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Default Lots of Veggies and Yogurt Diet?

Hi, I am a male 36 y/o and weigh 265, down from 287 this time last year. I contribute the loss mostly to a exercise routine i did for about 6 months out of last year. I also did some on/off again treadmill and I took up martial arts to lose weight and learn how to protect my wife at the same time.

I recently had a severe stomach illness and to recover started eating tomato's mixed with cucumber, spinach and yogurt pureed. Since then I have just kinda stuck with it. In the morning a banana and no fat yogurt shakes and for lunch 2 tomatoes, half to whole cucumber, 1 hand full spinach and 1-2 cups of yogurt and maybe 1 cup of green tea to thin it out. For dinner I am just having whatever, like whole wheat spaghetti with tomato mushroom sauce or sometimes just a veggie drink again.

Does this sound unhealthy? I don't think it does but does anyone see anything that may be bad about this? I have noticed now that if I eat something that is not healthy it is really really HEAVY on my gut and I cant stand that feeling. I found this out a couple of days ago when I ate a home made soft tacos with all the bad stuff you can imagine on it.

I have found I am now avoiding foods that weigh me down (no pun intended) since it makes martial art work outs so undesirable with that weighted garbage feeling. I feel lighter and ready to go when ever.

Any thoughts? I just wanted to share and see what you guys thought ...
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o well, guess i missed the part about having to be female to get a response here.
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Originally Posted by bonkers View Post
o well, guess i missed the part about having to be female to get a response here.
Or just perhaps no one had an answer for you?

I don't really know to be honest. It sounds very disgusting to me lol but to each their own

I guess mostly I would be worried about getting enough calories even more so if you are working out heavily. If there are days where you are only having a shake for breakfast and then two veggie/yogurt mixes for lunch and dinner then I doubt very much that it is enough calories or very healthy at all.

And variety is important too.

I think everyone would feel a bit sick after a big change of diet and then eating something big or unhealthy again. I know I have. So I would start off small and maybe have 5-6 very small meals a day. If you want to still have your weird yogurt mix then do it for one of the meals and have other stuff for the other ones.

Make sure you are getting enough calories, protein, healthy fat and all that stuff. There are lots of great online sites to help track like sparkpeople.com or dailyplate(livestrong.com) and others.

Just my thoughts. Congrats on your weight loss so far.
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One, this forum moves really slowly. There are often weeks between posts. The weight loss support forums and the specific diet forums move faster--more traffic, more responses.

I am the queen of weird diets. For example, I eat over a pound of cottage cheese a day, and it's worked well. Without knowing proportions, it's hard to know if you are eating enough. You might swap out regular yogurt for greek to get more protein. The best thing you can do is track your weight and see if it works. If the weight is coming down, go with it. If your weight stalls, make some changes.

My biggest concern is that, as is common with weird diets, you'll grow bored with this diet and go back to your old one. You want to make sure you are in the head space where "If this doesn't work, I'll try something else". It's quite possible to "drift" from a plan like this: "Having whatever for dinner" turns into "occasionally having a real lunch, too", which turns into "usually having a regular lunch", and weekends go back to "normal" and all the sudden you aren't losing weight, so you figure dieting doesn't work. This is a very, very common pattern, so be on guard against it.
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Meal 1
banana & yogurt shake

Meal 2
large salad

Meal 3
Health dinner
Veggie shake

Honestly, I think that if you are feeling good and enjoy what you are eating that it will be fine. If what you are eating is fueling your workouts and makes you feel good - Go with it. Yes, there may be a time when your body will get tired of this, and that's perfectly fine too. I dont see a problem with going through "phases" during your weightloss journey when you just give your body with what it WANTS... Eating intuitively is fine with me as long as its not unhealthy.

When you start really listening to your body, you will find that when you eat something that it doesnt want/work for you, it will tell you. If you start feeling sluggish or not feeling well, then naturally just add a little more if you feel like you need more.

Listen to your body. Sounds like what you are doing is working great for you - and I say --stick with it!

good luck.

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Have you tried greek yogurts? they are lower in sugar and will be easier on your digestive system. sometimes its a little sour (try the PLAIN kind and mix in fresh cut up fruit if you need some flavor) so i will mix in half a packet of stevia or agave nectar to sweeten it up.

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Well i personally advocate eating low fat dairy products, especially those containing pro-biotis.. i would have to say that i think your diet is un-healthy..and the reason for that, is that in spite of having protein in the form of dairy, you need to have protein in other forms, such as lean meats or nuts and seeds, tofu..etc.. Its not healthy in general, to have such a limited diet. I also see no form of carbohydrates at all..you dont need to eat bread, you could eat beans or flaxseed..but you have no carbohydrates such as grains, and thats something your body needs too.. You honestly dont sound like your eating enough calories for a day to be able to sustain your body..Veggies are awesome but they lack so little calories, that your body will literally go into a starvation mode..especially guys..they often need more calories and especially if your doing all that exercising..I would highly consider re-thinking your choices for your diet..like adding some complex carbs such as whole grains and fibre, and maybe adding some fruit and some other sources of protein..just a thought..
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I am not sure if this person is still with the forum. I think I replied a little over a month ago. It looks like he only had 2 posts, so he may not have returned because or what he thought was lack of replies.
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Not sure if you're still around but I went on a weird yogurt diet for a bit too. I had a Slim Fast for breakfast, a normal lunch, and then a homemade smoothie for dinner- yogurt, banana, strawberry, and honey. I wasn't calorie counting at the time but started to lose a couple of pounds before I moved out of the country. It was a strange habit I got into without knowing how, and I'm not sure how it would have continued if I had stayed in the US on that routine. I think I was definitely eating too few calories, this I could tell because of the weight loss. Yogurt is great and veggies are great but just make sure you get in the protein and carbs your body needs for energy.... I know I wasn't.
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Bonkers hasn't been online since Jan 15. I guess he gave up on us.
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It could be a healthy vegetarian menu or not. It lacks enough details for me to be able to tell. What's a "healthy dinner" mean? That could be open to interpretation. Just glancing though, I'd suggest a general multivitamin just because most people could benefit from that regardless of their eating style.

But yeah, you can go veg with this and be fine. Check out The Vegetarian Way though. It's a solid vegetetarian/vegan nutrition book and more readable than the version they have for dietitians.

Started Jan 2016:
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