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Most/Least tempting carb food for you?

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Old 01-28-2014, 04:00 PM   #16
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most tempting - Bread!!!! It's a must have most of the time!!
least would be pasta.. I can always skip pasta.

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Fresh baked bread . . . hot with butter . . . . mmmmmmm!
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Just Me
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I love good bread and I'd probably say it is my most tempting thing. Due to the calories though, I limit my bread. Somehow I can bake bread at home though and not be tempted to eat it.

My least tempting things are things I don't like which are non-chocolate candy, donuts, pasta, cake frosting and pie. Although I used to love cake, I actually don't care for it anymore so it doesn't tempt me. I also like potatoes and rice but I don't find them tempting.
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Sweets combined with fats are a lethal combination for me. Fudge, cookies, brownies, cake with lots of frosting . . . heck, frosting by itself! Luckliy I satisfy my sweet tooth with smoothies these days.

Fortunately, bread doesn't seem to phase me; I can occasionally enjoy it without getting derailed. And even though I enjoy pasta, I can't remember the last time I had any so I'd say that's the least tempting carb for me.

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Salty/savory carbs are my fave.

Sugary stuff doesn't tempt me as much.

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Old 01-28-2014, 09:37 PM   #21
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Most tempting - pizza. Fortunately we rarely buy pizza and even though there's like 4 pizzerias near me I'm too lazy to put any effort into going out and getting any.

Least tempting - any sliced bread. I quit cold turkey this year but before I used to have up to 8 slices a day. Jeez.
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I'm not a carboholic by any means and apparently I don't do addicted at all.. but put cake in front of me and bye bye cake.. At a staff meeting a while ago I pathetically had to ask to put the box of donuts on a chair across from me out of my line of sight. Seriously pathetic .. Thankfully though, while I can't resist eating the cake that's in front of me, it doesn't trigger cravings for more. I eat a couple slices (weirdly, it has to be two to satisfy) and I'm done.
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Least: sugary stuff - I like sweet stuff, but never feel compelled to eat it.

Most (as in, will binge myself sick): Cheezits. Only slightly less: pretzels, chips, and any other form of salty combined with crunchy.
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Originally Posted by ICUwishing View Post
Least: sugary stuff - I like sweet stuff, but never feel compelled to eat it.

Most (as in, will binge myself sick): Cheezits. Only slightly less: pretzels, chips, and any other form of salty combined with crunchy.
The ColbyJack Cheezits are de debil! My 3 year old loves them, and it is so hard to not eat one or two when I am serving him some for a snack.
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Oh man, Cheez-its. That's a scary one-way street.
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Most: potatoes in just about any form, cake, chocolate pastries/desserts, really good fresh baked bread...and carrots

Least: Rice, pasta, pizza. If these hadn't been so easy to make/order for dinner, I could easily do without. At least I think I could

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Pizza, which I am going to miss, but surprisingly haven't... It's Day 5 of my gluten-free adventure towards lifetime. Will try an alternative to crust when I'm ready, but I can't tell you how great I feel and think that I won't miss it.

I don't like sweet potatoes either... So that would be my least.
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love to be a lower weight
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Tempting things I will probably not attempt to eat until I hit goal ...

1 - store bought bday cake with white icing (not buttercreme) chocolate cupcake (store bought) white powdered donuts, Krispy Kreme
2 - white bread, biscuits, yeast rolls
3 - Bob Evans or Country Crock mashed potatoes
4 - McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's fries
5 - my mac n cheese
6 - chips (potato, nachos, snacks including pretzels)

Least temping

1 - white rice (I like it but it won't set me off)
2 - oatmeal, yuck

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interesting post...

most tempting for me is chips, candy, pastries, cake and cookies

least tempting is oatmeal and filling grains like quinoa

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Pizza - it's something I can't have because I binge on it so easily.
Bread and butter - yum!!
Mashed potato

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