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Thumbs up Old Sitcoms- Which ones do you like??

Anyone else enjoy old sitcoms? I typically watch a few newer sitcoms in the evening if I dvr them, science shows and NCIS LA

But sometimes in the morning, I love watching old sitcoms. They only seem to come on very early. This morning I'm watching 3's Company, one of my favorites!! I was born in '81 so it was actually on reruns when I was little but I really liked it! I totally missed the sexual jokes that I catch now though, I think maybe sexual jokes were more subtle in older sitcoms. Also, from what I understand 3's Company was very risque for its time.

I also watch Full House and Fresh Prince when its on.

I really liked Family Ties too but I never see that one on reruns

I also watched when I was a kid, I Dream of Genie, Bewitched and my absolute favorite Gilligan's Island, again those were all on reruns when I was watching them, but I wish they would put thise back on TV!! Haha, but then I'd probably become a TV junkie!!

What old sitcoms do you like??

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I loved Taxi! I was born in 78' so it was in syndication and I watched reruns of it as a little kid, and watching it again as an adult, I can't believe how many jokes just totally went over my head.

I also loved Newhart and The Cosby Show - I'll sit an watch an episode of either if I run across it on TV.

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I Love Lucy. I've probably seen every episode about four hundred times!
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Dick Van Dyke show! Most of the old black/white tv shows still stand up today because there was very little (if any) reference to anything timely politically, hollywood, news-wise. You didn't hear any cracks about Kennedy's policies or that someone was drunk like such-and-such a star who was in rehab. Just clean.

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3's Company, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, and brit-coms.
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Currently watching Frasier on Netflix. That is a more current one, but Three's Company is one of my all time faves.

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Friends, Seinfeld, the older episodes of 2 and 1/2 Men, King of Queens, MASH, certain episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. Actually looking into finding Home Improvement on DVD/Digital Download, as something hubby and I can cuddle up and watch on the laptop in bed.


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Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart, All in the Family... and newer ones.. like supernatural and Roseanne.... I was lucky as I was born in 58 and saw all the shows 1st run (even Gilligan's Island LOL and the Monkeys!) and Saturday night was the night to stay home and watch TV back in the day... CBS had MTM, Newhart, Mannix etc.. OH I forgot.. LOVE Golden Girls too!.. Glad they are still running that show!

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I liked Fresh Prince, Save By The Bell, Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, and many many others I cant think of right now lol

I have the whole complete box set of The Golden Girls, The best 93 dollars I ever spent lol
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Love reading all these old sitcoms!! I'm a big MASH fan too!! Oh and All in the Family and Taxi, I forgot about those. I don't really see them on tv either, but they remind me of my childhood, all on reruns by then, but that's what was on during the day for me, back before 24 cartoon networks!! (Well I *think* Disney and Nick might have existed later in my childhood but they were expensive add on channels at the time so we didn't have them. They were on "cable" and we usually just had the basic 13 channels!!

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Sitcoms: Laverne & Shirley, WKRP in Cincinnati (although neither are ever on television anymore...boo)

Dramas: Little House on the Prairie, Northern Exposure

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Loved Northern Exposure !
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I was born in '84 but I remember watching Laverne & Shirley, Good Times, The Brady Bunch, Little House on the Prairie, Voltron, Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo (the GOOD episodes from the 60's & 70's), The Real Ghostbusters, Jem, He-Man, She-Ra, Tom & Jerry, Looney Toones, ...lots of cartoons, there...
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MASH is a great one, I don't have cable but I have hulu and family ties is on that and I watch it sometimes.
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GG and others - I don't know if you guys have this channel in your area, it's called ME TV http://metvnetwork.com/ and they play all of those old tv shows. We don't have expanded cable - but this channel popped up within the last year. My husband likes to watch Batman, Lost in Space and Star Trek on Saturday nights (yeah we're that boring ) but as you can see they play a lot of different shows. Anyway - I don't know if it's nation wide or just a Michigan thing but you might have this channel. Even if you don't have cable, I think this one will still come over the air.

ETA: Here is a map showing where it is carried across the country http://metvnetwork.com/wherewatch.php

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