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Default The Primal Blueprint

I have just, just started this diet since the middle of last week(March 10) and I can already feel my collarbones, when I look in the mirror they aren't super defined but you can see them poking out. After reading the book I realized how I had gained weight and I realize how I had kept it on all these years, despite my best efforts to take it off. Some people will say it reminds them of Atkins but its far more than that, its a lifestyle. I've been on their message board of Marksdailyapple and the community support for those on the diet is awesome. I hope this helps those who like me were hopeless with endless diets.

Okay so basically he says low carbs - only in the form of fruits and vegetables. No grains whatsoever, no sugars, no packages foods like cookies, etc.

He says to eat like a caveman did, his caveman's name is Grok and he says that they didn't eat grains, sugars, cookies, etc. They had basically meats,veggies and berries.

He said Grok didn't do chronic cardio. Hunting is a slow moving sport, and the only time Grok raised his heart rate was if he was chasing game or running from a predator.

Grok didn't do cardio everyday and maintained 8% bodyfat. Grok walked accross plains for food and didn't really stress his body because doing so left him vulnerable to predators.

He says that our genes are made to live this way. That looking at tribes in other countries where grains have never been introduced they live long, healthy lives and have little body fat. He said our genes were made to be able to skip meals since Grok wasn't always able to eat 3 square meals per day and snacks. He said excess carbs cause us to get cranky between meals and need a high carb snack to feel better. He said those same carbs also make us feel lethargic and sleepy after meals. I haven't had a crash at all between meals and I'm not super sleepy after I eat Primal.

So his advice is:
  • low carb - only in the form of fruits and veggies
    lots of meat
    low level of aerobic activity like Grok - walking, etc; basically keep heart rate within 50-75% of max
    weight lifting for body definition only twice per week for less than 30 min
    and all out sprints just like Grok did occasionally to run from predators - once a week
    lots of sleep,
    and some others

One more thing. He said that fat is okay. This was confusing at first. He said the reason we get fat is because insulin transports fats into fat cells. Insulin gets the signal to be released by Carbs, which is why when we eat fat & carbs together we get fat.

If we don't eat carbs with our beef sirloin then fat just passes through - it doesn't get deposited because you didn't call the insulin to do so. He also pointed out that most meals we eat fall into this trap. Hamburgers, Lasagna, Macaroni & Cheese, mashed potatoes, all cause insulin to be released. Our entire culture in based on lots of carbs with fats. My senior year in high school everyday for lunch I would have chicken wings and chocolate cookies. And I wondered how I got fat smh.

I have been waking up at 6:30 to get on the treadmill since last week. I tried to do an aerobic video yesterday and I am still in pain. He mentioned that high aerobic video causes the body to burn glucose not fat. Low aerobic like walking will burn fat. After my workout yesterday, I was pooped. I ate a toaster strudel instead of eggs because I was so exhausted and the sugar and carbs from the toaster strudel did its job. I felt almost immediate energy, but it was the wrong energy because I pushed my body too hard. I realized why he said no high level cardio because I wanted to raid the fridge right after that workout.

Anyways I hope this helps ladies.

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I have actually been on the plan for 4 weeks! about 2 months ago I happened onto the Whole 30 eating plan and I thought there's NO WAY I could drop everything the plan was asking to drop. I figured I could do it gradually, but I actually went cold turkey off of everything.

The first week and a half I felt drained, I had no for anything! I'm a gym junkie and I couldnt drag myself to do it because I knew I'd be passed out from exhaustion. So I took it easy & worked on my foods. Now, my energy is back & i feel great. 2 weeks in, I had my period (which by the way is usually extremely heavy w/totally painful cramps) and it was noticeably lighter, I didn't bloat and I barely cramped at all! I'm hoping that with a full month in, next month will be more impressive .

I finally decided to drop the glutens after taking notice of my body - I was ALWAYS getting bloated. Some days I'd wake up and be terribly bloated, others not so much, but it's like I had a fickle stomach. I couldnt pinpoint any one thing because I had a very healthy diet. Since starting, I havent had my usual morning stomach pains, and there's no bloat!

Now I'm working on how to get more serious since I'm almost a month in. I think I need to modify my foods or my intake because I've only lost 5lbs! So not what I expected after dropping bread/sugar/grains, which was a main staple in my diet. My body is resistant to weight loss period, so I guess I shouldnt have expected a miracle. I could starve and not lose anything, and I could gorge and not gain. My weight never budges so maybe 5 is a huge victory, but I'm sad because though yeah...i'm feeling a LOT healthier, I want the weight GONE!

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Vonnie you will get there. I never knew why I gained weight and now I do.. Going on Marksdailyapple is informative and motivating.

I hope I will someday get to 150lbs my teenage weight. I am currently at 225. My weight fluctuates between 230 and 225. I hope I can reach under 220. I haven't been below 220 since I was 17. I had pretty good metabolism as a child, but sometime around 16 things went downhill

I am very hopeful since this diet allows me to eat meat and lots of it. I had been consdering a raw diet for sometime, but couldn't get past the that part or it.
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This sounds interesting. What is this plan's take on artificial sweeteners? I'm assuming they are a no?

I quit smoking on Oct. 20, 2008 Now I right and more.

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Anyone interested in the Primal Blueprint might appreciate this support thread:

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Hello All, I have been doing Primal Blueprint since December '10. I felt great on the plan at first. I lost 10 lbs very quickly, which was expected since my weight is over 300lbs. But, then the weight totally stopped dropping off. I tried cutting back my carbs to exactly 50 grams and then I started getting carb obsessed. I increased my fats but that didn't help at all.
I am remaining grain free but just not sure if this is really the plan for me. Good luck to everyone doing it!!!
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