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Default Chubby hands?

This is kind of a stupid question, but I've always wondered about it so I'm just going to ask. I don't know if many of you are or have ever been around the same weight as me. But I know that the moment I started gaining weight, even when I was just a little overweight, I had chubby hands. I hate it and it's really embarrassing. I wonder how many others have/have had this issue.

My mother is 260+ lbs and has slender hands. My sister was 220+ lbs and had slender hands. I can't ever remember having slender hands, though I must have had them at some point in my childhood, when I was at a healthy weight, or I'm sure I would have noticed!

Will my hands still be chubby when I lose weight? Have any of you guys ever experienced this -- had chubby hands that became slender when you lost weight?

Again, sorry for the silly question but I really, really want to know if I'm not alone with the chubby hands/fingers syndrome!
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My hands were chubbier when I weighed more and I still feel like they are a little chubbier than I would like but I've definitely noticed a difference since dropping 30 pounds. It's possible that yours will slim up too but if they don't it's not a big deal, everyone is made differently.

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I used to think my hands were short and chubby. I lost some weight and now they seem longer and more graceful. I was surprised. I think part of it is the wrists too. I think my wrists look more graceful as well.
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When I was 250+ my hands were pretty darn chubby. As I got to 200 my hands started to slim down. I went from a size 9 or 10 ring to a size 6. I think it is definitely possible that your hands will get smaller.
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I hate my hands. They are like little sausages. Seriously. I can only hope that they will slender some. The only disappointment there will be my wedding ring, probably not fitting properly. It was my grandmothers, so I have a strong emotional attachment to it and don't want to change it in anyway.

I do believe that all aspects of your body change, so in all, yes, I do think that your hands will slender as you loose.

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I am very self conscious about my hands. My grandpa had short, stubby hands (he was at a normal weight) and so do I (no matter what weight I am at). I've come to love my hands bc they are one of the last things I have left from my grandpa besides a few sentimental items.
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I have always had chubby hands and I would love for them to be slender. I hate having knuckle dimples. I have seen many before and after pictures of 3FC members who had chubby hands and are now slender and graceful. I can already start to tell my arms are beginning to slim down, so it's only a matter of time before everything else slims as well.

I would love if my feet slimmed down so I can wear girly shoes. :P
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I have long fingers and they have stayed fairly slender. But, someday I would like to be able to take my wedding band off. I don't think I've been able to slide it off since before my third pregnancy. He's 8 now...so yeah I'm hoping to lose a little in my fingers.
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My ring size was a 10 when I was in high school and I was in the 250-270 range. I still have my class ring and it falls off me! I'm in a size 8 now at 257, which surprises the heck out of me since I'm not much smaller now. I'm still in the mindset of forever having chunky fingers! They're still chunky, but I've at least seen signs that they can slim down.

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Yes, there's lots of hope on that front! I had very chubby hands when my weight was higher, and they're much thinner now. I still have large hands, but that's my bone structure; they're not chubby any more. I haven't been able to wear my size 8/8.5 wedding and engagement rings for a while now... my weight was about 230 when I got those, and they were uncomfortably tight at my highest weight, but they're FAR too big now... my ring finger measures 5.75 cm, so I'm guessing my ring size would be about a 6 now?

Btw, I understand re your mother and sister! Both of mine have TINY hands. At this point my mom weighs about 40 lbs more than I do (and she's about 4 inches shorter), but she still has much smaller hands and fingers - I think her wedding/engagement rings are a size 4.5 or something crazy like that. They also both have tiny feet. I clearly got my dad's hands and his wide feet, lol.
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It definitely seems possible to me! I had chubby hands too (and I have very small hands, in general). At my highest I couldn't wear my wedding ring and they looked chubby. I'm still over a healthy BMI but they look quite thin now! I can't say exactly when it happened, though.

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It is so strange to me that very large people can have skinny hands, like my mum and sister. Thanks to everyone who replied; you've given me hope that I won't always have chubby fingers/hands.
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I hate to dissappoint, but I have always had big man hands. I've worn a ring size 9 at 150 pounds and 250! Some people just have big hands.

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Default re:

Yep, mine seemed chubby to me at 280. They're starting to slim down though now as my rings are definitely looser.

My husband lost a solid 4 ring sizes when he lost 100 lbs. Crazy.


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I have chubby hands, always had chubby hands, even when I was thinner. I feel uncomfortable wearing vest tops because of it and it's kinda frustrating. Oddly enough though, my wrists are really small, it's around my shoulders that I store the fat.
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