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Question Tips and Tricks to feel good in the MORNING!

Hi all I need some help

I feel like crud in the mornings when I wake up and I know sometimes it is what I ate the night before, but sometimes I have no idea why... Do any of you have tricks up your sleeve to make you feel better in the morning? upon waking? Seems lately I wake up with a dull headache and body aches all the time! Annoying!


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I never really feel so wonderful when I first get up. My entire body just feels stiff and achy. This is why I put a hot tub on my back patio. I go out at 5-5:30 AM before work with a strong cub of coffee and just sit and enjoy. Keep the temp at about 99-100 all the time so I can sit as long as I want. When I go in, everything is moving the way I need it too and I feel great!

Am back for Round 2, beginning 3/7.
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My tips:
1) make sure you are getting enough water during the day, dehydration is a b-. (You should be drinking your body weight / 2 in oz + one glass for each caffeinated beverage). Ex. You weight 160 and drink 2 coffees. You should be getting at least 96oz (12 8oz glasses).
2) No eating before bed, in order for your body to rest properly try to avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed (due to digestion time ect).
3) Get at least 7 hours of sleep and keep a sleep journal.
4) Eat less processed food.

From personal experience I feel achy in the morning when I'm dehydrated so I'd look at that first
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I don't know. I'm a ridiculous morning person, wide awake the moment my feet hit the floor.

My alarm is across the room and loud enough to jolt me awake. I wake every morning with a heart pound and natural jump out of bed to turn off the alarm. By then, I am awake and ready to go.
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Cheaper fixes (altho that hot tub idea sounds wonderful)
Do some stretches in bed. rotate your foot in circles,reach your arms and hands up and play a piano with your fingers.

In bathroom clean white washcloth with really hot water(go to kitchen and microwave it if you can)wrung out with scented oil drop on it. Pat and warm your face-breathe it in. Then start your morning routine.
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Rdw1, do you have a lot of stress in your life right now? This is how I get when I am under a lot of stress/tension. I know I grind my teeth at night when I am stressed and I don't ever feel like my body really fully relaxes. I feel like my mind sleeps but my body holds the tension. (I don't know if that is possible but that's how I feel sometimes.)

If this is the case maybe you could think about meditating? I know a short-ish walk in the morning helps me to wake up as well.

Also, a very brief period of deep breathing when you wake up might help you. Maybe like 5 minutes or so?

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I have issues with the mornings too...part of it is lack of sleep (full time student and working 3-1130 at a hospital) but I usually try to do a little yoga in the morning. Some mountain pose, downward dog and such. It doesn't really help me with the initial achiness, but it helps to work the kinks out.
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