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Default I need a starting point

Well I am an a rut. I have tried a lot of different diets. The few that I have small successes with are Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet. However, when the motivation wears off I go right back. The last time I truely had a large amount of success was when I ate three meals a day and journaled. I also walked every morning. But I am blocked. I want to lose weight but I guess I don't want to have to go back through losing a large amount of weight (60 lbs) for it to come back on. Part of me is just embarrassed the other part is afraid. I have always struggled with emotionally eating so when you throw it all together it means that I am back to my highest weight in the last three years. I can't believe that I actually gained back 60 pounds. I want to lose it again. I do but I am afraid to fail and at a loss as were to start. I feel like I need some guide lines but not sure which ones to follow. There is like a gazillion diet plans to choose from. I want one that is researched and effective. One that I can follow the for the rest of my life. I want my weight gone forever! I know this is something that everyone wants on this board. But if anyone has any good advice as to were to start I would appreciate it. I am almost 30, 8 months away, female and mother. I need something simplistic that goes with my insane schedule. I teach full time and I also go to grad school two nights a week. Let me know what you think.
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Hey Menzy! I can't say I have the answer to your qustion, but I'm where you are. I lost 70lbs only to gain half of it back before I 'realized' that it was back. I was in denial, I guess. I felt like a failure because I had regained. And although I've been trying since July I keep losing and regaining the same 5 lbs. But as a wise friend keeps telling, what would I weigh if I stopped trying?

I tend to emotionally eat but feel I have made much better choices about mindless snacking since I started. here in July. In other words, I'm learning, slowly, how to deal with life without food comfort. However, it does feel that if I make one mistake I've undone all my hard work, by regaining what I struggled to lose.

I myself am calorie counting. I like the simplicity of it all; when I reach a number, I stop eating for the day. I don't have to worry what I eat, although I try for a balance of proteins, fats, and carbs. Lets just say I've never eaten majority proteins for the day, LOL. I track my foods on The Daily Plate during the day to keep myself aware of what I'm eating. I spend most of my days home alone so this is easier for me. Tracking/logging my foods can be a pain but it seems to help me.

One of our Chicks, Sunnigummi once posted "I know I can lose the weight because I've done it before." I had always looked at my re-gain as a personal failure but her statement helped me see it as an achiveable goal. I'm not happy that I have to do this again, but if I learn better habits and make it a lifestyle, then I won't have to worry about regaining. Hope I've been some help to you

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Originally Posted by Menzy View Post
I have tried a lot of different diets. The few that I have small successes with are Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet. However, when the motivation wears off I go right back.
Motivation is short-lived. No one is motivated long-term! So you are completely normal when you say that it wears off. The key is to stay committed even when it wears off, even when your life is crazy, even when it's the last thing you want to do.

I'm an emotional eater too, and I've been in therapy to help me find better ways to meet my emotional needs outside of food. It's really helpful. But if you don't want to go that route, you need to figure out what you are going to besides eat when you feel the emotional pull to do so.

Personally, I think the reason there are a million diets out there is because people are looking for "the answer" when just eating sensibly and exercising feels like too much work, too hard, too boring, etc. Eat fewer calories than you spend and move your bod. That's the best and most sustainable diet plan out there.

It sucks to have to re-lose weight you've already lost once (I've done it more than once unfortunately), but at least you know you've got it in you to do it. So take control of what goes in your stomach. You're the only one who gets to say what goes in there, and subsequently on or off your hips. You can do it!
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I think a great starting point is coming to this site. For me what works best is taking small baby steps. For instance cute out something like soda. Maybe dont focus on losing weight at first. Start walking! For me when I dont worry about losing I get better results. Focus on being healthier overall.

Start drinking only water
Walk for thirty minutes three times a week and gradually work your way up. Good luck
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Default Thanks

Your posts really helped! I wrote down everything I ate today, ate three meals, and took my vitamins. That is my starting point. Thanks for the support.

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