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General Diet Plans and Questions General diet questions, support for various diet plans other than those listed below.

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Old 06-21-2010, 05:08 PM   #1
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Default Does anyone have any reviews?

I'm looking for personal reviews on programs such as weight watchers, curves, or slim fast.

I've been working out and changed my diet but I'm still not seeing results I'm still bouncing back and forth between a two pound radius. I really wanna know if anything like slim fast, weight watchers, curves, alli or even acai pills have worked for anyone and the story behind it. Please leave me your story.


Long Term.

Short Term.
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Calorie counting and exercise works for me
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Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian, nutritionist, any kind of health professional or fitness expert...I'm just a woman who's lost 161.5 pounds so far with a lot of hard work.
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I can't say I've stuck to any of the programs you mention above - but in the end, it all comes down to calories in vs calories out. Its just how they trick you into sticking to it.

I have started taking Mega green tea (decaf), ginseng, vitamin B and fish oil. While I haven't had the appetitie and my energy levels have been pretty stable, I'm still dealing with my food obsession and getting my eating program stabalized so I can start losing. I can't say I have any success with that concoction either.
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Check out this thread-Does it Work?


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Originally Posted by Onederchic View Post
Calorie counting and exercise works for me
Ditto! No pills and it's free!
my blog - countingmycalories.com

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Counting calories, journalling, planning ahead, measuring food, writing down all food eaten, working on slow/mindful eating, tasting/enjoying each bite, feeling fullness, meditation, along with some exercise has worked for me.

Pick a plan that you can really live with. Of course, everyone tweaks their plan as time goes on. I feel it's not just about the weight....but, learning to live with food in a healthy and sane manner.

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I voted other. I did Nutrisystem for 4 months to get me started, get me used to smaller portions, etc. The food was pretty bad and tore up my stomach so I started doing Nutrisystem on my own with online support boards. I then watched my portions and breastfeed after my son was born and switched to calorie counting once he stopped nursing. Now I'm still calorie counting and just starting to get into whole foods and super foods. Any plan will work as long as you stick with it, so pick one that best suites your lifestyle and as you learn and lose you can adapt. If you'd asked me if I would be going with whole/super foods a few months ago I'd say no way.
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I created my own plan. It's a combination of:

* Whole foods - getting off the Standard American Diet. Emphasis on vegetables, fruits, lean protein, complex carbohydrates - eat foods that are nutritionally powerful, avoid foods that are nutritionally vacant

* Volumetrics - stay happy and satisfied with large portions of lower calorie foods.

* Calorie counting - stay accountable. Measure, weigh, look stuff up online. It's been six years - I STILL measure pasta.
SIX YEARS at maintenance weight!

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Calorie counting, increasing veggie, eliminating most sugars, and more exercise (started the C25K) has been working for me.

I haven't tried any of the others, except for Slimfast. I'd do a can for breakfast, thinking it has more calories than I normally do for breakfast, and protein, I should be fine. Every time I've done Slimfast, I've been STARVED. I've concluded it's either the sugar, or the fact that it isn't solid. It obviously works for some, but not me. Not to mention, it's not a long term solution. To keep weight off, you really, truly, need to learn the right foods to eat and grow to love and crave them. Slimfast for life? Erm, no.
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HMR has really helped me. I love the fact that I can consume tons of vegetables and fruit and not feel this guilty feeling of OMG I just at something. Besides the shakes are fantastic.
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3 + years maintaining
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the thing is - most plans work - IF you stick with them.

When you say that you are bouncing around, it's probably that you stick with a plan for a week or two, lose a few pounds, then go OFF the plan.

Long term, consistent, steady weight loss can not occur if you don't adhere to a plan - some plan.

So you have to find a plan that you CAN stick to, but more importantly - that you are WILLING to stick to. Because at some point you will have to stick with something.

There are no magic pills, drinks, potions or what have you.

Losing weight and lots and lots of it IS a doable thing - if you DECIDE to do it, COMMIT to doing it and are WILLING TO DO WHAT'S NECESSARY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. It takes effort, thought, determination, persistence, consistency and willingness.

For me that meant accepting the fact that I could no longer eat whatever I wanted when I wanted. I was going to have to be mature and responsible about my food intake from here on in. I had to make peace with and accept the fact that I could no longer eat the high quantity/high calorie foods. But luckily good eating begets more good eating and I fell in love with this healthy lifestyle. I wish I had known earlier just how enjoyable and more fulfilling life is to be slim, trim, fit and healthy. Eating this way is no hardship, but a joy and a blessing.

Anyway, I digress, my plan was also a self devised one of sorts and is almost identical to Glorys, though I believe I eat less grains, even the complex ones.

I count calories, making those calories good, nutritious, mostly whole foods. I bulk up on veggies, veggies and more veggies, lean proteins, no fat dairy products and some fruit.

What I don't eat it just as important as what I DO eat. I had to impose restrictions on my eating. I had to ban lots of foods since once I started eating them, I had a hard time stopping - my solution - don't start. Problem solved! 165 lost and maintained for almost 3 years now. I had to give up the flour, rice, pasta, etc and the sugar. After making peace with that and a couple of difficult weeks, it was miraculous - the longer I went without it, the less and less I wanted it. Seems hard to believe, but that is the case as I've heard is the case with dozens upon dozens of others as well.

So please don't look at passing up on the high calorie/high quantity foods as deprivation. You must look at it as EATING them as the deprivation - deprivation of the best life possible.

Oh one more thing, pre-planning is CRUCIAL to my overall plan. Eating well doesn't happen on it's own. You can't wing it. It must be thought out and planned in advance. Know where each and every meal/snack is coming from. Keep good, healthy delicious foods in your home - eliminate the junk. Food journaling is also an incredible tool and you should take advantage of it.
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I am a BobyBugg Person. Loved this program, yes you buy the gadget and yes there is a subscription. this gadget measures your calories out and through the program you enter in your consumed calories looking for a daily deficite based on a program you make for yourself and how fast you want to lose.

I can't say enough about this BB. I learned that I can eat and lose weight, I do have to move daily, I can maintain, I don't have to starve, I can eat cake or pizza when an occation calls for it, and I can lose slowly and keep it off and never have to guess if I did enough.

This is not a diet, it is a tool in learning how you can make the best of what you do and don't do.

So the down side I supose is that you have to pay, but WW, curves, Ali among others listed all have a cost too.

Good luck I hope you find what workd for you.
~Dixie CGC,TDI~
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I voted for Other.

I did outpatient eating disorder treatment two years ago. That helped me with my binge eating immensely. The clinic focused on balanced eating rather than an abstinence model.

My eating plan is centered around "food as fuel" rather using food for comfort. Theoretically, I can eat whatever I want as long as it doesn't trigger a binge. However, there are many foods I cannot eat sensibly (yet???) so I stick mostly with veggies, milk, all proteins, and a little bit of fruit.

Exercise is the anchor to my plan. I don't do it so much to burn calories, but to raise my self-esteem and promote fitness. I exercise every day, but not in an intense way. I do exercise that I enjoy: walking, dancing, biking, and running.

The other part of my program is persistence. I have had many binge episodes since treatment ended, but I dust myself off and carry on. I never give up.

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Calorie counting and exercise, same as above posters!
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Calorie counting is the only thing working for me. I tried south beach and it worked for a week then i gained it all back plus some. Weight watches works but i feel like you dont learn as much as you do when you count calories. Thats my opinion. I tried it and think calorie counting is better

I got this!

Follow my journey on facebook. Bre's tough love weightlosee journey
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