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Default Eating Disorder

I know talking near or about an eating disorder can be a touchy/heated subject.
My point is that my family and a work colleague have mentioned or dropped hints for me to be careful etc.

My Mum especially will ask if Ive eaten or she'll ask even if shes seen me eat, just because my dad who is at work when I mostly eat is worried that I miss meals.
I asked my mum about this and she said 'Well I know how badly you want this and how close your getting(I have about 10-15lbs to go, agrees my mum) and I dont want you to get silly' ie not eat.
I explained I love food to much to not eat.

I was talking to my supervisior @ work and I mentioned I like working shifts, it gives me an excuse not to eat otherwise Id be constantly nibbling.
She said thats an anorexic way of thinking.

I know I have an obsession with food and nutritional information, but I dont think that should cause major concern, do you?

I just dont want people the people I care about to worry over nothing.
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Any obsession with food is cause for worry. That's what they're seeing. You might ease their fears somewhat if you kept a food journal, so they can look through it and see that you are eating. And...Well, be aware of their concerns. Sometimes it is very hard to see what's going on because we're simply too close to it. Don't reject what they are telling you out of hand, especially your parents, because they have your health & well being at heart.

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Angel - you sound exactly like I did

I always believed I loved to eat far to much to ever be "anorexic" I believed that to be anorexic you just stopped eating. I didn't realise that there is a very large mental component involved in it.

I also loved it when an excuse came up that meant I wouldnt have to eat never noticing thats a kind of odd reaction lol. I was obsessed with food and nutritional info...I thought because I was "educating" myself there was no way I could be doing anything wrong.

Anyway...I ended up dropping down to around 110-112 pounds on a 5'6 medium frame. I hadn't realised I'd taken it too far until it hurt to lie down because my bones stuck into the matress, or my collar bones jutted out at points of my shoulders, I was cold ALL the time, my hair began to fall out and my period stopped.

Its often hard to to be objective when its your body - we always see things differently to what another person would. Listen to the people around you - sometimes a number on a scale is not our healthiest weight, its actually when we feel good about ourself.

It took me awhile to realise that - I am now maintaining between 58-60kgs (127-132) pounds and believe it or not I am not that much "bigger" than what I was at 20 pounds lighter! Just a lot more muscle mass lol.

Sorry for the long ramble...but it just really whacked me in the face there to read something that sounded exactly like me a couple of years ago.

Do be careful but at the same time - feel good, be healthy and love ya self!

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