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View Poll Results: Do you tell your friends/co workers where you post and which message boards?
Yes I have nothing to hide 18 39.13%
No, I keep my life private. Message boards are my personal outlet. 24 52.17%
If you figure out who I am, you are a stalker! 4 8.70%
Voters: 46. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-22-2006, 08:45 PM   #1
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Default POLL on message boards and friends

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I have shared a little bit so I am somewhere between yes and no.
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Tell eveyone I know...I love this site. There are several women at work that are tryin to loss I tell them all about this site....... and I have done better from being on this site..
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I love this site, but don't like people I know "face to face" to know me here....so I don't tell anyone about it. This way I can be totally honest with you guys knowing that no one is "stalking" me.
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i have been a message board member since i signed up at UW in 2001 when i was planning my wedding, i went from there to the home version of that and when it closed i moved to OLU and last week i found 3FC and they are such a HUGE part of my life and the friends i have made i am closer to then most people in real life... i tell everyone, i constantly talk about it

infact after finding 3FC one of the first things i did was run over to OLU and tell all my friends who have talked about there weight to get over here and sign up

i also got my RL friend anne and my RL friend Jenny both over here now
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Somewhere between YES and NO for me as well. Most of my close friends and family know I participate in message boards for dieting and also newlyweds. It's a pretty big part of my life, as I have found a lot of great support on them. Sometimes I tell them specifics (especially if I think someone would enjoy a particular board) sometimes I don't.
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Default Yes!!!

Since I haven't been a member for very long, I haven't told many people about it, but that doesn't mean that I wont, I really enjoy this site and it has been a great motivation for me, I love 3FC!!!!!! So would anyone who is trying to lose weight....So in the future I give it a big YES!!!!
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So far as my 'offline' ('real life' - I hate that term. There is nothing not real about people sending messages to others via a computer) community is concerned I voted 'No, I keep my life private. Message boards are my personal outlet.'

I am however, a member of other message boards and have a few close 'online friends'. I will not hesitate in telling them of my membership at 3FC.
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I tend to not tell people which boards I'm on. It's one of those "private" things. However if someone asks specifically about boards then I will tell...I just don't make an effort to tell everyone everything.
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I voted for the stalker theory. Actually, in my line of work, I am public enough, so don't aspire to more of that dubious state. I do have online friends who know my real identity and that's cool. I also have cross-forum online friends and acquaintances and think that's fine. But it's best to be careful when letting nonvirtual friends know too much about where you post, mainly because sometimes we say things we don't want 'em to hear!

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I do not tell people about my being on the forum. For me, this is my private side. I just like it better that way.
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Im between yes and no as well, I tell anyone I know who is trying to diet, or just looking for healthy tips, or recipes, but otherwise, I dont really talk about it that much.

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I picked "No, I keep my life private. Message boards are my personal outlet." I like it this way because I feel like I can be totally open here and tell some things about my private life and weight loss journey that I don't tell other people. We can all relate but not everyone around me can. I also dislike when people say "real life" instead of "offline".. this IS real life in a different form.

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I'm always telling people about whatever board I post to that may suit their needs. I post to several different topic boards and have given them all out to co-workers and friends depending on whether it fit their need/interests. I've given out the addy to this board more times than I can remember. In fact, one gal from one of the sites I post to about divorce and child support joined. LOL

I've tried to get my dad and daughter to join here; but they just don't. They both want to lose weight, but they haven't reached that particular point yet. You know...the point we all reach when we finally decide this is it and actually stay seriously on track and lose all the weight we've been wanting to lose over all those other diets.

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I keep what I do on the message boards personal.


I thought beating cancer was tough....losing weight is much tougher!!

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