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Default Help!!!

Okay so I just moved to Jacksonville a couple months ago with my fiancÚ and I had a job and got fired last week ( stupid reasons ) but anyway I'm waiting to hear back on a couple of jobs but I'm stuck at home with nothing to do ..there is only so much cleaning and dog walking I can do . And I try not to eat all day and my fiancÚ is kinda acting distance and I don't have really any friends or family near me ..and he's mad cause I haven't found a job because we need the money ..I kinda fell in a funk as my mom said. I don't know what to do..
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Cheapest thing on earth, find a library and read your way through it. Bonus, you get free access to local newspapers. Not every company advertises on the internet, especially some of the smaller operations so you can go through the classifieds for free. Also consider hooking up with a temp agency, even if they only find you the odd job every few weeks it's better than nothing. There's a lot of seasonal jobs available in large retail organizations, don't look for advertisements, actually go there or to their website and physically put in an application. Fair warning, lousy hours and know if you get hired you get a pink slip Christmas Eve but still a buck's a buck.

The big thing is find SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE to do daily, set a goal, get it done, doesn't matter how small. One job application a day, read 100 pages of a new author, clean out a closet, anything. And yes, it's hard as heck to motivate yourself but nobody else can do it for you (which is why working from home is so hard, nothing to keep you on track, the need to set and stay focused on your own goals and self monitor. I did it for nine years, I know how hard it is).
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I love renewMe's advice, and second it totally. Libraries are incredible resources. If nothing else, pick up a book, plop down in a comfy chair, and read.

We moved to Pittsburgh a number of years ago. DH was working, I was not. It left me lots of time to think about things, and then I would talk DH's ear off when he got home. He found it difficult, because when he got home, all he wanted was to be quiet / alone so he could process his day. Maybe the same sort of dynamic is happening with your fiance? I do suggest talking to him and getting to the bottom of it; the last thing you want is a faltering relationship on top of everything else.
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Thanks ..this helps .gonna try a couple of things you suggested .
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I would suggest making finding a job your full-time job right now. Even if you've put in a few applications, keep doing it. Don't wait to hear back and not do anything, keep applying. It's not a bad thing to have a bunch of jobs hire you!

I have no idea what your skill-sets are, but I agree to try a temp agency.

One of the things that I never realized until I went to law school is that if you're interested in a certain profession, a lot of times the people who already work in that profession are super happy to talk to you. It's called an "informational interview." You find people who have jobs you want (or rather, have jobs in the field you want or at the company you're interested in) who are in your area of town. You can do this by asking friends of friends, or even by googling around and finding someone. Send them an email and ask them if you can take them out for a cup of coffee and pick their brain about how they got where they are/ what you would need to do to get that kind of a job. They will likely say yes. Then, you are at least getting info about the market, and now they know you and might think of you if there is an opening. Really, it's amazing how much professionals will do for you if you show some interest and treat them nicely.
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Thanks ..this helps .gonna try a couple of things you suggested .
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