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Default i dont plan on weighing in.. and a few questions

first of all im not going to be using a scale as a medium in my personal journey until i am finished. every scale ive ever gotten on has made me cry. i know im 175 pounds now only because i had to go to the doctor recently. so i decided to go by sizes until ive reached my goal and i feel good about myself. also im a size 12 and i was wondering if 50 pounds would be enough to be a size 4? thats kind of a specific question i know.
one more question. when im done with this weight loss i dont want to be flabby i want to be toned. are there exercises that can help with that goal? i know losing weight slower helps so ill be having a modest goal of only 8 pounds a month. any advice on how to tone would be great
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I think you're being really smart about wanting to exercise now so you'll reveal a healthier body as you lose weight. And you're right about the scale; it's only a tool, and if it's one you don't feel is helpful to you, you aren't constrained to using one. (As an aside, I used to feel that way about scales too, but I'm now glad I got one because daily weigh-ins have actually put me more in tune with what's going on in my body--but they are absolutely NOT mandatory. )

It's impossible to say how many pounds goes into a particular size. I weigh 208 pounds, but I can shop in average-size sections of the department store. Other people my height and weight are shopping in the petites section or the plus section, and it's all because of how and where we carry our weight.

Scales are just a tool that provides you with a number, but clothing sizes are...well, they're just a different kind of number. It's better to look great in an 8 than bust your *** for a 4 when vanity sizing has made sizes meaningless anyway (when I weighed 125 pounds many years ago and vanity sizing was just ramping up, I fit into everything from a 6 to a 12, so it's not like sizes are uniform enough to use as a guideline).

As for exercise, you'll naturally look tighter just from losing some of the weight that's hiding the musculature you already have. I've had great results from working with free weights, but others could give you a lot more suggestions here. I'm a real novice at exercise of any sort.

One thing I have picked up, though, is that we shouldn't be afraid to lift heavy because we're female; it takes serious work to build bulky muscles, not the three or four times a week that I do. I am in no danger of developing Schwarzenegger arms from my fifteen-pound weights and some triceps dips, believe me.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading of your future successes!
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I'm just gonna say, I'm the same height as you and if I got on a scale and it said 175 I would cry, too. TEARS OF JOY!!!!

No sage advice, just want to say good luck to you. For me, I had to start facing a scale to get healthy. But I think measurements and clothing sizes are definitely a better measure of our hard work!

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I too am your height, have started at a much higher weight than you AND have been a size 4, so...maybe I can help...a little.

I'm a size 6 at 150lbs, however, I'm of a naturally muscular build and tend to carry alot of muscle in my legs/thighs. I've been a size 4 (about 20 yrs ago) weighing 140 lbs...but I was literally skin and bones!! It was NOT a pretty sight!!!

Depending on where you carry your weight...you may or may not have the bone structure to support a size 4. If you've ever been a size 4, then, you stand a better chance of returning. Hope that helps.
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S/C/G: 175/175/135

Height: 5 9


these are all excellent and helpful replies thanks im not sure if a size 4 will be too skinny or not but im aiming to model when im done with this all.
also yeah i would not be afraid to lift weights. toned women are sexy
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I'm a size 4-6 at 5'2 and 130, so your losing 50 lbs will put you weighing less than me but 7 inches taller. It also puts your BMI at the absolute lowest in the 'normal range.' Just make sure you don't replace one sometimes arbitrary number (the one on the scale) by focusing exclusively another (the one on the tag of your pants) and overlook what's truly important (your health). Good luck on the journey!
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