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Default What do slim knees measure?

Hi, I'm new to this website & I've found it all very interesting. My dilemma is fat knees
I just can't get rid of the fat around them & on top of them. No matter how much weight I lose. I currently weigh 9 stone 11 lbs & I'm 5ft 5". Last year I weighed only 8 stone & I STILL had this bloody fat around my knees. My legs look like they belong to someone a lot heavier than me, they're not in proportion. My sister weighs 5 stone more than me & yet she has slimmer legs than me - 5 stone ffs! Anyway, I've bought meself a cross trainer so hopefully that will help & I wanna lose about a stone. I just want to know what to aim for. My thighs measure 22.5" & my knees are 16". I'm not so worried about my thighs although they are VERY wobbly & I have the biggest saddle bags, but I want to know the measurements of someones knees who has slim legs/knees so I know what to aim for....
I'm going on holiday in a few months & want to be able to wear shorts which I have NEVER done before

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I have just been rattling around my "cube" looking for something to measure my knee with. LOL.

I have always had very skinny legs. When the rest of me is really fat, my legs aren't too bad. Also, I am a very small person - 5'2" on a tall day. I have a medium small build. Having said that, it appears that my left knee, anyway, is about 15.5 inches around.

If you are 5'11" You need to completely ignore what my knee measurement is. Oops, I see you are 5'5", but still you are several inches taller than I.

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Thanks gailr42 for your reply. Mine are 16" but I'm telling you, they are FAT, I hate them. I've always had a complex. it doesn't help that my legs aren't straight either. They're shaped like a kind of upside down 'Y' if you get what i mean. Although 16 inches doesn't sound fat, they really are. When I wear leggings or tights you can actually see the fat bulging over my knee. Maybe They're fat because they need toning up...? I've started on my crosstrainer but man, it's hard work on that thing lol

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I don't know of any measurements, but i think that everyone hates their knees. Whether they are knobby or pudgy. I have never seen a nice set of knees

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I don't have what I'd consider "slim" legs, but from the knee down I at least have shapely legs. (I've got silly thunder thighs that are all muscle on the outside and all flab on the inside clocking in at about 20.1'' each, but even when I was at my highest weight I'd get compliments on how muscular and sculpted my calves looked.)

My knee measurement is 12.8'' (sorry for the weird decimals...all of my measuring tapes are in metric and I just had to ask google to convert for me).

I agree with Jenn that knees are a weird body part, though...I think it's really hard to look at JUST a knee and find it attractive. A whole set of legs? Whole different story...but knees are strange.

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Do you know what your body shape is? The main body shapes are listed here on this fashion blog http://youlookfab.com/2006/04/18/the...-act%E2%80%9D/ For example my main body type is an hour glass shape and my secondary body type is a pear. That means that my hips and thighs will always be wide, they are the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose weight.

What's most important to understand is proportion. It doesn't matter how big your knees are or what your measurements are, as long as you are shaped in good proportion. For example, Beyonce has huge thighs, bigger than you probably see. But she accentuates a tiny waist and has a relatively flat stomach which gives an illusion of being a vixen. So learn what your shape is and how to dress it.

Losing weight on knees is like anything else - lots of cardio and tons of lunges to strengthen the muscles around your knees.

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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