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LGSIL pap with +HPV

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Default LGSIL pap with +HPV

so i have been off and on crying since Friday. i got a call from the gyno that my pap came back as abnormal with a LGSIL reading and i was positive for HPV. went to the doc yesterday and now they are saying they want to do a colposcopy and possible biopsy but ive read that that isnt usually done on women under 30. (im 26) can anyone ease my mind or give some personal exp? it would be much appreciated!
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I have not dealt with Nov person ally but my friend has it and they did a biopsy and a LEAP. Procedure when she was early 20s. I would get it done to ensure it doesn't turn into cervical cancer. I wish you luck!
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Seriously DON'T worry about it. I had high risk HPV from 20-22. At that time, i'd never heard of it, it wasn't mentioned all over the place like it is now. I was terrified. I had cryos/colposcopies, etc. But It's so common. Odds are, it'll run its course and magically disappear between 9 months and 2 years.

ETA: By the way, when I say it's common, I mean they say it's likely about 80% of sexually active people will have HPV at one point or another.

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kimicat76~ It isn't common, but also isn't extremely uncommon. I had the same procedure done when I was 25,and while it's a bit uncomfortable and not exactly pleasant, it was relatively mild compared to other stuff I have had done. I was very upset when I first found out as well, and then a little surprised at how relatively quick it all went. It's okay to be upset, but it is much more rare to actually test positive for Cervical Cancer or anything serious, so try not to get too worked up. You can PM me if you want to chat or I can give you my email.
As Jez said, your body will often fight it off and it will probably just disappear in a few months to a couple years. Still get tested to be safe, but again, don't worry about it too much.

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I had that happen when I was a senior in school. The doctor explained to me that you could get HPV from anywhere, even from walking barefoot at the pool. They did the biopsy on me...wasn't completely painfree but didn't take long. They put some kind black stuff up there that shedded out later. Said it was a mild case and that I didn't have anything to worry about. So, I went on with life. When I got pregnant with my first son, everything was cleared up. No sign of it. My pap smears afterwards have been normal.

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My mom unknowingly had HPV, didn't find out til she ended up with cervical cancer.

I can not stress enough..........ladies get your paps done EVERY year!!!!

My mom hadn't had a pap done in several years. She had never heard of HPV and was with one partner since her last exam, she thought she was safe.
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i have had multiple colposcopies done, and i'm not 30 yet. they are uncomfortable as all **** (probably because i have a tilted uterus), but they aren't the end of the world. they keep close tabs on me because cervical/uterine/ovarian cancers run strongly in my mom's family (everyone had an ovario-hysterectomy before they were 40 because of it, grandmother died from it) so any little irregularity they find on my pap they say COME GET THIS DONE. my best advice is to take some ibuprofen before you go to the doctor. you will feel mild cramping as they take the little bit of tissue from inside your uterus. it feels like period cramps. also, take your cell phone or something, i played bejeweled through my last one.

it looks scary, because they aim a big ol microscope thing at your lady parts, but it really is mostly like an extended PAP test. they put a couple different things in there, which they brush on your cervix to see if there are irregular patterns and where to get the biopsy from. try not to look at the instruments, they freaked me out, just because of the length of them.

HPV will usually clear itself up, i've tested positive for it before too, then went 6 months later for a recheck and it was gone.

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despite what the makers of Gardasil would have you believe, HPV is *not* a big, evil scary monster.

the *vast* majority of humans catch one form or another at least once in their lives. while it's touted as "the most common sexually transmitted disease", it's not ONLY an STD - you can pick it up a number of ways, which is how even virgins can get it.

of the more than 100 strains of HPV, only 4 of them are known to cause cancer. the vast majority of ppl with HPV catch and clear without ever knowing they've had it.

of the many, *many*, MANY abnormal pap tests found in a year, the vast majority are benign and self-correcting. an abnormal pap test does not mean you have cancer - it takes years for abnormal cervical cells to actually become cancerous, which is why it's important to do the pap test. early detection prevents cervical cancer from progressing to any degree of risk - death from cervical cancer is, in the majority of cases, bec it was far advanced by the time it was detected.

so really, i wouldn't worry. if you find that you are in the small minority with a concerning test result, take comfort in the fact that you caught it now. my grandmother died of ovarian cancer because she was too embarrassed to ever let the dr "down there" and was too "lady-like" to mention to anybody that she'd not had a bowel movement in over a week before she collapsed on the sidewalk.
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I had a colposcopy at the age of 16 after an abnormal pap and pelvic ultrasound. They suspected I had HPV, which I thought at the time was an STD. I knew that was impossible as my BF had only been with me and vice versa.

Colposcopies are uncomfortable but I didn't find it terrible. The worst thing about mine was having a doctor, a nurse and about four or five residents in the room because it's not an every day procedure.

Just to let you know, I've gone on to have two kids and like another PP, normal paps since. I'm sure it'll be ok.

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Holy crap, I'm going to the doctor for the EXACT SAME THING on Thursday. Last Wednesday, I got the EXACT same phone call, and naturally I was (and still kind of am) scared to death. My main concern is dealing with future partners and knowing all the nuts and bolts of how the disease is transmitted and what I can and can't do whilst having the virus. I guess I'll find out on Thursday. And by the way, I'm 22.

But isn't it great to know that you're not alone?
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They make a vaccine for HPV to prevent it.

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NEVER EVER EVER get the vaccine!!!!!!!!

it's completely unnecessary and, unlike HPV, it tends to kill ppl or leave them permanently damaged: http://truthaboutgardasil.org/
all that pain and suffering to prevent a cancer that is LEAST on the list of cancers to be worried about!

my daughter's school has it on record already that if she gets jabbed with it at the age of 9 like they want to do here, i will sue them into oblivion plus i will have them charged with assault, administering a noxious substance, child endangerment, and anything else i can think of and THEN i'm going after them on violation of her rights as a citizen.

XKMuffnTop - just having only the one partner is no protection at all against STD. one of you could've caught it in a non-sexual manner and then transmitted it sexually.

mimsyborograves (CS Lewis fan, i see!) - the best way to protect against STD is using the basketball method.

get a basketball.
clamp firmly between your thighs.
leave it there.

failing that, use condoms.

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This is so normal you have no idea. I have the exact same thing, I've have the same strand for YEARS now. (I stopped getting checked out after I moved back home, then a two years later after seeing a 24 year old have cervical cancer on the Dr's I got freaked out and went to get checked again.) I as well have to go to colposcopy my Doctor will tell me this tomorrow when I go but I already knew I was going to go. 80% of woman have HPV it's really not uncommon as you may think. Pretty much ALL my girlfriends have it, I have it, my girlfriends girlfriends have it. I wouldn't worry too much. I'd start worrying if your testing turns for the worst (meaning cervical cancer) but I doubt it will. They will just test you to make sure it doesn't get to that point. Like I said I've had this for years and it's never progressed always been the same strained. I now just have to go get a colposcopy (I guess every 6 months, I'll know tomorrow) to make sure I'm good. So don't worry you are NOT alone in this.
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It really is common! My mom and my best friend's mom have both had it for years, and they're doing fine.
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Originally Posted by threenorns View Post
of the more than 100 strains of HPV, only 4 of them are known to cause cancer. the vast majority of ppl with HPV catch and clear without ever knowing they've had it.
This. I had two colposcopies and had 6 month follow up paps after in which no abnormalities were shown.

Don't worry!! The procedure is mildly uncomfortable and in most cases the HPV will clear up on its own.

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