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Default I need a plan... please help!

I really need some suggestions of a good diet plan, but I have some issues that are getting in the way of most of the ones I've read about on here.

A little about me first:
I'm 21 (will be on the 30th anyway), 5'4" and I weigh 210lbs.

1. I LOVE water, it is by far my favorite drink, and plain ice-cold water can be the most delicious thing on earth.
2. I have a distaste for grease, I can't even stand the smell of it, and generally avoid it.
3. I do not drink soda. Not only is it bad for you, it hurts my stomach, and I never liked the taste.

1. I have a lot of problems with anxiety. I've never talked to anyone about it but I really do think it's a problem. I got a membership at curves once, but ended up quiting because the timed 30 second workouts made me extremely anxious (I have a HUGE thing about time, and even as a kid I refused to play anything timed 'cause I would panic). Every time I would get to the walker with the heart-rate thing it would say I was way over where I should be.
2. I LOVE bread, so much. I read someone's success story and they mentioned that everyone has at least one thing that they can't cut out of the diet, and bread would be mine. I am a HUGE fan of Italian food, I could eat pasta everyday. Olive oil, pasta, and herbs are some of the greatest ingredients I know.
3. I still live with my parents, and am currently looking for work. As I have no money, and live with 3 other people, I have very little say over what is in the kitchen. My Dad likes to bring home ice cream, my brother brings home the junk food, and my mom tends to forget to go shopping. So my options are usually VERY limited, and what my options are is rarely healthy. I've offered to do the shopping, but again as I have no money, I have very little say on what goes on the list.
4. My brother is a very very cynical person who thinks health food and dieting is for blond valley girls and hippies. Needless to say I get more teasing that support. Lately he's been a lot better, finally realized that he could use a diet too >.> and started cutting back on some stuff. My dad is the silent type, so though I don't get criticism, I don't get support either. My mother is on the same dieting boat as me but our tastes and attitudes are completely different and she is a very controlling person. We tend to butt heads more than help, though it isn't intentional .

I've tried counting calories before, and it worked pretty well but I've always fallen off of the wagon. I'm not sure how to be successful at it without being too restrictive and I also don't want to just cut calories, I want to eat healthier. I can't cook to save my life but I'd like to learn to make really delicious healthy plates. Lately my family and I decided to do a cooking hand-off during the week. Mom has Monday, dad has Tuseday, I'm Wednesday, an so on. Does anyone know a really great cookbook?

As far as exercise goes, I have a Richard Simmons DVD that I can exercise to, but I'm not sure how often. I'd rather bike or walk but I live in the desert and would you want to jog in 110 degree heat and high humidity? I didn't think so...

Please help
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Sounds like you have some stuff standing in your way.. You are doing so much great already though. Kudos for that!
I'd say that maybe you should talk with your mom or some other people in your family and try to explain your situation. I live at home too and though my mom is supportive, when I had a plan she would always be like "Don't be a fanatic" or "one time won't hurt". So I told her that I respect her opinions but I would love to do this my way. So she let me. Comunication can go a long way.

You say you love bread and pasta etc. You can definately still have those kinds of things. It just depends what kind of bread and pasta you are having because some of them are high in bad carbohydrates. If you go to youtube and search for "Nutrition by natalie" there are lots of helpful tips there. List of what is healthy to eat, list of what is not so healthy etc. She has a lot of cool videos. You should definately check her out

When it comes to exercise it's hard for me to say because I don't understand that situation so good. but maybe start with some simple strenght training a couple of times a week.. Mucle mass will help you to burn more calories even while you are sleeping.

I really hope this advice helps you at least a little bit. I think the key to weight loss is to understand nutrition and to be able to go through with it.
I wish you tons of luck with finding work. Hope you'll find it soon and can get a place of your own. Good luck with your weight loss journey too. You can definately do it. I know you can.
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I totally get the anxiety. I have panic attacks and can barely leave my house! It is tough. But you can work out at home and still do great

I use Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. Really great dvds. If you can't buy any new dvds right now then there is stuff online even. You tube if you look hard enough you can find some neat stuff. I also LOVE sparkpeople.com they have FREE videos (and even plans and calories/fitness tracking) but the videos are really nice and again FREE lol

You can lift bottles of water or canned food as weights lol

I am the same way with bread & pasta. It is my downfall all too often. I switched to whole wheat so atleast it is better and then don't cut it out but limit. I was just saying on another thread I have to be so so careful about my portions with pasta or I will over do it. Alot of people say to fill up on veggies or a salad and then just take a small portion of pasta. So you can still get some but much less.

I count calories and I like it alot. I have had great success with it in the past. It is even nice because you don't need alot of money and can still eat with everyone else in your house you just portion control yourself. Coming here and posting and sharing with everyone also helps a ton to keep you focused and on track

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