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This is the Last Time!!!
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Default Tattoo to signify your weight loss

When I reach goal, I want to get a tattoo to signify my perseverance and hard work. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this subject? I am drawing a complete blank.



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I reward myself with fresh flowers each week I stay on target. Certain points earn myself certain amounts of money to buy my new wardrobe. When I'm at complete goal (which I'm still fluctuating as to what that truly is), I will be getting inkked....yes. I'm already inkked and have been hankerin' to do it again. I can't think of a better reason. I'm not yet sure what to get though...I do know it will be on my right foot.

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Thumbs up Great idea!

Originally Posted by 1dayatatime
I do know it will be on my right foot.

I love the idea! and clothes!

Are you getting inked on your right foot because you started and ended on "the right foot"?

Interesting idea! I just have a small tattoo, from 1997, of a rose in full bloom, with a thorny black stem and green leaves, right above my heart. Total cheesy flash but I like it!

Now I need to think about getting a second one for getting to my Goal this year - maybe on my 35th birthday. Hmmm!

Signs of rebirth or renewal maybe? A phoenix, a blooming flower, the sun?

Or strength? A lioness, a strong woman goddess? A mountain with cranes flying in the sky?

All kinds of cool stuff to pick from!
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I love tattoos on other ppl, but for myself Ive never found anything I truly liked enough to have permantently applied....although Ive seen a few that have made me think about it a bit more. .....to signify weightloss? Ive always loved the idea of "Tah Dah!" with frilly little flowers and coloured dots around it. .......or just as a goal reaching gift? how about, a "made in america" with a flag on the bottom of your foot? ......just some thoughts
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This same thing has been on my mind for a couple weeks! I have always been afraid of getting one (pain), but come on, I've given birth 6 times! I can handle it! ( I hope!!!) The problem is picking the right thing? I want something that shows the strength it takes to change your life, but at the same time I want something "girlie", make any sense? I don't want to get one until I get to goal, so I still have time to think about it!
I wish all of you continued success in your journeys!


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I don't have one, and don't see myself getting one, but for weight loss? How about a phoenix -- beauty rising out of the ashes of your old life...maybe a butterfly signifying transformation?
FL Chickie

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im waiting for onderland to get one!
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I have a daisy on my lower back, and I think I may get a butterfly (yep, FL_chickie- for the transformation I'll be making ) just above it when I'm at my goal.
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I have thought about doing the same thing but that remains to be seen.

How about the Nike "swoosh" meaning Just Do It?

- Lynn

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I want the butterfly that's in my avatar--a slightly modified version of Picasso's butterfly--in between my shoulderblades. That's not for....quite a few pounds yet, though.
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My reward for getting 3/4 of the way there (that is, 60 pounds lost) is a tattoo. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

I already have a small one on my ankle, a dolphin jumping through a crescent moon. I would like for my reward tattoo to be on my upper arm. I know that's sort of a "guy" place to put it, but I'm of the opinion that if I'm getting a tattoo I want it to be seen, not hidden. I will probably get a cheetah, if I can find one that's realistic and not cheesy. I love cheetahs, I think they are my totem animal or something. They are also THIN so what better symbol of weight loss? :-)
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I like the phoenix idea. That's one you can really work with, you know?

I've been planning to get one for a long time, but I don't know exactly when. I want something over my c-section scar, but I am not entirely sure what. At first I was thinking something girly like flowers, but my uncle passed away in 2004, and I think I might honor him by getting a copy of one of his tattoos, an Egyptian beetle--can't for the life of me remember what it's called, but I have the picture in my head.

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When I reach my goal weight I want to get a lotus flower on my lower back.
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Sabra: Scarab beetle?

I've thought about getting a tattoo once I've reached my goal as well. I've sort of been afraid of getting one because of the pain... but then again I plan on having children one day so I'll be feeling even more pain then. I love the idea of a phoenix. So beautiful.
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Default Miami Ink

Anyone watching Miami Ink? I love that show and it'd be a good place to research different tatoos and the meaning. I don't have any right now, but if I did lose all my weight I'd probably get one on the lower back area because I think they are sexy and my husband would love that! Forgot to say it's on TLC channel in the evening. Not sure exactly what time.
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