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Default My militant mouth strikes again

I was in the grocery store. I was strolling up an aisle looking for something. I usually try to stay to the side so people can go around me if I'm stopped or going too slowly for them.

I looked up and saw this woman coming toward me. She had 2 little kids in her cart. (Maybe 3 and 2) They were both standing up. She was just short of jogging and saying, "Sit down. Sit down."

Well, it happened. She bumped into something and the bigger of the little girls flew out head first! I'm still cringing at the sound of that kid's head hitting the floor! I immediately turned around and caught the other one. She picked up the one and was trying to calm her down. I went over with her other kid in my arms and started feeling the bigger one's head. I asked her to check for broken skin. There was none. I then had her turn the kid around and look for massive swelling. Let's face it, that little girl is going to have the big Kahuna of a bruise.

She looked at me and said, "I kept telling them to sit down. You heard me!"

I replied, "What did you expect!? You were practically running through the store with 2 kids standing up in a relatively small cart!" I said that she should have the one checked out out by a doctor and it should be SOON, not next week or when she could "get around to it".

Then I told her that if she wants to bring her kids to the store, it is HER responsibility to make sure they are sitting down if she is going to put them into the cart. If she wants them both in a cart, then get the double carts so they can sit together up front.

She just kept saying that she was telling them to sit down over and over and they wouldn't listen. I just looked at her and told her to hire a sitter next time so the kids would be safe.

I probably shouldn't have said that last thing to her. Then again I probably shouldn't have said that if she can't control a 2 and 3 yr old, then God help her when they become teens.

I know, I'm grumpy in my old age. I also remember my kids wanting to ride in the cart where the groceries go. I did let them, but they had to sit down. If they kept trying to stand up, they had to sit in the front of the cart or walk beside me.

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Sometimes people need to remember that THEY are the parent! She wanted you to absolve her of her guilt by agreeing that she had done all she could just simply asking them to sit down. Crazy. Sounds like she needed a stiff reminder that it was her job to look ouat for her childrens' welfare, whether they like it or not.
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I think you said what was necessary. Some parents are idiots. I hate going to the store at a time of day when many kids are likely to be there - parents just don't control their kids anymore.
I could only wish that if I were in that situation that I would have the guts to say what you did! I, unfortunately, am not that assertive. I applaud you for holding the mom accountable for her actions and I hope that you don't feel guilty for it...I'd say you were right to do it.
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OK MARE, Now you know I am a big fan of yours! But you could have given her the same advice in a comforting way, being the CHRISTMAS SEASON

Her telling you over and over about telling the kids to sit reminded me of kids falling down, then blaming someone else, even though that someone else is 10 feet away.

The important thing is that you took time to make sure the child was OK...and as far as being too nasty....well, I would have been the SAME WAY!!!
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She probably already felt like crap...like all of us that make mistakes she wished she had of done what she needed and knew she should have done....it was nice of you to help her with the girls.

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