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General Diet Plans and Questions General diet questions, support for various diet plans other than those listed below.

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Question Eat this, avoid that?

I know it sounds silly to some ppl but I am the type of person that needs a plan. I need someone to say "Eat these foods at this time but avoid eating these foods EVER again" I need a structured plan or something that is plain, written out that I can follow that will work for me.

I know there are basics such as don't eat a bag of chips or candy bars etc but I need help on other things. I was following fat smash and that was going great and then I transitioned into just eating better all together. I lost weight doing that but then I fell off the wagon and I am struggling big time to get back on track. So many things changed for me.

I used to be a stay at home mom before so I could fix all of my meals and had all of my safe food at my finger tips, I was able to work out whenever I wanted to and needed to because everything was here. I had everything planned perfectly, what to eat when and my workouts were in the morning after breakfast or in the evening after dinner and before shower/bed time.

Now I am working and they are odd hours, I have to be at work at 6am so I get up at 4:30am to get ready for work and leave here at 5:30a,. I don't really have time to eat in the mornings unless I grab a banana really quick. Once at work I am there until 2:30pm, I come home and have to cook dinner because my husband eats dinner before he leaves for work at 3:30pm. He leaves at 3:30 and I get my daughter off the bus at 3:45 then my son at 4:00pm. They get in the house and we have dinner then it's homework time, dishes and laundry. By the time all of that is over it's bedtime at 9pm and I am exhausted. My work is a store that has tons of junk that is very easy to just grab in a hurry.

I am not sure what to do which is why I am posting. I need a plan to follow that will help me back on track. Before when I found fat smash it was easy to start because it didn't feel too restrictive and I felt like I could def. follow it. I was excited to start and that is what kept me motivated I believe. But now that I am off the wagon I need something to inspire me again, a new plan to follow and excite me. I would do fat smash again but when I was doing it before so many ppl told me it was bad for me which is why I transitioned to different foods..

Do you guys have any plans that would be a good start? I love all fruits and veggies..I have a problem with eating way too much fruit though and that's a problem. I don't like raw veggies at all unless it's a salad. The only protein (meat) I eat is chicken. I am not a fan of pork or red meat. I hate eggs except boiled eggs. I do have a bread issue but have changed that to honey wheat bread to help a little with that. I don't drink any sodas, just iced tea and I have 1 cup of coffee in the mornings. I do drink water sometimes but with Crystal Light in it.

Any recommendations or ideas? Anything I can try?

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Hi Tonyia

I don't think it's silly but perhaps a little unrealistc as a long term solution.

If you want someone to tell you exactly what YOU should be eating then you are going to have to pay a professional. (I underlined the word YOU because one persons plan is not necessarily going to work for someone else).

Honestly, I think if you want long-term success you need to learn a new lifestyle yourself and make it something you can keep up for the rest of your life.

Here is a good place to start - this is a really helpful link if you are interested in calorie counting is http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/1821967-post2.html

Good luck!

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I think you'll benefit from cooking in advance or cooking for multiple days at a time. Meal preparation does not always have to be such a rush - you can just reheat or quickly cook something you prepared/made in advance. That way also your decisions are made for you days before so you don't have to rush your question of what to eat. I generally keep healthy snacks on hand at work because even though I don't need them every day, I want to have something to turn to when I get a bit hungry between meals.

I lost 40 lbs between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011 doing low-sugar for my "50 Pounds in 50 Weeks" project. I bounced halfway back up so I'm back for more!

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I think the best thing for you to do is prepare your stuff in advance and take them with you and eat those at work, if you have them on hand you are more likely to eat those than reach for junk right?

I used to make my lunches for work days in advance and each day I'd just pull out my ready to go tupperware and I'd have all my snacks and lunches ready to go- it really helped
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