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Default What's your milk? PLant-based or dairy?

One of the first things I did to change my diet was give up the cow's milk I always been raised on and sarted buying almond milk. I did strictly for lower calories. I found the website comparing cow's milk to different plant-based milks (rice, soy, almond, etc). I think almond milk tatses the best. What's your preference?
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In our home, we drink Organic Almond Milk from Pacific....found at Trader Joe's and at the supermarket too.
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I use non fat cows milk and sometimes almond milk.
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lots of love for the almond milk in this thread I use unsweetened almond milk in my oatmeal and coffee/tea. I actually prefer it to cow's milk or soy milk and it's only 40 calories per cup!
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Yesterday I noticed that hazelnut milk was on sale at the grocery store and I was tempted to buy some but it wasn't particularly low calorie and I figured why ruin a good thing if I'm already happy with almond milk. Has anyone tried hazelnut milk? How about oat or hemp? I've been curious about those too.
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I haven't tried almond, but I love soy milk! I love plain soy and vanilla. I eat oatmeal without any sugar because the soy sweetens it right up.

I gave up cow's milk when I decided I wasn't a baby cow. I'm not militant about it though. I still eat ice cream and yogurt.
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I never used milk for anything but dried cereal, and when I stopped eating that, I stopped buying milk.

I eat lots & lots of yogurt though, having some every morning at breakfast.

I keep some powdered nonfat milk & evaporated nonfat milk in my pantry for the occasional recipe that requires it, but that's about it.
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I realized a few years ago that I was lactose intolerant, and for a while switched to lactose-free milk. Then I realized my morning bowl of cereal wasn't a great choice for me nutritionally (I personally do better with more protein/fat in the morning) and stopped drinking it altogether.

Recently I've been turned on to unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and I love it for the occasional times I want milk - I use it for baking, making oatmeal, and the occasional bowl of Fiber One or just plain. It's tasty and only 40 cals a cup. Awesome. My only complaint is that I never use up a whole container in a week or two, so always end up dumping some.
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I use 2% cows milk. I only use it for my cereal, or occasionally some chocolate milk (2% or 1% chocolate milk), or when I make homemade potato soup. I don't use it often enough or big enough quantities to have to worry about the calories. I have used rice milk before (when I lived alone and cow's milk would go bad before I could use it)


Doing this one day at a time.
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I use almond milk, but I still eat other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt that are made from cow's milk.
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I don't drink any kind of milk anymore (gave up cereal) so, if necessary, I'll use Rice Milk or cow's milk (like for a recipe).

The only thing I drink now is water water and more water.
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I don't drink much cow's milk anymore. There is always some fat free milk here though because my husband goes through a ton of it, and I will have a little occasionally. I mostly use soy and sometimes almond. I eat things that are made from cow's milk though - yogurt (every morning), cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream.

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