and weight training regimen i religiously followed before this recent rough patch in my life. Even been contemplating going somewhat ”Raw” for a month or two after the fast.

I was a picture of perfect health just a few months ago! I weight trained 4 days a week, did cardio 6 days a week and my food rule was if its ingredients do not benefit your body then dont eat it. For instance sweets, anything with white flour or unhealthy fats. i also ate nothing to overprocessed,anything that wasnt organic, and no red meat or pork. I felt so amazing and cannot believe i have done this to my body!!!! I can’t wait to be that health-full woman i once was!

If you’ve done as much research on fasting as i have you’ll realize this is NOT unheathly!!!!!!! i repeat NOT UNHEALTHY!!! In fact! Fasting is one of the most healthy ancient ways our ancestors used to heal all types of health problems! When you fast your body gets a break from all of the work it has to do to digest your food and rid your body of all the new toxins we bombard our body with on a daily basis. Our bodies take this time to deeply detixify our digestive tract, our organs and rid our bodies of harmful toxins hidden deeply in our extra fat stores that our bodies use for energy as we fast! Another misconception everyone seems to have about fasting that i hear all the time is ” YOU WILL ONLY LOSE MUSCLE NOT FAT! DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!” beep beep beep WRONG! When you stop supplying your body with food your body goes into “Ketosis” or ” muscle preservation mode “. Where your body changes from a glucose burning metabolism (carbs/sugar) to a fat burning metabolism! ( But keep in mind, this whole concept changes with juice fasting. Because during juice fasting you are actually providing your body with calories from only sugar, no protien! Which will definitely result in much muscle loss. And not nearly as many detoxifying benefits! i would never juice fast!)

I’m SO ready to start this journey tomorrow morning, and get rid of this sluggish toxic feeling i have deep down inside me. Our bodies themselves are the most powerfull tool anyone can use to detoxify and heal, and i’m beyond excited to experience this process of getting my health back!!!

Check in tomorrow with my official starting weight, measurements, and how im doing!
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Hi Shirley! I appreciate your enthusiasm in starting a new diet plan! However, this is not a plan that we support in our community. We do support balanced diet and exercise plans, which are proven effective and safe. Water fasting is not safe or healthy for any person for any reason. Please feel free to browse the forums and read about the successes reached by our members on other diet plans. We hope you'll stick around if you decide to try another approach, but we cannot allow support threads for water fasts.

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