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Default embarassing question...

Okay, this is kind of embarassing but...i have a feeling my breath smells like poop. when i floss (i just started flossing daily), i can smell poop on the floss. it's not REALLY strong, but i can still smell it. it's really embarassing...my boyfriend has never said anything about it. so either it's just me or he's just trying to be nice. i dunno what could this be?? i just started noticing it...and i don't think it's my actual breath, but the plaque between my teeth. but you'd think it'd go away if i floss daily? does anyone know what a cause of this would be? what can i do to make it go away? thanks in advance...and thanks for listening to my embarassing story
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You might have an abscess or something that's causing the yucky smell - but more likely it's just nasty between the teeth gunk. Everyone gets it, and especially if you haven't been a regular flosser it might be extra yuck in the back - some suggestions are: 1) Keep it up with the floss - that will help 2) brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth when you brush your teeth and make sure to get around the gumline well (but you dont' want to make your gums bleed, so be gentle) and 3) mouthwash baby! Mouthwash is my best friend in the whole wide world. A couple of other things - make sure you're getting a balanced diet and that you're not getting sick - when I get a cold or something one of the first things I notice is funky breath. Hope that helped!

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also you might buy those flat plastic floss picks (look like mini swords) to keep up between. they are convenient and easy to handle.
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I heard that cutting out carbs can cause this too. As far as mouthwash goes....Listerine all the way....WHOOO!

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Meat that is stuck between your teeth and starting to decay can get really nasty too. One of the many, many reasons I quit eating meat!!

Everyone had great suggestions. If you still have a problem, see a dentist for a check up and make sure it isn't some kind of gum disease.

Good luck.
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I know this may sound gross, but as long as you are eating normally (not getting full really soon) and having regular bowel movements, I would just practice good oral hygiene. Although not likely, there is always the possibility of a bowel obstruction.
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I think people who haven't eaten breakfast in the morning often have breath that smells lke poop.
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There is a theory that cutting carbs can cause "ketosis" If you put that in a google search, you may find some answers regarding that.
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Thank you everyone for the great advice and support
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