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The cosmetology and tech boards exist for a reason. Isn't only with prescriptions that people can get injured, just tell that to someone who has been burned by an improperly mixed dye or gotten a fungal infection from improperly santized equipment. My biggest concern with the OP is that an investigation later will prove more deleterious professional than one now, especially if they find there were complicit licensed practitioners in the same facility, when there was a sworn duty by way of the licensure requirements to report misconduct of this degree to the officiating board. I deal with these sanctions and investigations all the time, they aren't pretty. Even the vet board and engineers have these issues, and they don't end well when someone doesn't come forward.

The boss is by far the one most culpable, aside from the cosmetologists in question. But you just never know how the attorney general in a given state is going to come down on even minor issues. If this is systemic or there is pressure by the board to deal with it swiftly, the fines and suspension or revoking of licenses can be broad and deep.

It Is unfair that Nova is obeying regs and they are not. But the solution to that is to deal with noncompliance, not stew about it, you know? When it goes unsolved it never improves. Just hoping the issue goes away or getting annoyed about it, without actually helping to improve the situation by keeping other professionals accountable, is quite short sighted.

In an unlicensed or guildless profession it is a different matter, but when there is an overseeing board and licenses issued and maintained the rules change in the workplace and the dynamic among coworkers, also. Some might call it tattling or narking someone out, but the fact remains that most states require it in their statutes and regs.

Maybe the best case scenario would be for you to place a call to your division's license examiner and ask if there are any applicable statutes, or go through your manual, yourself, and see if you can be help accountable or complicit. If there is nothing clear in there you're off the hook legally

I hope this helps some? I'm the public member (one of two) on our board and so my view on the subject isn't as a professional with a license (though I'm married to a professional license holder) but as someone who was charged specifically by the governor with consumer safety and fairness in the application of these laws. We balance the interests of the public and the private business owners and employees, which means issues of compliance are a big deal. Because the consumer has nobody else to rely on but the board to keep things safe for them. I know that I would want to know if my nail tech or stylist was unlicensed or had lapsed, it would absolutely change my decision as a consumer. But most consumers don't even think about it, they just assume everything is legal and safe and think nothing else of it, you know? They're the ones I'd be more concerned about. That it is unfair to you and every other license holder who did their CE's and paid their dues is added insult and a big deal.
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ArcticMama, your comments are SPOT ON. As a licensed professional who has been forced to leave 2 jobs after speaking up about unsafe practices, I would say Be Prepared to live with the consequences of being ethical. I have no regrets for the choices I made, because, as you say, the consumer has no one else to rely on. But sometimes I wish the consequences weren't so costly.

The thing about picking an occupation that comes with licensure is that you receive privileges denied to the general public. They do however come with a set of obligations. For example, nurses can legally handle narcotics and inject people with needles, and cops can put handcuffs on people against their will because of the license.

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