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Question confused

Well I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 weeks ago and given a script for thyroid pills. I guess that is why lately I have been gaining weight and unable to lose anything. I also have been very tired and crabby. I quit smoking in November and I attributed my "issues" with that and also thought I may be going thru the start of menopause. Well so I have been looking at all the different diets out there and I am unsure if I should be focusing on being a blood type a, worried about acid/alkaline foods, counting calories or points, eating only low glycemic foods or cutting out meat and going vegan. Help.. at this point I would be happy losing about 30 lbs. I am around 100 over but 30 would get me back to where I am not feeling like the michelin man. I know there is no magic bullet out there but after reading up on all this I am at a loss as to what I should be focusing on! Any suggestions on what worked for you would be great! thanks in advance!
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Hello! I'm new to this forum but I've taken nutrition courses in nursing school and read about weight loss, diets, etc...so I thought I would offer you the little I can...

From what I have heard and read, the blood type diets are basically BS. It's not something I would necessarily rely on.

As for cutting out meat/going vegan, I'm not sure if such a drastic change would be beneficial. A well-balanced meal plan would be your best bet! Don't go on a "diet"...just eat healthy. : )

Mayo Clinic online has information(they're AMAZINGLY KNOWLEDGEABLE-I've worked there!) about a hypothyroid diet and certain foods which, in excess, can disrupt the absorption of thyroid pills/levothyroxine.

From some articles I've read, once the thyroid hormones are under control via medications, weight loss becomes easier once the body's hormones are stabilized.

Search for thyroid. org for more information on weight and hypothyroidism! They've got some good stuff on there.

Hopefully some of those links give you a bit of a jumpstart......? : )
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Thank You! sorry for the late response but I have just started back to work. I will def check out the mayo site and had not heard of thyroid.org.

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I know there are alot of people who calorie count but I'm not sure how hypothroid would affect that kind of lifestyle. I know i prefer calorie counting because i know exactly what the calorie amount is in what i'm eating and it's FREE!
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I am hypo and have been for years. I tend to lose weight easier when I watch the carbs
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Hi! I'm gad your doctor figured out some of your issues! Many dr's don't. And i hope you are on your way to feeling much better!

1. Wait 1 hour after taking your pill before you eat. Food will cause you to not absorb the medicine. Especially milk products and especially man made thyroid such as synthroid/levothyroxine.

2. Stay away from soy. It's a thyroid killer. Slows it down (and your metabolism).

3. Stay away from goitergenic foods such as broccoli and cauliflower. However if you cook it really well it removes a lot of those properties that slow your thyroid down.

4. Do you have the autoimmune version? If so know that it can tend to bounce around. After a time on these pills you will get to know if you're not on enough or too little. Go by how YOU feel... not the numbers.

5. I found taking thyroid did NOT make me lose weight, though you most certainly are a whole different human being and could I gained 100 pounds in about 6 months. What the thyroid pill did was STOP me from gaining. (Thank the lord)

6. Easy on the flouride. Flouride is the medicine the use to stop HYPERthyroidism (ie kills your thyroid in a small dose). So don't eat your toothpaste and easy on the tea! Natural tea leaf plants absorb the most toxic flouride from the grounds and it can affect your thyroid.

It's really about you. There really isn't a thyroid diet though a lot tend towards low carb. You need to do what is best for YOU and what will fit into your own schedule. I do low carb, low sugar (from whole food only), low cal, low chemical/processed. I never lost weight until I got on Metformin (for insulin resistance).

It is definately tougher to lose weight being hypothyroid. I recommend Mary Shoman's website. Se has a weight loss section. As long as you are striving towards healthy foods and not pointless foods, I think that is the most important.

GL! (thyroid patient taking thyroid (aka armour) and levo and down 50 pounds)

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